MMM - Angry Avengers Attend Adachi Academy, Avoiding the Allure of Adversity, I Aspire? (Ordeal Call 2 Gacha 1)

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MMM Ordeal Call II Marie Alter

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I swear, every time we get new story chapters it feels like an absolute eternity since the last. I was genuinely confused why Gilles’ voice actor was part of the stream until they reminded us in the recap that he was in Ordeal Call 1…then again, I only really cared about the Indian Servants in that chapter, so I’m not exactly an unbiased perspective.

But in any case, this chapter brings us to central Tokyo, reliving the wonders of Guda’s school days. Surely this won’t be any source of severe emotional trauma after all we’ve been through in the Lost Belts, right?

…tell me we at least get Avenger Boudicca.

Ordeal Call II Banner Marie Alter
NA Release Date: 03/2026

Marie Antoinette (Alter)


Eh, I’ll take it.

On reflection it’s funny how with them parodying the original Marie’s voice lines, we find out how sparse the writing was for some release Servants compared to now. It feels like some Servants whip out their thesis when doing the summoning line, while even Marie Alter is just like “Hah, I hate everyone” and she’s done.

With that said, she is officially my Big Tiddy Goth GF and nobody else’s. I lay claim to her, okay? That’s how this works.

Servant Data
Avenger C+

Increase the amount of NP you gain when damaged by 17%.
Decrease Debuff Resist for all allies (including sub-members)
except yourself by 7%. [Demerit]

Oblivion Correction C

Increase your Critical Strength by 6%.

Self-Restoration (Magical Energy) B+

Increase NP Gauge each turn by 3.6% for yourself.


As always, the Avenger class is like a shot of pure heroin in good-stats form straight into my veins. With the class’s superb attack stat and high attack modifier, it’s basically impossible to mess up their base statline, and Marie Alter is no different. Packing the 3rd highest Attack stat of any Avenger tied with Taira-no-Kagekiyo, and a dead middle-of-the-road HP stat that ties with Taira and Dantes both, Marie has a strong offensive profile for an Avenger paired with not-the-worst HP imaginable. She’s still frail relative to everything that isn’t a Berserker, but that’s just the Avenger life, baby.

So far as passives go Marie is very typical for an Avenger. She gets the bonus defensive NP gain from Avenger, the extra crit damage from Oblivion Correction, and the free NP gauge each turn from Self-Restoration, with very average ranks in all of them. These alone are incredibly good passives, but I would always like to see one little unique passive snuck in to make things interesting, but that’s my writer's brain complaining.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Marie Alter overall? On the one hand, she’s born and moulded by Hot Topic, with the attitude to match:

Marie Alter’s offensive capabilities, particularly for NP spamming, are frankly insane. With the amount of refund she gets by default, even taking a single enemy hit will essentially provide a full 100% refund after each NP, and her damage output, while not anything insane, is fairly high, and comes as a package with supplementary curse-stacking damage that also shouldn’t be ignored. Even with Black Grails drawbacks this allows her to manage very comfortable universal farming setups, and without Black Grail her damage output is still nothing to scoff at. For an Avenger this level of offensive might is about what I expect to see, but managing that damage output with absurdly consistent NP spam is really formidable.

What makes Marie Alter really stand out among her competitors is how defensively capable she is. With her insanely potent defensive skill ensuring that she’ll survive for multiple blows while safeguarding the team, she pairs it with the NP gauge drain on her NP, stalling the enemy NP for an almost-indefinite period of time so long as she can maintain her NP loop. For an AOE Servant such a capability is more or less unheard of, so she can really push forward a unique niche that no other Servant can offer, paired with her already-strong offensive profile.

But conversely, she can tend to lose her head if things get tough, and boy is that a chop off the ol’ block:

While Marie’s kit seems potent and reliable on paper, she is fundamentally pretty dependent on her skill buffs being active to perform at her peak. Her NP gain while her first skill isn’t live is fairly mediocre, so maintaining her NP spam past the 3-turn buff window can be difficult, especially when her kit lacks any crit-focused benefits to supplement her NP gain in other ways. This can be compensated for, whether via a cheeky Tamamo or something similar, but in difficult content you have to account for it either way.

As I always like to say, it’s hard to mess up an Avenger in FGO. The way the class skills and offensive stats pan out, so long as an Avenger aims to deal damage and isn’t intentionally handicapped in their kit, they’ll probably be superb.

Marie is no different here. While her skills don’t possess any game-warping good effects, the general offensive potency of her class in combination with her NP refund capability and well-rounded skill pool mean she’s a very good AOE Servant overall. Her farming capability is about as you would want from an Arts Avenger, capable of low-effort farming where damage output isn’t a high benchmark, as well as universal farming with the assistance of Black Grail, while still not being very demanding for the setup.

Where Marie’s kit really begins to shine is difficult content, however. Her high NP spam capabilities that only grow stronger when she’s taking hits enables her to continually spam NP gauge drain and stack up Curse damage, which will contribute significantly to her damage output in drawn out fights - a typical 3 turn cycle for Marie will do roughly 75k damage in Curse DoT’s so long as none of her debuffs are resisted, and that will certainly contribute to quicker kills. Throw in her powerful defensive skill on top of all that and she has the freedom to run more aggressive supports, with the team’s defensive emergency button already accounted for.

While Marie Alter was a hail mary surprise addition, it’s no surprise to me that she’s a superb Avenger in both farming content and anything else the game may throw at you, and should be on your radar if you have any need for a powerful Arts Avenger. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.

Hassan of the Shining Star


With a new Hassan name to the roster, the one thing on my mind is this…does the Great Founder stop them from going out for assassinations in their ugly-ass coat and modern streetwear fit and instead tell them to (literally) slay while dressed like a Prince of Persia-themed stripper?

Just asking.

Servant Data

With the size of the SR Assassin pool, Hassan of the Shining Star unsurprisingly has a lot of competition to stack up against. With the 8th best Attack stat of his class and rarity paired with the 9th best HP stat, this Hassan is very average on both ends, but from the fact I’ve said “best” rather than “worst”, you can infer that more Assassins are worse off than him than better. Regardless he’s saddled with reasonable offence while not losing out too much on bulk, but the Assassin class as a whole does put a damper on his offensive capabilities with its 0.9x attack modifier regardless.

On the passive side of things, he naturally has Presence Concealment, providing a boost to his already-high base stargern as an Assassin, as well as…Oblivion Correction? I’m not gonna question why an Assassin has an Avenger class skill, but it certainly is appropriate for the Avenger Ordeal Call chapter. The critical damage boost provided by that passive is also very nice, as almost all Assassins come with a shower of critical stars in their wake, which this Hassan can take advantage of easily.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Hassan of the Shining Star overall? Well on the one hand he’s down with the kids, hip and involved with the latest street fashion, with a sparking demeanour to match:

In spite of having no gauge charger, Hassan of the Shining Star is a pretty solid farmer. His refund and damage both are high enough to have no issues farming versus class advantage nodes, and should you be willing to put the investment in, he’s also capable of Black Grail farming for some pretty high damage output, especially with Oberon backing him. He isn’t wholly consistent in such setups, but such a perk is pretty rare for non-welfare SR Servants, so the fact he can do something resembling universal farming at all is notable.

While he may go about it in a…weird way, this Hassan’s a pretty solid critical damage dealer, subscribing to the “If you always generate 50 stars each turn, you don’t need star weight” school of thought, absolutely drowning the team in critical stars and utilising them effectively at the same time, dishing solid critical damage with either his Quicks or his Arts card.

But he’s also committed the most Haram of sins, in the midst of Ramadan of all times, bringing great shame upon the honoured founder:

Man, his NP gain on normal cards is ass. Now for farming purposes that doesn’t matter at all, but it’s a very significant issue when applying him in difficult content, where he’s going to be wholly dependent on his NP’s solid refund to get back to full NP gauge, since those Quick cards certainly aren’t doing it. Now with sufficient team support he can certainly get back to full on the regular, but that opens another issue.

Actually building a support lineup for this Hassan in difficult content is…rough. While there are a number of Servants who can appreciate the presence of a Castoria when they’re a Buster Servant, or a Merlin when they’re Quick, Hassan of the Shining Star pulls a weird move by wanting Arts Up buffs for NP damage and refund, but simultaneously wanting Quick Up buffs and critical damage buffs for his critical damage output. And there’s no single support that covers both competitively. Lady Avalon has some critical damage support, sure, but all the Quick support out there hardly touches Arts support, and as a result he’ll never be putting out his best in a given scenario.

With everything taken into account, the strange thing I’m forced to say about Hassan of the Shining Star is…you should probably treat him as a NP spam Arts Servant and just ignore the heavy Quick focus in other parts of his kit.

The greatest strength he has is undoubtedly his high NP damage potential with its ramping offensive buffs, and solid effective damage boosts at its disposal. Add in the fact that with his +100% Star Generation buff, even his Arts NP will spew out stars like no other, and he can sustain an offensive presence even if he doesn’t touch a Quick card (though he probably will). This is further exemplified by his solid performance as a farmer, tackling Assassin class advantage with ease and even being able to hit some impressive damage numbers if you invest into a Black Grail setup with him.
I just think he’ll be kind of too awkward to use to his full potential in difficult content, especially when Servants with AOE NP’s but critical damage focus can feel a little spread thin when tackling singular bosses already. If you can treat a hard fight like a farming node and just press the flashy blue button as often as possible he’ll probably do great, but even then he’s on something of a timer, with the 1k self-damage from his NP not being easily ignored in drawn-out fights, and a 2-hit Evasion buff hardly helping sustain himself past that.

Make no mistake, he’s well worth the drawbacks for that AOE NP spam alone, it’s just a shame he’s saddled with flaws that end up reducing him to that alone, instead of being a more diverse performer that can fulfil multiple roles while not sacrificing anything. Being torn so painfully between two card types will do that to you, I guess. Regardless, he’s a good Arts farmer Assassin with room for some potent performances in the game’s tougher content, should you be willing to tackle his drawbacks. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


As with all story chapters, we get drawn in by the flashiness of the opening Gacha only to realise - “Wasn’t there some other Servants in the TV ad?” Well, if you’ve played it far enough you’d know, there’s definitely a couple of other Servants waiting in the wings for their time to shine, so this isn’t the end of Ordeal Call 2 so far as the MMM is concerned.

But I kind of have to wait for that banner to actually assess the additions, so all I can say is, as canned a line it may be… Wait, and Hope!

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