MMM - Foxy Fusilier From Future Forms Firearms Festival Featuring Formidable Float (Anniversary 2021 Gacha)

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Happy 6th Anniversary of FGO, y’all! Boy, it feels weird knowing that this whole game and my own part in it has gone on for so long. That in turn makes about 5 and a half years I’ve been writing MMM’s, which is probably more crazy to consider.

While time goes on, gacha is eternal. And in this case, we’ve got a vixen to at least slap a few times before welcoming her into the collection (if you’re fortunate enough).

Anniv 6 Banner
NA Release Date: 08/2023

They really couldn’t have called her Tamamo Vicci to make it easier for this old geezer’s memory? Well, guess now’s as good a time as any to learn how to spell Koyanskaya. In any case Nasu has resorted to wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey nonsense to have Koyanskaya (or at least, an aspect of her) join us before we actually do the things that make her want to join. Boy does the whole Saint Graph and memory retention thing in FGO make some weird circumstances.

But who cares, she’s hot. And unlike Tamamo or Tamamo Cat, she isn’t brain damaged or pretending to be something so hard that it becomes true. A true, honest-to-self, bitch working 9-5.

Servant Data
Riding B

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 8%.

Independent Action EX

Increase your Critical Strength by 12%.

Independent Manifestation C

Increase your Critical Strength by 6%
Increase your Mental Debuff Resist by 6%.
Increase your Death Resist by 6%.

Morph A

Increase own Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.
Increase own Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%.

Goddess Metamorphosis (Gun) B

Increase own NP Strength by 20%.


The Assassin class has never been the poster child for good base stats, due to their low Hp and Atk modifiers on top of the class’s inherent 0.9x attack modifier. But to that point, being a big fish in a small pond is all the better for it.

In Koyanskaya’s case, she’s got one of the better deals, coming in with the 4th best Attack of the SSR Assassins, and the 5th best HP. While that sounds kind of middling, King Hassan’s crazy statline makes a big outlier which doesn’t highlight how Koyanskaya’s sitting neatly above the average statline for an Assassin of her rarity - with more Attack and HP than Jack, Kama, and Old Li.

And that isn’t even counting her passives. Boy does she have those. With Riding B, Independent Action EX and Independent Manifestation C, Morph A (but as a passive), and Goddess Metamorphosis (Gun) B. No, don’t ask me how you get a Gun form of Goddess Metamorphosis. Like hell I know.

In any case, those passives add up together for an 8% Quick boost, 18% Critical Damage Up, 6% Instant Death and Mental Debuff Resist, 10% Arts boost and Star Drop Rate, and most importantly 20% NP damage up. So not only is Koyanskaya’s NP gain and stargen notably bumped, but she also has good passive critical damage output and a moderate steroid on her NP at base.

Yeah, she has some pretty crazy stats to work with as a baseline.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Koyanskaya in actual factual? Well on one hand she’s got two tickets to the gun show and you’re invited:

By providing both 50% gauge charge and potentially very powerful offensive buffs to a Buster offensive Servant, Koyanskaya elevates Buster’s strength on the whole a lot in the present meta. Buster’s eternal issue since Casturia came out has been that they only have one card booster support without running something funky with Nightingale, and said support lacks a 50% gauge charge. Koyanskaya resolves that issue, making Buster farming much more powerful and flexible, especially since all Buster farming comps aren’t dependent on NP refund calculations (which often can hit walls in Berserker and Assassin nodes, due to their 0.8x and 0.9x NP gain modifiers).

Koyanskaya herself makes an impressive addition to the AOE Assassin farming lineup. While Kiichi Hogen, Summer Ushi, and Summer Scathach have always been options, they’re all Quick and have some issues to work through to make their loops work. Meanwhile, Koyanskaya provides both consistently solid damage and looping with relatively little investment, though it is a little sad you can’t support Koyanskaya with 2 copies of herself, having to turn to Reines or Waver for the remaining support options.

I may have passed over it a little bit when evaluating her kit, but Koyanskaya is a really nice crit support for Buster teams. Her Buster buff doubles as a very powerful Critical steroid, which when combined with her effective damage buff can really shred through the right foes. And like everything in her kit, that applies to both Koyanskaya herself and a potential support target like Arjuna Alter or Morgan.

But on the other hand, she can get jammed easily:

Koyanskaya, for all her great contributions to farming, can meet issues in CQ’s. Her defensive contributions to the team are practically zero, which in turn means all the defensive support is placed in the hands of the other support Servant in use. Merlin might be able to carry the slack in some cases, but it can prove an issue when rolling with other options. This doesn’t matter if Koyanskaya herself is the main damage dealer, but regardless it leaves a flaw in compositions where you wish to use her buffing utility.

In my imaginary family of evaluation writers with no life, there is a saying passed down from generation to generation - “Lewd is life”.

And there’s also a second saying - “All Arco Wada Servants are Lewd”. Put together, that simply means Koyanskaya is a lifestyle, not a Servant to roll on the gacha. She even seems to imply her summoning is part of some sort of self-fulfilling time loop, so you’re almost obliged to roll her.

But all joking aside, Koyanskaya is a vital addition to FGO’s major support lineup. While she isn’t anything close to a replacement for Merlin, she does fill a big gap in the support lineup which Merlin doesn’t, and in turn becomes a valuable option for farming setups. Consider her to Merlin what Reines is to Waver - an alternative option which isn’t strictly better or worse, but brings different, unique tools to the table as well as a different class if you want to work around class advantage.

Needless to say, if you intend on using any Buster Servants for any real purpose in the future she’s well worth getting your hands on. Touch that fluffy tail. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.


Anniversary is pretty wild this year, if I’m frank. Even putting Koyanskaya aside, Append Skills make farming a lot more interesting, as there are a number of Servants who became possible to farm with or build around easier with the addition of a 10-20% starting gauge charge separate from a CE. Most importantly, it means my Karna can now NP turn 1 without a gauge CE when running with Merlin and Koyanskaya.

I’m also very happy about the 120 Grail cap now. Experience cards have been very...extra for a while now with a huge supply if you put the time in farming events for little payoff outside of building collection. The massive EXP dump you need to get a Servant to 120 actually incentivizes getting them en-masse, which also leaves me with another long term project to work on.

...Anything’s better than Fou prints at this point.

And as for next time, we’ll be looking at the third and final gacha for LB6. What can I say about it? What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? What if I say you’ll find out in a few days?

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