Top Tier Wicked Bloodline Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

The best guest leader for the Team is another AGL Metal Coora, as he provides the most significant stat Boost from his Leader Skill. However, Glacial Prestige - Frieza (1st Form) also works because his Leader Skill applies to all Extreme Cards and fits the category. 

A great F2P option is Metal Coora Army INT, as he is another Extreme leader that fits the Team.


Wicked Bloodline has a great quality among the categories, in that all Cards in the category will naturally share many Link Skills, ensuring that Super ATKs land constantly. The Team can be used flexibly with little concern for cohesion.

One recommended rotation includes AGL Metal Coora and Full Power Frieza. The two share plenty of Link Skills and are extremely powerful, especially under the 170% Leader Skill that Metal Coora provides. Full Power Frieza is an incredibly strong Card, able to build up a monstrous amount of Ki and ATK Boost the lower HP gets. Metal Coora is a very well-rounded Card as well, providing ATK, DEF, and Healing for the rotation.

Another recommended rotation includes the shining duo of Golden Frieza and Golden Frieza (Angel). Golden Frieza (Angel) Debuffs Super Cards’ ATK and DEF, which can make all the difference when facing a strong opponent. Furthermore, he boasts a whopping ATK +150% on his Passive Skill, but only a 50% DEF Buff, which is relatively low. This makes TEQ Golden Frieza a valuable tank for Golden Frieza (Angel), as he can significantly reduce Damage received when his Passive Skill activates. Together, the two dish out nasty Damage, while Debuffing the Enemy and tanking hits.

PHY Coora (Final Form) is a superbly well-rounded Card with a huge ATK & DEF Buff in his Passive Skill. He is very reliable, able to take and deal a lot of Damage. INT Metal Coora Army is among the best F2P Cards, as a combo attacker. Metal Coora Army’s ATK & DEF Buffs from his Passive Skill are higher with more HP, so dropping too low can be detrimental to the Card. Still, he deserves a place on the Team due to his destructive potential.

Recommended Alternates

The Team has several excellent alternates that fit the Team with easy cohesion. All the Cards on this list could have made it into the team build above.

Recommended Events

The Wicked Bloodline Team is capable of eliminating every Event in the game, but will run into issues on the long, difficult battle against the Fighting Legend: Goku Event. The Team can be used to defeat similar Events, such as Infinite Dragon Ball History, but it is not a cakewalk. The Team can also be used to defeat the Extreme Class Super Battle Road stage when assembled to include all five Extreme types.

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