MMM - Writer Regretfully Realizes Previous Magazine's Title Would Be More Appropriate For This One, Tosses Thesaurus (Summer 2023 Part 2)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Summer 2025 Part 2

The Modern Magus Magazine

Yes, I know there’s some sadness that I broke the alliteration streak after so long, but it’s all fine - it was a setup for a secondary joke! And there’s some alliteration, after all.

But with almost all the actual fae being in this MMM, rather than the prior, I just found it funny the title I hashed out ended up being somehow inappropriate.

Summer 2025 Part 2
NA Release Date: 08/2025

Cnoc na Riabh


Curse you, every single nationality of the UK that isn’t English! Why must you corrupt the pure and quirky pseudo-English of Japanese names into something that makes sense.

Well, Knocknarea is easier for me to type, so I’m sticking to it. Either that or Summer Medb 2 - Nasu’s Favouritism is Clear to You.

Servant Data
Max HP 12,500
HP Rank
Max ATK 9,225
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,537Base HP2,000
Max Atk 9,225 Max HP 12,500
Grail Atk 11,170 Grail HP 15,156
Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Melty Heart A

While on the field, increase all allies' Critical Star Drop Rate by 20%.

Southern Star EX

Gain 4 Critical Stars per turn.
Gain 4% NP gauge per turn.


As a rare SR Foreigner, Knocknarea doesn’t have much in the way of competition, but regardless we can get an idea of how her statline sizes up. With the second-highest Attack of her class / rarity band and the highest HP, she looks fairly impressive on paper, but fundamentally both she and her fellow welfare Foreigner, MHXA Idol, are pretty poorly statted. It’s just that Knocknarea got the better deal of the two. Regardless she has solid bulk and a reasonable Attack stat, so it’s not the end of the world.

Conversely, Knocknarea’s passives are really great. Magic Resistance is standard but appreciated, providing a sizeable resistance to debuffs at all times, but her two unique passives which functionally replace the Foreigner standard passives are also great- Melty Heart provides a sizeable stargen boost to both Knocknarea herself and all her allies while present on the field. The buff is essentially as big as changing a Berserker to an Assassin - you can expect roughly 1 more star for every 5 hits they do on attacks, which adds up over time, or on AOE NP’s.

Southern Star is a straightforward 4 stars and 4% gauge per turn for Knocknarea, but those kinds of minor buildups can tend to add up over extended fights. Though maybe she ends up needing the leg-up.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

How does Knocknarea shape up overall? Well, on one hand, she’ll be true to her big red heart, that’s for sure:

In a strange coincidence, I’ve now written for two SR Servants in a row that are offensive Servants with a very significant supportive side-niche. Unlike Kuro Avenger, though, Knocknarea’s abilities to support come with significant drawbacks, and the sheer value she provides isn’t as great. Regardless, it’s still some good team support, at a minimum providing some bonus gauge charge to a couple of Castorias with little drawback, on top of a notable boost to their durability. Should you find a place for it, her capability to offensively support a team isn’t half bad, with +50% Attack and +20% NP damage Up to hand to anyone.

On the flipside, she’s an AOE Arts Servant, and one more than capable of farming most kinds of nodes should you have the right setup. The fact a good portion of her “refund” isn’t actually based on hitting the enemy means she isn’t too bad when dealing with enemy types with negative NP gain modifier or waves with 2 or fewer enemies in them. This can also be applied to high difficulty content, though her kit overall isn’t too great for that purpose, regardless of the fact she’s pretty durable for drawn out fights.

On the other hand, she’s exposing an urgent mental health issue to the FGO community that needs to be addressed urgently - Nasu’s giantess fetish is out of control:

As cool as the Foreigner class is sometimes, it’s a great shame on principle it’s probably the weakest class in the game. Without any “true” class advantage to leverage (As Pretenders are practically unicorns as enemies, and everyone gets to bully Berserkers), Knocknarea has an uphill battle in providing herself as a farmer of worth. She essentially has to hit damage numbers capable of universal farming or she’s not worth anything at all, outside of those with very limited collections. With Black Grail she can hit those damage numbers, but regardless she’s outclassed by a good number of budget universal farmers.

It’s very hard to screw up a welfare completely, and thankfully for once that rings true for Knocknarea. While she’s focused fairly heavily on a bizarre supportive niche, she doesn’t sacrifice her capabilities at farming for it, and so can be serviceable as a budget universal farmer for those with a Castoria to deploy. Heck, the game basically even tells you to only ever run her with a double Castoria setup the way her 3rd skill works.

As much as I disparage it, Knocknarea’s capability as a battlesuit swap support option shouldn’t be ignored either - 30% gauge charge and +84% NP damage for any Servant on the switch in can be invaluable, even if it has some slightly annoying restrictions to how she can be used. As a result she ekes out two niches that can be of value, though she’s objectively inferior to more costly options should one have access to them. On the whole, a pretty reasonable welfare to keep an eye on. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Melusine (Ruler)


You get one guess as to which Hollywood actor’s works Nasu binged before writing this form of Melusine. She even speaks about “Impossible Missions” being her job in one of her lines.

Well hey, at least they’re good films.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Riding A+

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 11%.

Tam Lin Knight C

Increase your Critical Strength against [Human] attribute targets by 12%.


As an SSR Ruler, Melusine has a lot of capability to get screwed over by a mega-defensive statline that the Ruler class is known for. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, and even moreso, she gets to leverage the greatest strength of the class - its 1.1x attack modifier. With the tied best Attack stat in the class, she doesn’t suffer too much for durability, having the 2nd lowest HP of her class and rarity.

Bearing in mind, a low HP stat for a Ruler is basically average. And with the Ruler attack modifier, her 11.5k attack is essentially 12.6k, well over even the best attack stats of most other classes after their own attack modifiers are factored in. So she gets to reap the benefits of a Ruler’s bulk without any real drawback.

Melusine also gets some passives to play with. Magic Resistance and Riding are typical, providing her with more debuff resistance and a boost to her singular Quick card, while Tam Lin Knight provides her with additional critical damage versus Human attribute foes. Not a particularly significant boost, but Human attribute is the most common from Servants, so it’s pretty likely to bolster her damage output in any given scenario.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

How does Ruler Melusine shape up overall? Well on the one hand, she’s overtaking the competition with a sonic boom:

If there’s one thing that both of Melusine’s forms have in common, it’s being excellent farmers. With the power an 80% gauge charger brings, Ruler Melusine is capable of farming any class node (well, except Avengers) proficiently in very simplistic setups, a godsend for anyone who’s as lazy as me and wants to spare as much effort as possible. While her damage output in such setups may not be really mind-blowing, she does enough to get the job done, and often her anti-Earth effective damage can pick up the slack.

Her performance in difficult content is really nice too. Her kit adds together to make a terrifying Arts crit machine who can utilise the kits of Castoria and ProtoMerlin both incredibly well, chaining NP after NP and reaping the benefits of the stacked-up Attack and Critical Damage buffs with devastating crit chains. Even versus single targets she tends to be able to loop multiple NP’s due to the potency of her gauge charger and capability for crit chains bolstering her otherwise-middling NP gain. And that’s not even mentioning her Ruler class and Invincible buff making her insanely tanky versus most foes.

However, she might suffer from an engine stall or two, and be forced to eject:

While Ruler Melusine’s potential at full throttle is really insane, it’s not frequent that you’ll get to abuse it. The terrain-based bonus effects of her second skill won’t often come up, leaving it in its lesser form most of the time, and there’s no guarantee she’ll be against an Earth attribute target when that bonus damage will matter. But I’ll be frank, this is me grasping straws. She’s pretty damn strong even with no assumptions made on circumstance.

As expected as the fastest, strongest, and bestest Tam Lin over whom I am not biassed whatsoever, Melusine’s Ruler form is pretty insane. Whether it’s farming or difficult content, she excels, and she does so while not being particularly dependent on high-investment Servant lineups or setups.

Well, besides the baseline of owning Castoria, I suppose. But it’s the same for every Arts Servant. It’s funny how the biggest caveat I can give to my line of praise is that she’s mostly outclassed by Summer Ibuki, who should still be pretty fresh on our minds. But that’s the distinction between like, a 9.5 and a 10 out of 10. Most people would kill to have either on the roster, and that’s probably what you should be feeling.

And that aside, she’s the first Ruler Servant that actually feels good to use for me, so my collection of level 100’s in every class is slowly expanding.

Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.

UDK Barghest


UDK obviously stands for Ultra-Dog Kyute and you can’t convince me otherwise.

…but where does the maid outfit come from? Not that I’m complaining.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Madness Enhancement C

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 6%.

Tam Lin Knight E

Increase your Critical Strength against [Human] attribute targets by 4%.

Thunder Eater A

When on a [Burning] field:
- Increase own NP Gauge by 5% each turn.
- Apply Burn and Burn Damage Up Immune to self.


As a 4* Archer, Barghest’s Summer form has a lot of competition to work through, and unfortunately she doesn’t get off to a great start. With the 2nd-lowest Attack stat of her class and rarity, she’s sitting in the unfortunate Atalanta-tier of offensive might, but she does have by far the highest HP stat of any 4* Archer as compensation.

It’s pretty plain to see where all that HP uh, goes.

While the lack of offensive might is unfortunate, she does at least have some passives to compensate. Magic Resistance and Madness Enhancement provide a useful passive defence against debuffs and a minor boost to her sole Buster card’s damage, while Tam Lin Knight provides, much like with Melusine, a small boost to her critical damage versus Human attribute targets.

The most interesting passive by far is Thunder Eater, providing a potent 5% NP gauge each turn and Burn debuff immunities, but only when the field has the Burning trait. While having everything around you on fire is often synonymous with tough fights in this game, it’s still a very niche passive that won’t often be active, so unfortunately it’s mostly just flavour.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how’s Barghest’s Archer form overall? On the one hand, she’s here to protect and serve the city, come fire or storm, day or night:

Despite some unusual aspects to her kit, Barghest genuinely has some solid tools in her kit that make her a versatile damage dealer. Her second skill’s supportive buffs for the team are incredibly potent, able to both shield them on a key turn and reduce the cooldowns of their own skills, but she also has a solid offensive Critical Damage game fuelled by her first skill, even more so if she’s backed up by a support like Hans to unlock the further potential within it. Rounded off with her ability to modulate her own NP between ST and AOE, she’s adept at handling many kinds of nodes should the need arise.

Barghest makes for a fairly competent Arts farmer. With reasonably consistent farming setups, whether using a 50% gauge CE or Black Grail, she can comfortably farm class advantage nodes, and even extend herself to pursuing rarer niches like farming nodes with single-boss wave 3’s. Her poor damage output means farming outside of her class advantage isn’t really possible, but you have to give credit where it’s due.

However, she’s also something of a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Heck, how do you even tailor clothes for her:

All things in consideration, Barghest’s kit is spread pretty thin. Her second skill being almost completely supportive means she’s not that spectacular offensively, while the selfless nature of the skill means it doesn’t actually do anything for Barghest herself, meaning her teammates need to be capable of protecting her when the need arises. Equally, she has a solid critical damage focus but no dependable stargen source for herself, which is another thing she has to rely on the team for. Those little things add up to a glaring hole in her game plan.

While Barghest is a capable farmer, she’s far from a spectacular one. She’s fortunate that the Archer farming scene isn’t really dominated by an accessible welfare like some other classes are, but regardless she’ll have a hard time proving herself a better pick than Zenobia or Durga when put side-by-side, then again justifying her use over the generally stronger and easier-to-use universal farmers out there. Heck, Melusine in the same gacha is doing about the same damage that Barghest does with class advantage versus neutral targets. She’s very outclassed by a number of options.

Inside of you there are two wolves - a fiery hot one and a cool watery one. You are Barghest.

I don’t know where I was going with that, but I’ll use it to reference back to her vanilla form. Barghest seems to have a proclivity toward having interesting kit gimmicks that could have huge potential but don’t really pan out how you’d hope. In fact, Barghest’s Saber form’s focus on reducing skill cooldowns with each NP was basically copied by Aesc and utilised in a far more effective form.

Similarly for Barghest, while you’d think having a single Servant that can do both AOE and ST on a whim would be handy, what it ultimately just means is that in a few rare cases she can carry a farming setup by herself, but most of the time she’s just a two-for-one deal that’s outclassed by other options that specialise in being AOE or ST conversely. It doesn’t help that a not-insignificant amount of her kit’s brain power is thrown toward Burn debuff and Burning field interactions that don’t ever matter unless you’re taking her back in time to LB6 to meet herself or play the Summer event story.

I’d like to give her points for sheer novelty, but ultimately she’s another decent farmer in a class that is still kind of lacking in them, and that’s most of where her value lies. Perfect if you’ve got a hole to fill that’s shaped like a colossal doggo, but otherwise she’s fine to pass on.

Cait Cu Cerpriestess


Gosh she’s so adorable…and fluffy. Actually now that I think about it, that’s mostly Cernunnos. Can we have him as a Servant instead? 24/7 rotation from him is a must.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance EX

Increase your Debuff Resist by 25%.

Riding EX

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 12%.

Territory Creation D

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 4%.

Tam Lin Knight E/A

Increase your Critical Strength against [Human] attribute targets by 4% when in Ascension forms 0, 1, or 2.
Increase your Critical Strength against [Human] attribute targets by 20% when in Ascension forms 3 or 4.

Priestess of the Enshrined God A/B

While on the field:
- Increase NP Gain by 5% for [Chaotic] or [Good] alignment allies at Ascension forms 0, 1, or 2.
- Increase NP Gain by 4% for [Chaotic] or [Good] alignment allies at Ascension forms 3 or 4.
- Apply delayed buff to all allies: Gain [Wrath of the Enshrined God] trait (1 turn) when attacked and damaged.
* [Wrath of the Enshrined God]: When this trait is active for a Servant, increase their Critical Strength by 10%.


The 4* Pretender pool isn’t exactly large at this stage, but within it Baobhan’s Summer form nets a solid position, with the 2nd best Attack stat and 2nd best HP stat in the class and rarity bracket, she’s pretty objectively the strongest 4* Pretender we’ve gotten yet in terms of just base stats.

The passives are where things get far more interesting for her. Her three-way combo of Magic Resistance, Riding, and Territory Creation provides her with very good resistance to debuffs and solid boosts to her secondary card types, but she also comes with a very cool distinction - she’s the first Servant to have a very tangible tradeoff between her ascension forms.

Yes, I know Melusine was first technically, but it’s just objectively better to start Melusine in her ST NP form then Ray Horizon out of it. So it’s not an actual choice.

Depending on her Ascension form, the ranks on Baobhan’s Tam Lin Knight and Priestess of the Enshrined God skills change. In her first few forms, the benefit is improving her NP gain boost to Chaotic or Good allies from 4% to 5%. Wow, incredible. Meanwhile for her latter ascension forms, you improve the passive critical boost versus Human attribute foes from 4% to 20%.

I’m gonna be real, I called it a tradeoff, but 99% of the time having her in her later ascensions is better. The number of times a 1% NP gain boost will actually matter is miniscule, but that critical damage output improvement is actually significant.

So yeah, I guess like Melusine’s case it’s still a no-brainer which one to go for.

The most important aspect of these passives is that her Priestess passive provides Wrath of the Enshrined God to allies for 1 turn when they take damage, which interacts with Baobhan’s kit and also provides a 10% Critical Damage boost. Not bad at all.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

Ultimately, how does Cait Cu Cernpriestess shape up? Well on the one hand, the fluffiness and much more bearable personality compared to her LB6 form entices me:

Baobhan’s Pretender form is kind of scary in difficult content. With her capability to essentially create additional value on top of powerful NP’s like both Merlin variants’, she can cultivate a very absurd loop of NP gauge charge for both herself and her team that almost feels unfair. Paired with her ability to provide powerful defensive buffs to the team, it’s unlikely that a setup with her included will die if played properly.

While it isn’t the most convenient of setups, Baobhan can function as a farmer. The real take-away from that isn’t her farming performance, but her capability for insane NP looping. Once you hit a certain point, her NP gauge regeneration effects will essentially pile up and almost refund her NP’s by themselves, a capability you won’t see in a farming run (primarily because the gauge chargers of Koyanskaya and Oberon don’t make use of it). It allows her to unleash daunting offensive power simply by sheer consistency rather than particularly high damage output. It goes doubly so if she can net her Human-attribute bonuses in both critical and NP damage.

However, I fear the retribution of the hammer. Bonks are serious injuries, don’t treat them lightly:

Whether in her high-difficulty quest performance or farming, Baobhan is one of those Servants who’s insanely dependent on having the right support lineup to abuse with her. Without access to any of the high-value SSR’s I’ve listed in her write-up, she ultimately only gets to extend her NP’s effects after she uses it, which feels a little flat compared to her full potential.

This might be the only time I ever say this, but Baobhan is a Servant who fundamentally becomes incredibly cool to use if you’re a whale. With access to all the powerful supports available in the game, you can really have a blast producing an incomprehensible juggernaut setup of gauge charge buffs to steamroll through difficult content, even if it’s a little inferior to just going for raw damage and speed.

But without such options, she ends up a little flat, both on the difficult content and farming side of the game’s spectrum. While solid at both, she ultimately only reaches such a performance with her ideal supportive lineup backing her. However, as a farmer she has a fair bit of value behind her - the Pretender class allows her to be a competent farmer for a wide range of classes, and she does so consistently, the perks of being a Buster Servant. Her competitors within the Pretender class like Tlaloc have no such perk, being subject to the horrors of NP refund calculations.

What I’m trying to lead to here is that while Baobhan’s Pretender form is not overwhelmingly great or anything, she performs her job well, and is incredibly fun to use if you have the tools she desires, so she’s pretty good in my book. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


Uuuugh. It’s been a while since I’ve written an MMM this big. Curse you, past Rath, for putting this burden upon me! I, present Rath, will someday wreak my revenge upon thee! As soon as I find a Time Machine, that is.

At least the end of the Summer event usually means a grand ‘ol break in content. Or a content draught, if you’re being a negative nancy. But we have plenty of things to look forward to.

Like, for example…breaking our aboriginal friend out of NPC Jail? Come to think of it, we still need to do a lot of jailbreaks, even with people like Knocknarea technically getting out with this event. But we’ll just have to wait and see!

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