Beginner's Guide to Pokemon Masters!

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Downloading the Game

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and iOS through the Google Play and App Store, respectively. Check out the links below to download them!


How to Unlock Sync Pairs

As the main draw of Pokemon Masters, there are two ways to unlock trainers and their Pokemon, referred to as Sync Pairs in-game. The first is to unlock them through playing the story, while other trainers will need to be scouted.

Check out the full pair of Sync Pairs below!

Story Mode Sync Pairs

There are currently 22 Story Mode Unlockable characters for Part 1, with more available in the future! Do note that not all chapters for part 1 are available at the moment.

Trainer Scouting Sync Pairs

Many other Sync Pairs such as Olivia or Phoebe are exclusive to Trainer Scouting. Trainer scouting requires 300 gems per try, or 3,000 for 10 tries, with a daily discount available for 100 paid gems. It is accessible from the "Shop" Menu.

The story-unlock Sync Pairs have various rarities, but for Trainer Scouting each rarity has a different drop rate, with the probability for specific characters depending on the banner and general pool. The general drop rates are below:

Rarity Rate
5★ 7%
4★ 20%
3★ 73%

Who Should I Roll For? What Pairs are Good Investments?

Outside of campaigns with generous starting-gem bonuses, it will typically take a long time to farm up for a 10-roll. From just quests alone, players must complete at least chapter 10 to have enough. Since there is no discount or other incentive for a multi-roll, players may be tempted to just do one roll at a time. Do note that linking a Nintendo Account will give a one-time bonus of 600 gems.
While there will be a Guaranteed 5 star Scout Spotlight available, it costs paid gems.

For those souls willing to brave rerolling, check out our Reroll Guide below!

Who is Good in this game?

While most players can complete content with appropriate leveled and typed Sync Pairs, there are some Sync Pairs who will make the game much easier for aspiring Masters. Although it'd be nice to invest in everybody, since resources are limited these are the recommended Sync Pairs for new players.

While we make some recommendations below based on availability, check out our Tier List for a broader overview!

Recommended Characters (Story)
Sync Pair Role Explanation

Rosa and Snivy

Rosa provides 3 Moveslot Gauge Points with every use of "Let's Energize!", which allows Pokemon to attack quickly in succession. Serperior also has high bulk to tank for the Striker.

Hau and Alolan Raichu

Striker (Special)
Alolan Raichu is the strongest Special Striker of the Story unlocks. Hitting for AoE damage is invaluable for quick clears. A physical alternative would be Korrina with her Lucario.

Skyla and Swanna

Given how important Speed is to using moves faster, Skyla's teamwide Speed and Def buff are excellent for supporting and allows the team to attack faster.
Recommended Scouting Sync Pairs
Sync Pair Role Explanation

Phoebe and Dusclops

Not only does Dusclops have sure hit, but it also provides a wide variety of support, from critical hit to attack up for the team. On top of being an excellent buffer, Dusclops provides the rare ability to pass on its half of its buffs to teammates when KO'd, perfect for revenge sweeping in Co-Op.

Brendan and Treecko

Striker (Physical)
Despite the listed role, Treecko is strong as a mixed sweeper, with extremely high damage output through Leaf Storm. The ability to buff himself to full as well as land crits makes him very versatile as a striker.

Olivia and Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

Striker (Physical)
Lycanroc's highly self-synergistic critical potential covers Attack, Accuracy, and Critical Hit Rate. Gaining a self-speed buff whenever a critical hit lands gives Lycanroc excellent snowball potential, and it is served extremely well with buffs.

Honorable Mentions are Karen and Will, both of which are also very potent.

How Battles Work in Masters

General Mechanics

The combat in Pokemon Masters differs from the main series in two important ways:

  • Battles in Pokemon Masters are in real-time combat with the Action Gauge, instead of being Turn-based. 
  • Every Pokemon only has one type and weakness. Pokemon of the same type won't necessarily have the same weakness.

The beginner's guide aims to cover the basics and get players running, but for a more comprehensive guide check out the Battle Mechanics and Team Composition Guides below!


HP - How much damage a Pokemon can take before it's KO'd. 

Attack - How much damage a Pokemon will do for Physical moves

Defense - How much damage reduction a Pokemon has against physical moves.

Sp. Atk - How much damage a Pokemon will do for Special moves

Sp. Def - How much damage reduction a Pokemon has against Special moves.

Speed - Determines how fast the team's Moveslot Gauge will fill up.

Active Mechanics
  • Pokemon Moves: Pokemon attacks with these moves during battle.  Each usage costs Move Slot Gauge points.  

  • Trainer Moves: These can be used at any time, but have limited uses per battle.  The effects of these are various, from healing Pokemon, buffing them, and even granting Move Slot Gauge.   

  • Sync Moves: Every action (using a Pokemon or Trainer move) will decrease it's cooldown by 1.  Use it to unleash a powerful attack on the enemy! Sometimes Sync Moves will have special effects, like Mega Evolution!

  • Move Slot Gauge: This is the resource that allows your Pokemon to attack.  It recharges over time based on sum on team's speed. Certain Trainer Moves can provide more Gauge instantly.

Defensive Mechanics
  • Enemy Targeting: Enemies in this game will tend to attack Pokemon with the highest Bulk.  Bulk is calculated from a Pokemon's defensive stats, with the formula: HP/2.75 + Def + Sp. Def.  
  • Passive Skills: Pokemon can learn passive skills that provide a variety of effects in battle, from preventing critical strikes on them to healing from status effects whenever they attack.
Co Op

Co-Op is unlocked after beating Chapter 10. In co-op, players team up with up to two other teams for 9v9 Pokemon Battles!

Each trainer is responsible for their own team of 3 Sync Pairs, and can only have one out at any time for a total of three on the field. Players can still switch out their own Sync Pairs, however.

Unity Attacks are an extra high damage attack available once everyone's Unity Gauge is filled up, a feature unique to Co-Op. Choose one person to unleash an overwhelming offensive!

Strengthening Sync Pairs

There are a few ways to Strengthen Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters! They are the following:

Leveling and Level Caps

EXP is the main resource that levels up Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters. Sync Pairs that participate in battle gain EXP at the end of a victorious battle, even if they were knocked out. Sync pairs can also gain through EXP Manuals, an item gained from certain Training Quests.

Level Caps determine the maximum level of a Pokemon, and are dependent on rarity. It costs a Sync Pair's respective drink (Buff Blend, Aid Ade, and Tech Tonics), plus Gym Notes at some levels to unlock the level cap.

Learning Moves and Skills

Moves and Skills are accessible from the "Team" Menu. Learning them will cost resources, with respective Drinks (Buff Blend, Aid Ade, and Tech Tonics), Training Machines (TM's), and Skill Capsules required. These can be obtained from the Training Area!

For a list of all strengthening items and drop rates, check out the link below!

Increasing Potential and Powerups

Each rarity has a maximum level. 3 stars have a maximum of 90, 4 stars can reach 95, and 5 stars reach 100.
3 and 4 star power ups can be used to increase a 3 or 4 star Sync Pair's rarity to a higher star level. Increasing rarity will result in higher stats and level caps for these Sync Pairs. Meanwhile, 5 star Power Ups will grant increased stats to 5 star Sync Pairs. Up to 20 can be used on them!


Just like in the mainline games, some Pokémon can evolve after reaching a certain level. Evolving will increase the stats of Pokémon. In Pokémon Masters first stage evolution can be unlocked at level 30 and second stage evolution at level 45.

To evolve a Pokémon, not only do Trainers require evolution shards or crystals, but also need to beat a special stage specific to the trainer. This is located under explore option --> Sync Pair Stories.

Sync Pair Stories

Currently in the game there are seven kinds of evolution where three of them have a second stage evolution. The following Pokémon can evolve:

Trainer & Pokémon Level 30 First Stage Evolution Level 45 Second Stage Evolution
Kris & Totodile Croconaw Feraligatr
Rosa & Snivy Servine Serperior
Barry & Piplup Prinplup Empoleon
Pryce & Seel Dewgong N/A

However, only certain Pokemon can evolve. The Sync Pair Brendan & Treecko doesn't evolve but Treecko does have stats on par with the other 5 stars. The ingame mission lists indicated that there will be additional evolution in the future so there is hope for Treecko.

For more information on evolution, check out our guide below!

Ingame Missions
Sync Move Level

Gaining duplicates of a Sync Pair will increase their Sync Move level, up to 4 times from 1/5 base to 5/5 maxed. This will increase the Sync Move and normal Moves' power by 5% per level, up to 20%.

Currently there is no way to increase the Sync Move level of a Story Unlock Sync Pair. This may be remedied in the future.

For a full list of Sync Moves and moves in general, check out our Moves Database!

Moves Database
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