Guide: Preparing for Co-op

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It appears the game will be focusing its endgame Co-op gameplay, based on the datamine for the upcoming event “Reach for the Top”, which is an event that features Blue. It is our very first event in Pokémon Masters, and it seems it will make extensive use of Co-op, which this article is meant to help prepare for.

How to efficiently play Co-op

Our recommendation is  1x tech/support 2x striker.

When playing solo, many will recommend taking 2x support 1x striker, or 1x tech 1x support 1x striker, and in rare cases 2x support 1x tech (Will & Xatu). Solo play is often centered around the concept of buffing one unit and sweeping your targets. When it comes to Co-op, this gameplay changes drastically as players can only control a single unit, and must decide between attacking early on, or attempting to buff allies. In Co-op, players do not have the luxury to merely buff everything up and delay damage output for burst later on.

In Co-op, it is better to go with Self-sufficient units. Some examples would be Brendan & Olivia. Olivia is capable of raising the pair’s own Speed by being on the offense, which makes them self-sufficient and battle ready. Brendan can use Move Gauge to generate powerful self stat boosts.