A Mythical Discovery - Catching Mew in Pokemon Go

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Simultaneously famous and obscure, Mew is the original Mythical Pokemon. It's a pure Psychic Type Pokemon with a massive pool of moves that it can draw from, and it's obtainable in Pokemon Go via the A Mythical Discovery Special Research line.

This research line unlocks after reaching Level 15, and is not particularly difficult to clear.

Arguably, the hardest task to complete is in Step 7 with the Gold Kanto Medal, which becomes a bit harder to garner with every new generation added to the game as the pool dilutes. Fortunately, Kanto-based Pokemon show up fairly frequently in many events, so it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility that many players will already have it before reaching this step.

Another task that many get hung up on is the Step 5 requirement to Catch a Ditto, which can be a definite challenge for many. Take a look at Ditto's Pokemon Page to see what it can currently transform into in the wild.

Step 5 requires players to evolve a Magikarp, which can also be a challenge for many. Your best option here is to search out a Water biome near a lake or river in your area and get ready to throw as many Pinap Berries as possible.

Event Research

A Mythical Discovery

Step 1

Task Reward
Spin 5 PokeStops.
Catch 10 Pokemon.
Transfer 5 Pokemon.

Step 2

Task Reward
Earn 2 candies with your buddy
Make 10 Great Throws
Hatch 3 eggs

Step 3

Task Reward
Reach Level 15
Battle 2 Gyms
Battle 2 Raids

Step 4

Task Reward
Earn Silver Kanto Medal
Earn 5 Candies from Buddy
Evolve 20 Pokemon

Step 5

Task Reward
Catch a Ditto.
Make 20 Great throws.
Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon.

Step 6

Task Reward
Evolve a Magikarp.
Battle in 10 raids.
Reach level 25.

Step 7

Task Reward
Catch 50 Pokemon using Berries
Make 1 excellent curve throw.
Obtain the Gold Kanto badge