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Dragon Balls appear in specific stages, there are always up to seven available to be found in Quest mode.

Shenron Dragon Ball Tip

After collecting all 7, you can choose one of the Wish rewards. After Wishing, the Dragon Balls will reappear in different Stages and you’ll have to collect them again. Wishes disappear after you choose them and after you clear all of them, a new batch appears. There are currently three batches.

Wish Batch 1

  • I want more allies!  -- Increases Card Inventory by 10 and gives you 10 Dragon Stones.
  • I want a bunch of items! -- Gives you 20 Training Location Items and 95 Battle Support Items.
  • I want a stronger team! -- Increase your Team Cost by 10, and gives you 30 Awakening Medals.
  • I want help in battle! -- Allows you to take 4 types of Battle Support Items instead of 3, and allows you to bring 2 of each item instead of only 1.

The first time you collect all Dragon Balls, you’ll choose between these four wishes, the most recommended ones are “I want help in battle” andI want more alliesfirst. Being able to bring  extra items is a huge advantage, since it allows you to better handle difficult content and it’s the only place where you can get that upgrade in the game.

DS and Inventory Slot Icon

Wish Batch 2

  • Gimme lots of treasures! (2x) -- Gives you 100 Incredible Gems.

  • I want to have more allies! (2x) -- Increases Card Inventory by 10 and gives you 10 Dragon Stones.

  • I want more teams! -- Get an extra Team Deck Slot.

  • I want to make an AGL/TEQ/INT/STR/PHY character stronger! -- Gives you 16 type specific Awakening Medals and 7 Z-Sword Training Items. You can make this wish once for each type.

“I want to have more allies” is again a priority because of the DS, you can wish it twice in this batch. The other wishes are all about equal, with some people enjoy the extra deck slot from “I want more teams”. Most of the wishes here are luxury options so pick them in whatever order you prefer.

Z Swords

Wish Batch 3

  • I want to go back to the past! -- Get 10 Incredible Hourglass medals for Reverse Dokkan function.
  • I want more teams! -- Get an extra Team Deck Slot.
  • Unlock AGL/TEQ/INT/STR/PHY Type hidden potential! - Rewards you 1500 Small Orbs, 1000 Medium Orbs and 100 Big Orbs of the chosen type to be used in Hidden Potential

The only notable in the third batch is the extra deck slot from “I want more teams”. “I want to go back to the past” is a good option since the Hourglasses can be hard to get, but not everyone will have immediate usage for it. Hidden Potential Orbs are always useful but also farmable, so pick as you need.

Hidden Potential Orbs
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