Prisma Codes - Free Quests

Prisma Codes - Free Quests

The drop data for these Free Quests are sourced from the datamine from Kazemai.

The drop data may not be accurate for the Re-install version, use at your own risk!

The Dragon and Sea quests differ most from the initial version. Some of the data, especially currency-wise for the best nodes, seem to still be accurate. Still, take it all with a massive grain of salt.

Land of Sweets

Candy Forest

Candy Street

Candy House

Land of Dragons and Sea

Stormy Sea

Gentle Sea

Calm Sea

Land of Dead Bookshelves

Main Street

ZigZag Street

Back Alley

Land of Snow and Honey

Snow Valley

River of Thin Ice

Powdered Snow Hill

Land of Stars and Crystals

Reflective Lake

Shining Forest

Star Field