Tier List Change Log: May to July 2022

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July Update

Welcome to the July update for our Tier Lists! As you might have noticed, changelogs haven’t been published for a while - as such, each Tier List will have a general explanation for bigger moves over the time that passed, and later get to some more specific moves. As such, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the May to July 2022 changelog!

Update by Ropalme1914#4339 with contributions from Spark#8888, Raven8#5530, Runner#7562, Mr.Smee#6764, Darkshark#0128, Droid#2145, Zoopy3000#0001, joek#1069, Berga#5180, Racer#4752, and Thegkhst (Help)#1395.

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