F2P Peppy Gals Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

Song of Love and Victory - Brianne de Chateau will be the best Peppy Gals category leader until Global gets better Peppy Gals Cards. However, since the Team is comprised of Super Cards, players may want to choose a guest with a strong Super Leader Skill like Resilient Will to Protect the Future - Trunks (Teen) (Future).  

Players may run into issues finding players running Peppy Gal leaders, so on Prime Battles players luckily are provided a Super Ribrianne guest. Otherwise, players should choose a strong Super Class leader.


Even though rotations are decided by RNG, Players will want Kale, Caulifla, Great Saiyaman 2, and Yurin on their main rotations. Ribrianne and Bulma should be the Team’s floaters.

Reasons for Being On the Main Rotation:

Kale acts as a heavy hitter and gives Caulifla, Ribrianne, and Yurin +2 Ki and a 30% ATK & DEF Buff. In addition, Kale also Debuffs Enemy DEF by 40%, for 3 turns, with every Super ATK.

Ribrianne is the Team’s best Healer and Damage dealer. Ribrianne will have a 100% ATK & DEF Buff, allowing her to tank a bit too. Without a Rainbow Ki Orb changer on the Team, players should keep an eye on their HP and Rainbow Ki Orbs on the board.

Yurin doesn’t tank or deal a lot of Damage, but she shines as the Team stunner. Thanks to her Super ATK and Passive Skill giving her high stun odds, Yurin will be a clutch Card in tougher events.

Great Saiyaman 2 has an amazing Passive Skill, offering the Team a 70% DEF Buff, and helps Boost the Team’s less than favorable stats.

Reasons to Float:

Getting Butterflies - Bulma (Youth) can Heal 7777 HP for each Rainbow Ki Orb, but her Damage reduction is not consistent enough to tank. Players can occasionally put Bulma on the main rotation if they feel they’re in dire need of HP.

Caulifla will gain a 60% ATK Buff and has a 45% chance to evade Enemy Attacks thanks to Yurin, Ribrianne, and Kale being on the Team. While she can hit hard, Caulifla’s DEF is concerning so even with her dodging potential, this Card is best suited as a floater.

Recommended Alternates

Recommended Events

The F2P Peppy Gals Team is situational but can take on a lot of events. However, with so many better F2P Teams, players may want to pass on this one. This Team might prove to be useful for players lacking in Peppy Gal Cards who want to take on the Peppy Gals Super Battle Road.

Players will need to meticulously manage their items and rotations since this Team will have a tough time against the Super Battle Road Enemies. While it is not impossible to clear Peppy Gals Super Battle Road with this Team, it will certainly be difficult. 

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