Lostbelt No.6 Pre-Release Campaign

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Article by NorseFTX

Campaign Period

6/1/2023 21:00 - 6/29/2023 20:59 PDT

Unlock Requirements

  • Clear Fuyuki to claim Login Bonuses!
  • All other campaigns are available to all Masters!

Social Media Campaign - 60M QP!

If the official Facebook and Twitter posts for the Lostbelt 6 Pre-Release campaign reach a total of 20,000 reactions/shares/likes/retweets within the campaign period, all masters will receive 60,000,000 QP!

Official Social Media Accounts:

Campaign Period: 5/23/2023 21:00 - 6/1/2023 20:59 PDT

Distribution Period: 6/1/2023 21:00 - 6/8/2023 20:59 PDT

Requirements: Clear Fuyuki

In addition, a Special Video "Look Back on Part 2 Special Trailer" will play for a limited period upon starting the game!

  • Trailer Period: 5/24/2023 21:00 - 6/14/2023 20:59 PDT

Login Rewards

  • Login in during the Lostbelt 6 Pre-Release Campaign to receive up to 7 Golden Fruit!
  • * If logins are started late, it may not be possible to receive all rewards!
  • Requirements: Clear Fuyuki
  • Period: 6/1/2023 21:00 - 6/8/2023 20:59 PDT
# Logins Login Reward
1 Golden Fruit x1
2 Golden Fruit x1
3 Golden Fruit x1
4 Golden Fruit x1
5 Golden Fruit x1
6 Golden Fruit x1
7 Golden Fruit x1

2x Super/Great Success for Featured Servants

  • The chance of Super Success (2x EXP) and Great Success (3x EXP) will be doubled during the campaign period for featured Servants!
  • Period: 6/1/2023 21:00 - 6/15/2023 20:59 PDT

All EXP/Class Dailies Available

1/2 AP Free Quests

  • All Free Quests up until first clear will be 1/2 AP for a limited period!
  • Period: 6/1/2023 21:00 - 6/15/2023 20:59 PDT
  • 1/2 AP Quests:
    • Free Quests from all Chapters Part 1, Pseudosingularities, and Part 2) * Only up to first clear (AP cost returns to normal once Saint Quartz reward is received from Free Quest)
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