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Article by Hakurai

It is that wonderful time of the year, when young maidens hearts sing in the hot-blooded pursuit of love. Oh, shall I compare thee to a summer day? Thou art--

All right, poet boy, it’s that wonderful time of the year, when commercialism takes over the hearts of young maidens and we have a chance to strike it rich! With the power of modern technology, we can ride out this supposedly profitable digital coin mining business!

Ah, Ms. Gudako! Although this event may complex seem, in truth it is naught but a simple farming festival! Let me explain it to you in a poem I wrote--

Do you have an infographic or something? Time is money, and taking time to do literary analysis on your poems means less money for whaling for Tamamo. Just think, the value of these coins could very easily crash the next day!

Uncultured pernicious ruffian! How can someone whose summons I responded to be so cruel? However, if you insist, there exists this childish illustration. I hope it serves you well.

For showing up so often at 2 stars, you’re one to complain. So it looks like enemies drop chocolate coins corresponding to their class. If all chocolate coins can become the store currency baking chocolate, what’s the best way to maximize chocolate coin drops for short selling?

Oh, how your derisive words continue to pierce my shaking heart like a celtic spear! Very well, the easiest way would be to equip the event CE Melty Sweetheart. This CE is practically a 3-time invulnerability (100% defense) against males, and gives +2 to any and all chocolate coin drops. Although the effect is good for “cheese” strategies against male servant bosses like the Count of Monte Cristo in the future, it’s not very remarkable for combat. However, the drop effect makes it the most versatile farming CE.

What about the Gacha CE’s? What's my ROI looking on for those?

Well, first we have this excellent piece of art, Street Choco Maid. The duality of the two sisters pictured is reflected in its 10% to Arts and Quick cards, while the refreshing scene is represented by the 20% increase in HP recovery. However, unlike my writing skills, the CE is lacking in focus, and thus doesn’t have a particularly strong effect in combat. However, its high drop bonus of 5 coins is most efficient when paired with a servant whose class coins you need. ALL coins are notably a good investment due to being tradeable 1:1 for any other class’ chocolate, so equipping gacha CE’s on Jeanne or Mash will be effective for quests that drop ALL coins.

Hm. But doesn’t the need for the same-class I’m farming mean I can’t spam class advantage?

Right you are, Ms. Gudako! You’ve pointed out a snag in these operations. Worry not, for there is a solution I shall explain later. But for now, back to CE’s. Next we have the wholesome Kitchen Patissiere! Again the theme of two sisters is apparent, but this time in the form of 15% NP gain and star generation rate increase. A most commendable and useful CE for servants like Okita, Jack, or Drake. The drop rate is slightly above Melty Sweetheart at 3 bonus coins to the equipped servant’s class, but at 3 bonus the improvement begins to become marginal.

I liked the 5* CE’s art better. Next! What does the 3* CE do?

Valentine Dojo of Tears, truly a moving work of art! Not only does it give 3% NP per turn like Clock Tower, but it also has Sure Hit as well. With a negligible demerit of 10% Debuff resistance down, this is truly a star amongst 3 star CEs! However, the low bonus of one coin to the equipped servant’s class makes it good only for backline filler.

Isn’t there a better way to farm? What’s the solution you were talking about earlier?

Buying your servants' chocolates! They’re sold for the low price of 150 corresponding class coins at the store! Not only will they give you a personal, intimate cutscene, but the chocolate CE’s themselves are quite a worthy farming investment!

What? That’s absurd! Why should I pay my precious, hard-earned, mass-mined coins when I just want to roll the gacha for waifus and collect materials?

On the bright side, you don’t need to spend coins on chocolate if you didn’t roll any waifus, methinks. The advantage of chocolate CEs is that they boost coin drops from their servants’ class. For example, Chocolate Kiyohime’s CE, bless her soul, will grant you 2 bonus berserker coins from berserker enemies no matter what class of servant is holding the chocolate. This makes for far more efficient farming due to being able to use class advantage servants in the quests. Additionally, should you be a monster, they grant decent CE EXP as well. Although they have no combat effects, perhaps the power of love can tide you through the fights!

By the way, why are classes separated into Cavalry and Knights? And why are you writing?

Ah, a distinction most noble! You see, every twelve hours there will be a different class rateup for the Calvary Quests, and the Knight Quests. Since enemies will drop coins of their class, this means you can focus on farming a certain class coin! However, be warned that the treasonous rateup extends to these quests as well. Although you can expect almost all enemies to be the rateup class, beware for other unwelcome classes within the group to spawn uninvited as well.

All right I think I got it. Care to explain the new waifu?

Ah, a patron of the arts, Nero Claudius (Bride)!  A most gracious and charming woman, who bears the distinction of having all her skills be targetable!  For supporting both her and her team, her skills are most excellent.  Stars in Heaven grants up to 45% NP gain for three turns, Flowers on Earth boosts the target’s attack by up to 40% and star generation by up to 50% for three turns, and Love to the People restores up to 3000 HP and grants up to 20% defense for three turns.  Her damage is pretty good as well, in addition to being a rare single target Saber.  Although her lack of hard survival and inability to fully utilize her own buffs do set her back slightly, she is truly a magnificent servant.

OK that’s cool, but she’s not busted OP. But she is cute... That, and I kind of forgot what you said earlier, could you explain optimal farming again?

Ah, so you do not know the way. Worry not, my queen, the noble Shakespeare shall guide you! The best and easiest way to maximize drops is to use the Melty Heart CE and Chocolate CE’s on servants with class advantage against the type of coins you’re interested in farming. Whenever possible, try to use the 5* CE on a same-class backline (or if the quest drops ALL type coins, Extra class servants) to increase drops further.

So how can I still make this profitable?

Aha, I have this excellent chocolate economics illustration prepared beforehand! Great writers are always multiple steps ahead with foreshadowing! Your next line will be, “Hey that’s pretty good!”

Hey, that’s pretty good! W-what?!? I mean, it’s acceptable, I guess. Anyways, time to start farming for waifus!

Proper grammar is necessary for proper conveyance, my tsundere master! I believe you meant, “Time to begin farming digital chocolate coins for the sake of upselling them to gullible servants!” Anyways, although this concludes the FAQ act, this humble bard will spare you the agony from further questions with our guide!

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