Okita J Souji

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Max HP 10,366
HP Rank
Max ATK 9,337
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,556Base HP1,658
Max Atk 9,337 Max HP 10,366
Lvl 100 Atk 11,305 Lvl 100 HP 12,569
Lvl 120 Atk 13,274 Lvl 120 HP 14,772
NP per Hit (%) 0.92%
NP when Attacked (%) 4%
Star Absorption 99
Star Generation per Hit 25.3%

Table of Contents

Servant Skills

Jet Tennen Rishinryu A+

Increase own Critical Strength (1 turn).
Increase own Critical Star Gather Rate (1 turn).
Remove a Defensive buff from yourself. [Demerit]

Show Info
Crit Damage + 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 100%
Star Gather + 400% 440% 480% 520% 560% 600% 640% 680% 720% 800%
CD 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4

Available from the start

Mind's Eye (J) A-

Apply Evade to self (1 turn).
Apply Sure Hit to self (1 turn).
Increase own NP Strength (3 turns).

Show Info
NP Damage + 10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%20%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

M Drive EX

Increase own Quick Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Apply delayed effect: Decrease own Defense (3 turns). Counts as a buff.
(DEF Down Turn 1 - 10%, Turn 2 - 30%, Turn 3 - 50%)

Show Info
Quick + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Makoto Drive EX

Increase own Quick Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Increase own NP Gauge.
Increase own NP Gain (3 turns).
Apply delayed effect: Decrease own Defense (3 turns). Counts as a buff.
(DEF Down Turn 1 - 10%, Turn 2 - 30%, Turn 3 - 50%)

Show Info
Quick + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
NP + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
NP Gain + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Upgrades after Rank Up 1. (Not available, ETA 7/2025)

Append Skills

Anti-Archer (ATK Up)

Deal extra Special ATK damage to [Archer] class enemies.

Show Info
Special ATK +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%

Class Skills

Entity of the Outer Realm E

Gain 2 Critical Stars per turn.
Increase your Debuff Resist by 4%.

Magic Resistance (J) C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.
Reduces your Instant Death Resistance by 10%

Presence Concealment (J) B-

Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 7.5%.
Reduces your Instant Death Resistance by 10%

Noble Phantasm

Jet Sandanzuki C

Deal damage to all enemies.
Remove Defensive Buffs from all enemies.
60% Chance to inflict Stun on self (1 turn). [Demerit]


Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turns).

Show Info/Video

Jet Sandanzuki

Jet Three-Stage Thrust

Rank Classification Hit-Count
C Anti-Personnel 3

Deal damage to all enemies.
Remove Defensive Buffs from all enemies.
60% Chance to inflict Stun on self (1 turn). [Demerit]

Level 1 2 3 4 5
600% 800% 900% 950% 1000%
Overcharge Effect

Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turns).

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
30% 35% 40% 45% 50%

Assorted Info

ID 267
Cost 12
Gender Female
Growth Reverse S
Inst. Death Chance 49.50%
Damage Distribution Quick 6,13,20,26,35
Damage Distribution Arts 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Buster 100
Damage Distribution Extra 6,13,20,26,35
Damage Distribution NP 16,33,51

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Interlude Quests

Quest Requirements Reward
Rank Up 1 (ETA: 7/2025)
Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0

Skill 3

✔ = Available ✖ = Unavailable

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 100,000
2 → 3 200,000
3 → 4 600,000
4 → 5 800,000
5 → 6 2,000,000
6 → 7 2,500,000
7 → 8 5,000,000
8 → 9 6,000,000
9 → 10 10,000,000

Append Skill Materials

1 → 2 100000
2 → 3 200000
3 → 4 600000
4 → 5 800000
5 → 6 2000000
6 → 7 2500000
7 → 8 5000000
8 → 9 6000000
9 → 10 10000000

Total Materials Required

Append Skill
Asc + Skill

Costume Dress Materials

Costume Cost Materials
April Fool's 0

Bond CE

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Pts Req. 3,500 8,500 7,000 6,000 2,500 272,500 330,000 310,000 330,000 286,000
Beyond the Blue Sky

When equipped on Okita J Souji,
Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 15% & increase Critical Strength by 15% & reduce defense by 10% [Demerit] for all allies while she is on the field.

Table of Contents


“The invincible Okita-san in a swimsuit has come!”

How long have Masters clamored for the one great Okita to appear in a swimsuit? Their prayers have been answered with an AoE Quick Assassin who not only is super daishouri, but also has a kicking jet pack to make up for her years of denied swimsuit-ism!

Okita is a great asset for raw AoE Assassin damage, having the highest damage output of any 4-star AoE options. With her M Drive EX’s huge Quick buff and Mind's Eye (J) A-’s NP damage buff, she manages to stack substantial boosts for significant damage. She’s also amazing with crits, having a one-turn Crit Steroid on Jet Tennen Rishinryu A+ which when combined with Skadi buffs can decimate an enemy on Quick crits. She’s also a potential Skadi looper thanks to her wonderful refund potential.

Unfortunately, she’s only a potential looper for one reason: a 60% chance to stun herself every time she uses her Noble Phantasm. She’s also quite squishy as her skills are designed against self-defense in favor of attack. That’s what happens when you use a jet pack to attack, of course.

Masters who are in need of an AoE Assassin would do well to get Okita. Those who are not should anyway, because Okita-san daishouri!


Noble Phantasm Damage

There are so many boosts to Okita’s damage that it’s a surprise her output isn’t higher still. She is gimped a little by the Assassin’s 0.9x damage moderator, but her damage is quite respectable with two major buffs going off at one time on her second and third skills. Even better, it lasts for three turns!

Critical Fiend

Very few Servants have a skill which can provide a 100% Crit damage up buff, but Okita does. It only lasts for a single turn, so Masters usually want to use this when the cards line up properly to maximize her damage. 

Quick Looping

Using a MLB Kaleidoscope, 2 Skadis, and a Waver, Okita can refund enough to loop for 3 turns. In practice, Masters should assume she’ll only use her Noble Phantasm on turns two and three though, because...


(Not) Quick Looping

Okita stuns herself on her Noble Phantasm 60% of the time. In practice this is more like 45% because of her passive, but it is still a pain. If any enemies survive her initial NP hit, if the stun occurs, then she will be unable to do subsequent card hits, which can at times be problematic. Although this does not affect the refund from her NP itself or her ability to NP the next turn (and rather instead affects her ability to form Brave chains / gain further refund from card hits within the same turn as her NP), in waves with two smaller enemies and a single larger enemy, this has the potential to cause issues.


Okita does have an evasion on her second skill, but the rest of her kit is the exact opposite of durable. Her third skill reduces her defense up to a whopping 50% by the third turn, making all enemies hit her like a Berserker would, and her first skill removes a defensive buff from her. She truly is a glass cannon.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Skill Priority
Jet Tennen Rishinryu A+

Increase own Critical Strength (1 turn).
Increase own Critical Star Gather Rate (1 turn).
Remove a Defensive buff from yourself. [Demerit]

Show Info
Crit Damage + 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 100%
Star Gather + 400% 440% 480% 520% 560% 600% 640% 680% 720% 800%
CD 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4
Mind's Eye (J) A-

Apply Evade to self (1 turn).
Apply Sure Hit to self (1 turn).
Increase own NP Strength (3 turns).

Show Info
NP Damage + 10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%20%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6
M Drive EX

Increase own Quick Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Apply delayed effect: Decrease own Defense (3 turns). Counts as a buff.
(DEF Down Turn 1 - 10%, Turn 2 - 30%, Turn 3 - 50%)

Show Info
Quick + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Okita’s skills are designed to make her powerful, but they come at a cost. All increase her damage output in some significant way, and Masters should prioritize leveling them according to whether they want to use her for Criticals or NP damage. 

  • Jet Tennen Rishinryu A+ grants Okita a crit burst turn, boosting her absorb up to take all the stars, and a massive 100% crit damage boost. This is great to use on turn two if she is not stunned by her own Noble Phantasm. Be aware - use defensive buffs after using this skill, as this skill removes one defensive buff on use. Masters looking to maximize her crit damage should max this skill, but those looking more for her Noble Phantasm damage can leave it at level 6. Level it first if going for Crits, and second if going for NPs.
  • Mind's Eye (J) A- is an evasion, a sure hit, and a NP damage up buff. Masters often use this in more challenging fights and save it for late turns in order to avoid enemy Noble Phantasms and gimmicks. Masters can invest material here for more damage if they wish, but for the most part this can be left at low levels and at lowest priority as the evasion and sure hit do not scale aside from cooldown.
  • M Drive EX is a giant Quick Up buff, but at the cost of defense. The defense demerit counts as a buff, so it cannot be cleansed either via mystic codes or skills. Masters will want to use this when they know Okita can take a hit or won’t get hit at all. Quick is most important for refund, so level this first and as high as one can afford.

Craft Essence Recommendation

Masters primarily want to get early Noble Phantasms out, so Starting Gauge CEs which provide some NP Gauge at battle start so she is closer to unleashing her NP are generally best. If a Master can support her, a Mixed Starting Gauge / Damage CE helps her out. If Masters are willing to give up on the idea of easily looping her NP for three turns in exchange for reliability, a Debuff Immune CE can negate her Noble Phantasm’s self stun demerit.

  • Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element / Dragon’s Meridian: Like most Servants with a damaging NP, the faster a gauge is charged the better. Giving her some starting gauge leads to earlier Noble Phantasms and more damage. 
  • Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament / Holy Night Supper / Knights of Marines: With both a Starting Gauge and damage boost, Masters can make the best of both worlds. Golden Sumo gives her the biggest boost to damage, but Holy Night Supper is great as it gives her a boost to Critical damage as well.
  • Vessel of the Saint / Lugh’s Halo: Okita’s biggest demerit is her stun on her Noble Phantasm. Vessel of the Saint will ignore that demerit for three times, effectively for her entire burst. Lugh’s Halo provides a more permanent option, increasing stun resist by 25%, but it’s no guarantee.

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release Date 8/2021
Country/Place of Origin Japan
Illustrator Takashi Takeuchi
Seiyuu (CV) Aoi Yuuki




Character Info

Look to the sky and behold the girl in a swimsuit soaring among the clouds. The mumyou's light blasting through the skies is...who, exactly?

Her name is Okita J. Souji of the Shinsengumi. This girl uses the mysterious techniques of the Jet Tennen Rishinryu, a sword style from a backwater galaxy. Apparently she flies around Vegas in her jetpack to hunt down outlaws.

"Swimsuit Okita-s...I mean, Okita J. Souji is feeling great! Can't you tell from my dynamite bod? What? You don't think the jetpack look works? Oh noooooo!"

Profile 1

Height/Weight: 158cm, 45kg
Origin: History
Region: Japan
Alignment: Neutral-Summer
Gender: Female
The mysterious Shinsengumi girl Okita J. Souji...which Shinsengumi's First Unit Captain Okita Souji is SHE?
Forget the jet equipment...what the heck does the J stand for?

Profile 2

"Jetpack User's Manual: Normal Form"
A miraculous gadget that uses Mysterious Universe technology. Super acceleration and super braking using Ether Jet propulsion enables dimensional control on a galactic level. A Kiku-ichimonji Blade, a Photon Vulcan, and Photon Missiles are its standard loadout.

"Jetpack User's Manual: Secondary Form"
A special espionage device that fully extracts her potential and performance. Various functions fit for assassination such as a stealth mode and Wolf of Mibu-style instant assassination techniques are equipped.

This is a new type of jersey-style haori costume that combines the loose-fitting wear of a jersey and the stealthy zigzag pattered black haori. The Kiku-ichimonji Blade version β is included as an interchangeable part.

Still confused after reading all that? Don't sweat it. I don't know what's going on with this either.

Oh, also, there is supposedly a wonderful and invincible summer swimsuit Okita mode that completely conceals all her equipment. This is the recommended mode when going out to play.

Profile 3

The mysterious style that's been the talk of the town this summer has enabled Okita to wear a swimsuit, where the concept of the jetpack got mixed in there somewhere too.

Her personality is no different than her normal self, but her Class has changed from Saber to Assassin. She originally had high affinity as an Assassin from the get-go, so she is able to demonstrate combat power that is neither supreme nor lacking from her Saber form.

Perhaps because she turned into an Assassin, her aspect as an unfun man-slayer is pronounced in her secondary espionage form. Her life as a man-slayer, with her relentless and indiscriminate method of killing others and her enemies fearing and looking at her with contempt, is prominent.

Profile 4

Jet Tennen Rishinryu: A+
The lone swordswoman who has mastered the lone backwater galaxy's legendary sword style, Jet Tennen Rishinryu. It's also to be said that nobody else wanted to master it. That's all just space gossip, though.

The instantaneous velocity is ranked among the top ten...or maybe top twenty within the Milky Way. At least, I want it to be in the upper ranks.

Mind's Eye (J): A-
In addition to her instinctual sixth sense for evading danger and her natural inclination to detect it as well, her jetpack OS, called the MIBURO System, enables her to predict the immediate future, transmitting that information directly to her brain. But since she is an intuitive-type man-slayer, the whole thing can be kind of a hindrance sometimes.

M Drive: EX
A mysterious engine included in the operating system that simulates all types of battles against various outlaw ronin and anti-shogunate space rebels. While it's possible to draw out power that surpasses her body's ability whenever she goes into overdrive, it would cause her body to be dangerously vulnerable to collapse because of the extreme strain.

Profile 5

[Jet Sandanzuki]
Rank: C
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 - 22
Maximum Target: 15

The miraculous single hit emitted by over-boosting the super MAKOTO DRIVE engine installed in the jetpack.
Extreme jet acceleration beyond the physical limitations of any person causes the three-stage thrust to execute at sublight speed, which results in its velocity consuming the surrounding air and induces an outrageous power output that swallows up and annihilates the target's surroundings, despite it being a single target attack.
Due to the over-the-limit load it puts on the user, it can cause incapacitation at random.

[Makoto In Summer Flag]
Rank: C-
NP Type: Anti-Army
Range: 1 - 50
Maximum Target: 1 - 200

The lighthearted version of Saber Okita Souji's Noble Phantasm.
In order to exterminate the outlaw ronin rampaging amidst the summer sea, numerous warriors from the Shinsengumi, who all have the wrong idea, are summoned.
The basis for this Noble Phantasm can only be used by a Saber-class, and so the Assassin-class Okita cannot use this.
So when CAN this Noble Phantasm be used, then?

Profile 6

Allow me to explain! With her long-awaited swimsuit dreams finally coming true, Okita was excitedly running through the hallways when she accidentally collides galaxies with Heroine XX. Poor Ms. Okita then died...(but not really).

Oh no! An accident with an indigenous local...and even death!? This is definitely going to affect my approval for a bonus!!! In a panic, Ms. XX hastily built a life support device (really a jetpack) using parts she had on-hand, and as a result, a mysterious Shinsengumi girl was born. But in actuality, Okita was just unconscious, and inadvertently had the Servant Universe's mysterious technology installed to be reborn as a futuristic Shinsengumi warrior, all because XX goofed up.

Thanks to the life support device, her Weak Constitution skill was removed for a limited time, and as the device theoretically runs for over eight hundred years it enables her to have a super healthy body. However, Okita erroneously believed she had only three days left to live.

The sight of her running freely under the bright blue sky is, to a girl who was welcomed by the soft warm sun to disappear within the tumultuous age in which she lived, but a precious summer dream.

Of course, the turmoil and rift in space and time XX caused is only an enchantment that lasts but the duration of summer, and everything goes back to normal as soon as summer ends. Hey, that's good news, Okita.

(Narrated by Ms. R, making a cameo appearance)

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1 A single cherry blossom fluttering along the beach...Okita Souji, heading out!
Battle Start 2 Jetpack's on standby! Okita J. Souji, going out!
Battle Start 3 The wonderful swimsuit Okita has arrived!
Battle Start 4 The cherry blossoms in all their glory...will this one flourish or have they scattered?
Skill 1 It's okay... I can do this!
Skill 2 Fnnn, fufufuuunnn♪
Skill 3 Okita's in her best form!
Command Card 1 Okay!
Command Card 2 Heading out!
Command Card 3 This is exciting!
Command Card 4 There it is!
Noble Phantasm Card 1 Take a look at my dazzling swimsuit!
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Leave it to Okita!
Noble Phantasm Card 3 My jet's not working... No, I can still go!
Attack 1 Hah!
Attack 2 Jet!
Attack 3 Found an opening!
Attack 4 Photon missile, triple attack!
Attack 5 Slowly, please!
Attack 6 Ouch! Ack! Hyah! Ow ow ow...
Extra Attack 1 Deadly blow!
Okita's attack!!!
Extra Attack 2 I'll cut that thread of life!
Fluorescent blade!
Extra Attack 3 Got you!
Noble Phantasm 1 My body... Please hold together!
Makoto Drive...FULL BURST!
Jet Sandanzuki!
Noble Phantasm 2 Swift, as in supersonic!
Mumyou, as in a slash!
Trinity, as in my special move!
My deadly blow! Jet Sandanzuki!!!
Noble Phantasm 3 I'm mad now!
Okita's not going to stop now!
Dazzle under the summer sky!
Jet Sandanzuki!!!
...Er, I haven't died just yet.
Damage 1 Ow ow ow!!! That one actually hurt!
Damage 2 Ouch!
Incapacitated 1 I guess wearing something I'm not used still good!
Incapacitated 2 The blossoms what's happened...
Incapacitated 3 Even Okita has...reached...her limit...
Incapacitated 4 Even if I'm defeated, the second and third new Okita will─(gurgle)
Victory 1 Victory for Swimsuit Okita! Did you see Okita's great performance, Master!? Yes, even my body's in its best condition ever!
Victory 2 My Jet Tennen Rishinryu is the invincible, strongest blade that combines jets with Tennen Rishinryu! I'm going to leave out the details, though!
Victory 3 Eh? Where did the jet come out from, you ask? Wh-what are you talking about?
I'm not using any jets.
Level up 1 Swimsuit Okita has leveled up! That's right!
Level up 2 The wonderful Okita has become even more wonderful with a swimsuit!
Level up 3 My jet's output has improved! Go, go!
Ascension 1 I've reequipped myself with custom jetpack type II. Kiku-ichimonji Blade, β version, loaded.
Master, your orders, please. I will accomplish them all, no matter what type of job it is.
Huh? I seem different?
Well, I'm always like this when I do incognito operations.
Ascension 2 This haori?
This is my jersey haori used when I do incognito operations.
It's a completely new type of costume that combines the casual wear of the jersey and the covert nature of the striped black haori.
...I like it, if I say so myself.
Ascension 3 What do you think, Master? I changed into a normal swimsuit.
...Uh, I really don't know how to say this, but if you have a moment to spare, would you take a walk on the beach with me?
Eh? What happened to my jetpack, you ask?
Please rest assured. I used jet camouflage to conceal it.
Ascension 4 What's wrong? Is there something strange about me in a swimsuit?
...Well, I am a man-slayer originally, so I can't look too glamorous and pretty.
Eh? You want to be next to me? Oh...y-yes sure...
Thank you, Master. The summer I spent with Master will be a priceless memory for me.
Tee hee...the sea wind feels nice, Master.
Bond Level 1 Actually, being an Assassin comes naturally to me, since I did some work of that sort during my Shinsengumi days.
It seems slashing and killing others without making a sound was my forte.
Bond Level 2 To be honest, sneaking around was a bit of a drag, so I would rush right to the front to slice my target, when it came to jobs like that.
Though Mr. Hijikata usually gave me hell later.
Well, I've never once failed, so my punishment turned out to be pretty lame.
Bond Level 3 By the way, what do you think of me in a swimsuit, Master?
I'd like you to give me an honest opinion... Do I look good in it? Er, um, I don't really know how to ask such a question...
Ahhh! Never mind! Forget about it! Sorry about that!
Bond Level 4 What's wrong, Master? Go on...please take a leisurely stroll along the beach.
Leave the escorting to me, the invincible and wonderful Swimsuit Okita.
I'll cut down any lawless person who comes near Master...
Eh? No need for that, so we should just take a walk together? Holding hands?
Eh? Oh...y-yes!
If you don't mind it being me, then I shall gladly accommodate!
Bond Level 5 Even though I'm in a swimsuit, the Assassin-class me is scary.
The Okita of the Shinsengumi was said to be an incorrigible person who cut up others recklessly...
I'm not scary?
I-I's silly, right? After all, I'm Okita, the wonderful genius pretty girl swimsuit swordswoman!
...Thank you, Master.
Conversation 1 Master, the weather's nice, so would you like to go out together?
I found a nice teahouse on the beach.
Or maybe we can just head out to the sky.
Conversation 2 I don't really understand the Master and Servant relationship, and I don't think I'm fit for that, really.
After all, back in the day, I casually talked to Mr. Kondou, and I was scolded by Mr. Hijikata that I was setting a bad example to the soldiers.
Conversation 3 My sword exists for you, Master, so go ahead and ask me to do anything.
Eh? Cleaning your room and cooking food?
U-uh, please assign those tasks to others...
No! I can do it! There is nothing the genius pretty girl swimsuit swordswoman Okita can't do!
Conversation 4 (Oda Nobunaga, Oda Nobunaga (Berserker)) Victory for Swimsuit Okita! Take a look, Nobbu! Look at my swimsuit!
Do you see that this is a special jet swimsuit, fitting for the wonderful and invincible Okita!?
That super lame t-shirt that Nobbu wears has nothing on mine!
Eh? Putting a jet on is totally last decade, you say?
No, no, no! Combining the jet and Tennen Rishinryu is obviously a new and hip style!
Conversation 5 (Mysterious Heroine XX) Oh, I found you, Double X!
So how do I remove this jetpack...
It can't be removed...?
B-but! I can't even go through the turnstile at stations with this!
Eh? It might come off if I'm a good girl and have a healthy lifestyle?
You can't fool me, I'm not like Alter!
Ah! She's running away! Don't you dare think you can outrun my jets!
Conversation 6 (Sakamoto Ryouma) Oh, Sakamoto. And Oryou's with you too.
Eh? This swimsuit? What do you think? Nice, isn't it?
Oh...Oryou wants to wear one too?
You say that so casually, but you have no idea how long it took me to get a swimsuit of my own... Wait, you want me to give you MY swimsuit!?
Ahhh! Please don't pull at it!
Sakamoto, don't just stand there, stop her! Kyaaah!!!
Conversation 7 (Okita Souji (Alter)) I had no idea how things would turn out once Alter appeared, but the original Okita is the tried and true one. There's no time to be bothered with Alter...and by the way, what do you think of this swimsuit?
I'm sure you can appreciate its greatness, since you're my Alter and all!
Eh? You want to wear it too!? Listen, it took a LOT of work over a LONG time to get to wear one of these babies!
Conversation 8 (Nagao Kagetora) Kagetora, you saved my neck during that past event.
This outfit, you ask?
Heh...I'm glad you asked this, Echigo's God of War.
This is called a swimsuit, and only chosen Servants are bestowed with this great and honorable outfit.
Eh? It looks flimsy as a suit of armor!?
I...I didn't think I'd get such a serious response from Bishamonten!
Conversation 9 (Okada Izo) Ah, Da-Oka. What's with that face?
Huh? Don't go walking around looking like a fool, you say!?
What the...!? I would understand if I still had my jetpack, but I can't believe you would say such a thing commenting on this all-too-wonderful swimsuit!
Besides, I noticed that you've been acting all hotheaded, calling yourself a genius swordsman, but the Bakumatsu's strongest and genius pretty girl swordswoman is me, Okita!
The pretty girl title definitely sets me apart from you four infamous man-slayers!
Conversation 10 (Demon King Nobunaga) Demon King Nobunaga... I don't know about her... She's too cool even for Nobbu.
And the fact that she has a really nice body ticks me off too...
And I also can't get used to the manly Nobbu that pops out at times, either.
Though, they're all obviously still Nobbus among Nobbus. That's for sure!
Likes What I like?
Let's see... I suppose the summer sea would lead me to like curry and shaved ice.
Grilled corn by the sea also gets me excited!
...Now that we talked about food, I'm getting hungry.
Master, let's go and eat them together!
Dislikes What I dislike?
Hmmm, I don't have anything of that sort, but a certain demon king who was boasting about her swimsuit was my sworn enemy until recently.
Yes, it's true.
But with the appearance of Swimsuit Okita claiming a victory this summer, my hatred has gone!
About the Holy Grail The Holy Grail...
I feel like my wish has already been granted...
Oh, and I wanted to cure my sickliness, but for some reason I've been feeling really good whenever I'm in my swimsuit.
I suppose there's no point in using the Holy Grail now...which seems strange.
I guess that's yet another enchantment cast by summer.
During an Event Master! I believe a fun event is happening right now!
Now stop dawdling, and let's go out together!
As long as Swimsuit Okita's around, we're sure to get great, great, great victory no matter what event it is!
Birthday Happy birthday, Master!
I've specially prepared a jetpack set for Master, and I'm prepared to pass on this book containing the secrets of the Jet Tennen Rishinryu...
My thoughts are enough?
No, you don't understand how amazing this is!
Oh, hold up, Master!
Summon Thank you for your patience, Master!
The invincible swimsuit Okita finally makes her appearance!
With my deadly Jet Tennen Rishinryu, I'll be the talk of the beach!
Now come on, let's soar into the great summer sky together!
Shinsengumi IN THE SKY!
Battle Start 1 (Asc 1/2) Witness my swift dimension jet killing techniques!
Battle Start 2 (Asc 1/2) My sword knows no bound, and reaches no end... I will cut down and kill anyone.
Battle Start 3 (Asc 1/2) Target sighted. Proceeding to strike and clear.
Battle Start 4 (Asc 1/2) Would you be able to see through my Jet Tennen Rishinryu blade?
Skill 1 (Asc 1/2)'s more of a burden than expected...
Skill 2 (Asc 1/2) ...Slice them up.
Skill 3 (Asc 1/2) Activating M Drive...
Command Card 1 (Asc 1/2) Understood.
Command Card 2 (Asc 1/2) Leave it to me!
Command Card 3 (Asc 1/2) Brace yourself!
Noble Phantasm Card 1 (Asc 1/2) Target acquired. Proceeding to strike and clear.
Noble Phantasm Card 2 (Asc 1/2) Please wait. I'll take care of them in one sweep.
Noble Phantasm Card 3 (Asc 1/2) Witness the essence of the Jet Tennen Rishinryu!
Attack 1 (Asc 1/2) Fuh!
Attack 2 (Asc 1/2) You're not going anywhere!
Attack 3 (Asc 1/2) Fall!
Attack 4 (Asc 1/2) I'll disorient them!
Attack 5 (Asc 1/2) Too slow!
Attack 6 (Asc 1/2) I can't...control... What!? Wh-what a blunder...
Extra Attack 1 (Asc 1/2) M Drive Overload!
Extra Attack 2 (Asc 1/2) Glimmer into the azure sky!
Kiku-ichimonji Blaaade!
Extra Attack 3 (Asc 1/2) Okita J. Souji Craaash!
Noble Phantasm 1 (Asc 1/2) The impermanent light that glimmers at dawn...
Now's the time I use all my power to...
Azure Sandanzuki!!!
Noble Phantasm 2 (Asc 1/2) Together, with the single word of makoto!
That's is the time!
Pierce through!
Azure Sandanzuki!!!
Noble Phantasm 3 (Asc 1/2) This is my last shred of strength!
I'll have no regret even if this body perishes!
Charge toward the void!
Azure Sandanzuki!!!
...Goodbye, Master.
Damage 1 Not yet...I can't end here...cough!!!
Damage 2 Ugh!
Incapacitated 1 (Asc 1/2) P-please move, my body...!
Incapacitated 2 (Asc 1/2) Cherry blossoms scatter... But...not yet...!
Incapacitated 3 (Asc 1/2) I'm sorry, Master...
Incapacitated 4 (Asc 1/2) Even if I'm defeated, the second and third new Okita will─(gurgle)
Victory 1 (Asc 1/2) I wonder how far the azure sky stretches... No, never mind. Let's keep going, Master.
Victory 2 (Asc 1/2) You underestimated me because I'm in a swimsuit. Know that my blade's edge will never dull.
Victory 3 (Asc 1/2) Hmmm, this jetpack makes a funny noise sometimes... Do you think it's all right?
Level up 1 (Asc 1/2) Thank you very much, Master. My jetpack's in good condition too.
Level up 2 (Asc 1/2) Yes, my body's in tip-top shape...thank you for being so considerate.
Bond Level 1 (Asc 1/2) It's fine to have high hopes for me, since being an Assassin is very much in my wheelhouse.
I'll approach my targets without a sound and kill them without a sound. With my jet.
Bond Level 2 (Asc 1/2) Eh? What is this jet, you ask?
It's the miracle gadget that is the foundation of the Jet Tennen Rishinryu, the strongest school of the Bakumatsu. Don't tell me you've never heard about it.
Oh what a shame...
Though I don't really know much about it, either.
Bond Level 3 (Asc 1/2) By the way, the J in Okita J. Souji stands for "Jet." It's not "Japan" nor "Journey."
...By the way, what does "journey" mean anyway? Is it something like an aimless trip or something?
...I see. Maybe it can stand for journey, too.
Bond Level 4 (Asc 1/2) When I'm with you, Master, I seem to loosen up a bit.
At this rate, this might affect my incognito operations...
What? My face is red?
That's impossible.
After all, I'm supposed to be this coldhearted man-slayer from the Shinsengumi, an intimidating person who could quiet even a crying child...
Bond Level 5 (Asc 1/2) I feel like I can go anywhere whenever I fly through the skies, and it calms me.
It's a feat unthinkable if it was the past me.
...Yes, I will fight alongside Master anywhere and to the very end. That is my wish.
I hope you continue to take good care of me, Master.
Conversation 1 (Asc 1/2) An inside job?
Understood. Jetpack going on standby.
Then let's head out. Off to the battling skies!
Conversation 2 (Asc 1/2) I am Master's sword, so I will cut anybody and anything down as long as you order it.
Ideals and conviction are all powerless if they're up against my sword.
Conversation 3 (Asc 1/2) By the way, I believe you and I are rumored to be the dual invincible leaders of Restoration on the beach... What do you think about that?
Eh? If you stare at me so intently like that, it's embarrassing and
Gotta jet!
Conversation 4 (Oda Nobunaga) (Asc 1/2) What is it, Archer?
What? Why am I so serious?
Huh? No, I'm not sick or anything.
I'm always like this when I'm on assignment. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do.
...Phew. It was going to be a pain if she started questioning my attachments.
Conversation 5 (Mysterious Heroine XX) (Asc 1/2) This rectangular sword?
This is Kiku-ichimonji, β version.
Thanks to XX's mysterious parts, it has the triple sharpness compared to my normal Kiku-ichimonji...maybe even ten times sharper.
...Sorry, I may have embellished it a bit much.
Conversation 6 (Hijikata Toshizo) (Asc 1/2) Mr. Hijikata... That's right, I had one of my old haori altered to make it a new outfit.
I always wore that black haori whenever I did any dirty work.
Eh? I'm not as scary when I'm in this form?
What a strange thing to say, Mr. Hijikata. It makes it sound like my normal self is more scary.
Conversation 7 (Mori Nagayoshi) (Asc 1/2) Oh, it's you, Nagayoshi.
Now that I look closer, that mechlike armor of yours resembles my jetpack a bit.
Huh? Don't lump your armor in with my ugly jets? I can't believe you would say such a thing. That bucket helmet is just a piece of metal, too.
What is it? If you want to complain, want to fight?
Very well! Step out into the skies!
Conversation 8 (Chacha) (Asc 1/2) Chacha... I'm not saying not to, but I don't appreciate you riding me so you can use my jets to get to the cafeteria...
You can't help but to ride me because it's so cool...?
Th-then I have no choice, do I? At this rate, I'll take you to the shops or anywhere else you want to go!
Conversation 9 (Li Shuwen (Assassin)) (Asc 1/2) Master Shuwen, what is the matter?
Hm? It looks like I'm getting dragged by the jet and I'm more vulnerable at my feet now?
...What amazing perception, O Lancer-who's-probably-stronger-without-a-spear... Oh, you're an Assassin now.
But battling with so much risk at hand and its incomprehensible super acceleration is the true essence of Jet Tennen Rishinryu!
Likes (Asc 1/2) What I like?
It's probably flying through the air with this body.
I wasn't so sure at first, but once I flew off into the vast sky, I started to see the world in a whole different light...I don't know how to accurately describe it...
What do you say, Master...would you like to fly through the skies with me while I carry you?
Dislikes (Asc 1/2) What I dislike?
Let's see...I will not tolerate any lawless person who ruins everyone's summer vacation.
I especially cannot stand that wacky person dancing to Atsumori while she swings around that guitar-looking weapon.
Oh? She's at the beach right now?
I'm going to jet over and cut her down.
About the Holy Grail (Asc 1/2) The Holy Grail...
I was hoping that it could turn my body back to normal, but it seems like that wish can't be granted.
The only thing left for me is to incorporate the Holy Grail to gain new jet powers to become Okita Galaxy Souji who tears through the galaxy...
No more of that?
I-I see...
During an Event (Asc 1/2) An event? Understood.
No matter what job it is, I will not fall short in wielding this sword and jet if it's for you, Master!
Now hold on tight. We'll jet right to it!
Birthday (Asc 1/2) Today's Master's birthday?
As you can see, I'm just a man-slayer, so I may not be able to provide an appropriate gift, but how about this:
How about a trip through the skies while I carry you?

Valentine's CE


Limited - Can only be summoned during certain events

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