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Article by Fred Hong
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Quick Note

  • The Spawn Bonus is not split between the 3 Spawn Bonus Craft Essences, but is instead 1 number. 
  • Therefore, make sure to accurately reflect the +bonus for the split nodes and for the pure nodes. 

Event Calculator

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Bonus CEs

BonusItem How to Obtain Event Bonus Text

Aerial Drive 5★
Event Shop (x2)

Missions 41, 83, 96 (x3)
Quest Drop (Rare)
(MLB: +100%)

Golden Wings 4★
Event Shop (x2)

Missions 16, 72, 81 (x3)
Quest Drop (Rare)
(MLB: +100%)

Nostalgic Form 3★
Event Shop (x2)

Missions 50, 77, 82 (x3)
Quest Drop (Rare)
(MLB: +100%)

Trick or Treatment 5★
Event Gacha Beam Cookie +1 (MLB: +2)

Phantom Night 4★
Event Gacha Missile Ramune +1 (MLB: +2)

From Wonderland 3★
Quest Reward (x1)
Event Gacha
Friend Point Gacha
Drill Gummy +1 (MLB: +2)
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