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Now, one would assume with a long break over the course of December, plenty of free time in the holiday season and a singular Servant to cover, that the MMM would come out in record-breaking pace to mark off a good start to the New Year, no?

Well, maybe I’m feeling a little evil in the spirit of our good friend, Kotomine Kirei. Is that so bad? Regardless of whether it is on time or late, the birth of an MMM should be celebrated, should it not?

In reality, it’s because I got hit with a goddawful stint of sickness immediately in the run-up to the New Year, so I can only write it now that I’m feeling half-decent.

But with that out of the way, the MMM’s don’t write themselves!

MMM New Year JP 2023
NA Release Date: 01/2025

He was big and strong, and his eyes were flaming gold…

Hey, don’t tell me you didn’t have that song on repeat on your head for days after the man’s announcement. For some reason, FGO Servant or not, the song just fits Kirei himself.

Servant Data
Alter Ego
Territory Creation B

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%.

Executor B

Increase your Critical Strength by 8%.
Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 8%.

Baptism Sacrament A

Increase your Mental Debuff Resist by 30%.

Poison Resistance (Confidential) B

Grants self immunity to Poison.


As another addition to the slowly-expanding Alter Ego lineup, Rasputin has a pretty good number of Servants to compare himself to. Among all the 5* Alter Egos, he joins with the lowest Attack by a pretty wide margin, and the 2nd Highest HP in return. As it turns out, Kiara’s statline is actually pretty busted, relatively speaking, she’s just specced defensively.

While that isn’t exactly a glimmering start for the Russian man, it’s hardly the end of the world. Alter Egos have high attack stats overall, so having the worst Attack of them is still average compared to most SSR’s in the game. And having a good HP stat in exchange has its uses, even if an offensively-designed statline would be more handy overall.

It wouldn’t make sense for a man of Rasputin’s reputation to not be bulky, no?

Rasputin also comes with a wide range of passives to further bolster his bases - Territory Creation is an all-important 8% boost to his main card type, a very good thing to have, while his trio of Unique passives also aid him in their own ways. Executor provides him with modest boosts to both stargen and critical damage, enhancing his critical damage output inherently. Baptism Sacrament provides him with significant passive Mental Debuff Resistance - admittedly not very useful most of the time, but having the capability to ignore most Charm/Terror debuffs is a handy perk to have in the right fights. And lastly, Poison Resistance (Confidential) provides him with immunity to Poison, completely unsurprising given the legend of Rasputin.

On the whole Rasputin has a bit of an underwhelming offensive presence, but his passives help compensate for that decently, and in turn the man is more defensively resilient than most Servants, especially for the damage output he has to offer.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Rasputin overall? On one hand, to Moscow chicks, he’s such a lovely dear:

Rasputin is, as you might’ve guessed, a very solid farmer. The Alter Ego class is well suited to farming a broad range of classes with enough damage output to pass benchmarks, and Rasputin has the refund and baseline damage to back it up, allowing him to farm in fairly versatile setups, with access to Black Grail or not. While he isn’t exactly going to push damage benchmarks to the roof in the way Summer Ibuki can, he’s still a very convenient Servant to have for farming, if not technically a universal farmer.

His talents are also pretty suited to difficult content. Rasputin’s access to debuff removal and taunt are both irreplaceable quirks in tougher quests in the game, and can downright trivialize some fights that hinge on the hopes that a spammed enemy ST NP will overwhelm the player with offense. One unkillable priest with a smug-ass grin quickly puts a stop to that. Throw in his anti-Evil trait bonus damage being fairly versatile for taken on enemy Servants, and his great stargen profile / longevity, and he’s simply very handy in the right fights.

However, his drinking, and lusting, and hunger for power has gone on too long. We have to do something about this outrageous man:

While in a farming environment Rasputin’s damage output is pretty acceptable to work with, it may not pass a lot of the time in difficult content, especially if you’re not at liberty to get Rasputin’s class advantage in the fight. When the buffs from supportive Servants are out of the equation, he can hit like something of a wet sponge, even with the DoT damage from his NP debuffs providing extra spice on top. It’s not too severe, but more or less a byproduct of his less-than-stellar offensive profile overall.

Like most New Years’ Servants, Rasputin makes for a superb, if not meta-warpingly powerful, addition to the Servant roster.

Both an excellent farmer and entertaining damage dealer to bring into higher-difficulty quests, this crazy Russian can fill in typical roles while also having plenty of unique niches to play when more abnormal quests crop up to tackle.

If anything, my only disappointment is I thought his skill kit would be a little more gimmicky if anything. The Guts skill is great and all, but I was anticipating some true Grigori Rasputin-style absurdity in the entirety of the skill kit. Or maybe I’m just over-selling the legend.

In any case, Rath™ Seal of Approval. Rasputin makes for a fine offensive Alter Ego in general, as well as a great Arts farmer who can cover a lot of ground, even if not on the level of a universal farmer.


With that, the New Year's edition of the MMM is out of the way, and I’d like to formally welcome you all to 2023!

Surely nothing can get any worse compared to the last two years in world affairs, right?


In the future, at least we have all the wonderful LB7 Servants in their Aztec god glory. I even heard we have a fabled…catboy.

I am positively coiled with anticipation. Until then!

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