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Article by Hakurai
Spritework by: NorseFTX

Event Introduction

Since the first GudaGuda event was so popular, we're getting another one! Looks like we're not disappointments after all!

Improving on perfection means doing the unthinkable! Introducing Gudaguda Meiji Ishin, the first actual PvP event!


Hijikata, you're the 5 star? If I'm not going to be the OP SSR in PvP, then what's the point? Let's make it a popularity contest instead! This way I can win hearts instead of battles!

Never turn back! Wait, you're challenging me with weaponized voting? Very well! Best of three. Timed stages. Event Craft Essences only.

We will have people vote by farming Shinsengumi points or Oda Bakufu points. Each round, there will be two sets of Free Quests where people can farm points for either team.

Hey! This is already a 2v1 and we didn't even flip a coin for draft! Who do I get?

You get this sassy… lost child I found.

Chacha! Ahaha, your fate is sealed, Okita! This is a battle of fan favorites and we have the cute girls on our side!

It's all about skill! What are you going to do, rig the quests with superior mat drops? Only dirty min-maxers would farm based on mats!

What else do people like? Damage? You got it! Event featured servants get bonus damage for bigger numbers! Monkey would like that.

What innovation! Bringing together all things people like. What's next, a Gudaguda Lottery?

Even better! You know how Gudaguda Honnouji had a point ladder? Instead of just one ladder, let's have TWO ladders, one each for Oda Bakufu and Shinsengumi points. Double the ladders, double the loot!

New Servants and Craft Essences

What would a competition be without the competitors! Let's introduce the new characters and Craft Essences who will be supporting us, Nobu!

Servant/CE Class/Effect Thoughts Event Effect

Toshizou Hijikata
Vice Commander has one of the highest damage potentials for Berserkers. His crits and NP damage scaling with lower health, on top of a cleanse and star absorption skill, results in surprising turnarounds!
100% Damage Up

Chacha is the first free Berserker. With her free NP5 and NP/turn skill, she can farm pretty well for a spendthrift.
100% Damage Up

Fortress of the Sun
Stargen and Crit buffs are strong complements for active-star gen servants, while the additional starting NP just sweetens the deal.
+30% Points (+60% MLB)

Wolves of Mibu
The Buster and Quick Up plus minor stars per turn help make servants with matching Buster/Quick decks slightly more consistent in damage and criticals.
50% Damage Up to Party (100% MLB)

Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
Hm… Buster Up and NP Damage go pretty well together! Not bad, Nobbu!
+1 Koban (+2 MLB)

A Stroll in the Spring Breeze
This trades some NP gain for flat damage cuts, but still works pretty well as an NP gain CE.
+1 Gold Dust (+2 MLB)

The Flower of High Society
The self-proclaimed true protagonist of GudaGuda, she only gives 4% to Quick and Arts. The split effects at this strength make it hard to recommend outside of farming. Just wait until Heaven's Feel, Rider.
+1 Eiraku Coins (+2 MLB)

Farming Strategy

Now for the best part of the event, farming! There's going to be a few major checkpoints!

To NP5 Chacha will take 600K Oda Points, while Max Ascension Chacha will take 600K Shinsengumi points.

Wolves of Mibu requires at least 800k of one point type, and 300k of the other to MLB without drops.

Fortress of the Sun copies are bought in the shop/dropped. Make sure to farm for them first for maximum points efficiency! It's also a pretty decent CE! It's like a gift that keeps on giving!

Not that I'd rig it or anything, but if you're in a pinch and want to ascend Chacha I'd make sure you reach 600k Oda Bakufu points. They contain Chacha's ascension mats, which are more of a lock than raising NP level.

Actual Q&A!?!

Wow, an actual Q&A! I thought the name was just a formality or something!

Now we'll be taking questions! Ask away!

Am I locked into one faction for each period?

No, both Oda and Shinsengumi quests will be available to farm no matter which faction you sided with in the story. The specific Free quests will disappear after the round ends, though. You should totally farm the Okita points first because Okita is cooler, though.

What happens if I miss the point rounds from real-life obligations or moral opposition to PvP?

There are still mop up battles to grind points! Fortunately we have a handy Quick Farming Guide available to estimate AP needed, so break out those apples!

Will I still get the points even if I didn't participate in the round?

Unfortunately welfare points require participation. However, you only need to clear at least one map per round to reap the rewards! Best of luck!

And look at the time, I gotta go and get a head start on Okita in the contest! For more detailed information, check out the complete guide below!

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