Pokemon Masters App v1.3.0 Update Report - 10/28/2019

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A major ~600MB update dropped for Pokemon Masters today on 10/28/2019 with upcoming event and sync pair information for November.

Note: GamePress will be updating this page as we research this update!

New Trainers and Sync Pairs

  • Brendan's Treecko gains its evolutions.
  • Player receives a new Sync Pair option: Torchic in Chapter 20.
  • Calem joins Player's team in Chapter 20 as well!

Upcoming Updates & Events


Story Event: The Importance of Elegance: 10/31 to 11/14


Ice-Type Training Event: 11/14 to 11/28



New Evolution Sync Pair Stories!  Coming 10/31!


The Story Continues! Special Rally

Celebrate Pokémon!

Story Chapter 19 to 21

The Story Continues! Chapters 19–21: Coming 11/07!


Information on Chapter 19 to 21 is added the game data, the chapter titles are:

We're now in process of adding battle and story information on these new story chapters to GamePress. Keep an eye on this section!

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