First Hassan - Tier List Change Log

Tier List Change Log for January 09, 2019

The New Years period saw the release of 2 highly anticipated Servants. Both of them powerful Buster-based Servants - their initial tier placement & explanation is listed below. 

5* Servants

Placed into Tier 2: With a very timely release right after her best and biggest ally, Merlin, Musashi is clearly meant to be a premier Buster attacker. Compared to most of her Saber counterparts, Musashi does not lack damage, while still packing great utility, survivability and even solid NP and Star Generation boosts in her kit. At her best, Musashi’s damage potential is a sight to behold. Her kit ensures her  relevance for a long time without falling off, and she is one of the best Challenge Quest staples in the game. While she has some minor flaws such as being over-reliant on getting the right Brave Chains and her first skill, and her lackluster NP damage when her Buster buff is not up, Musashi’s pros heavily outweigh the cons in most Buster-centric setups. She earns a spot in Tier 2 alongside the foremost attacking Servants in the game.

Placed into Tier 4: First Hassan has a fairly one-dimensional playstyle. While his damage is certainly not poor thanks to strong steroids, a Buster centric deck and single target Noble Phantasm, his Assassin modifier and inconsistent NP and Star generation in a team setting make him less desirable compared to more self-sufficient attackers like Jack or Cleopatra. Furthermore, First Hassan offers very little to the team outside of damage, and instant kill is an extremely niche feature that is rarely ever needed. All in all, King Hassan is still a good Assassin with high damage potential, particularly in a post-Merlin world, but the value he brings to the team trails behind more well-rounded Assassins. On the other hand, the great founder shines as a great Servant for Masters who enjoy solo-ing tough challenges, or who enjoy having an insurance policy in the backline against Rider bosses. He silently warps his way into Tier 4, as if he was there all along, but he won’t be killing the competition yet.