Halloween 2019 - Great Chidori Gable

AP Cost 40
Bond Points 815
QP 8,400
Quest EXP 29,690
Quest Type Free

Enemy Details

Part 1

Quest Drops

Aerial Drive Aerial Drive x1
Golden Wings Golden Wings x1
Nostalgic Form Nostalgic Form x1
Beam Cookie x2 1252.0% +Spawn
Beam Cookie x3 225.0%
Beam Cookie x3 225.0% +Spawn
Drill Gummy x2 590.0% +Spawn
Drill Gummy x3 75.0%
Drill Gummy x3 75.0% +Spawn
Tearstone of Blood x1 16.9% +Spawn
Octuplet Crystals x1 12.9% +Spawn
Dragon Fang x1 19.0% +Spawn
Rider Monument x1 15.4%
Magic Gem of Rider x1 2.6% +Spawn
Magic Gem of Berserker x1 21.0% +Spawn
Gem of Berserker x1 7.9% +Spawn

Quest Reward