Awakened UR Unusual Evolution - Broly (Wrathful) Extreme AGL

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Cost 40
BABA PTS 15000


HP 8,347
ATK 8,725
DEF 4,192



The new Broly exploded into US theaters on Jan 16, 2019, and luckily, Dokkan only had to wait until February to use him in the game. He is a very powerful Card with an immediate EZA to make him even better. 

He can reach very good ATK and DEF numbers, but it will take him a few turns to get there. Broly also has a solid Leader Skill, Boosting Pure Saiyans and Extreme AGL. You can only use him in a few places, but he is a very good choice.


Harnessing the Great Ape's Power

Broly is one of the few Cards that received an EZA immediately upon release, and he was already good before the EZA bump. His Passive Skill gives him +1 Ki at the start of every turn, ATK that increases every time he takes Damage, and DEF that increases every time he Attacks. He has +70% to both at the start of battle, and can work up to a formidable 150%.

His Super ATK can further increase his ATK and DEF for 3 turns every time he launches it and with his Ki rising every turn and a great set of Link Skills, you’ll have no trouble taking advantage of that.

Evolution of the Warrior Race

DBS Broly’s Leader Skill gives +3 Ki and 120% to all Pure Saiyan stats and 100% to Extreme AGL. This gives him a lot of utility as a Leader or Sub-Leader on Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash.


Slow Start

This Card can reach really high levels of power, but it will take some time to get there, depending on how many times he takes or receives Damage.

Few Uses

Broly is a great Card you’ll wish you could use more often. He only has 2 categories: Pure Saiyans and Movie Bosses, but can also be useful in an Extreme AGL Team.


Story of Three Saiyans

Broly fits in really well on all of his Teams, but especially with other Pure Saiyans. He’s also a great Leader or Sub-Leader for Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash.


Moves and Skills

Leader Skill

Unusual Evolution
Extreme AGL Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +100%
Cards Affected by Skill

Super ATK

Anger Shout
Raises ATK for 3 turns and causes supreme damage to enemy
Ki Cost 12
Max Lv Bonus
Increase Rate 150
Level Req. 20
Anger Shout (Extreme)
Raises ATK & DEF for 3 turns and causes supreme damage to enemy
Ki Cost 12
Max Lv Bonus
Increase Rate 150
Level Req. 20

Passive Skill

The Power of a Giant Ape in Human Form
ATK & DEF +60%; plus an additional DEF +20% with each attack performed (up to 60%); plus an additional ATK +20% with each attack received (up to 60%)

Link Skills

Saiyan Warrior Race
ATK +700
Linkable Cards

The Saiyan Lineage
Ki +1
Linkable Cards

ATK +10%
Linkable Cards

ATK +20% when HP is 50% or below
Linkable Cards

Shocking Speed
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

Prepared for Battle
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

Fierce Battle
ATK +15%
Linkable Cards

Hidden Potential

Type ATK Boost
Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or TEQ attacks AGL. It works for both Super and Extreme Types. The effect increases along with the skill level.

Total Stat Buffs


Total Cost


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