A Thousand-Year Slumber - Catching Jirachi in Pokemon Go

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Dubbed the Wish Maker, Jirachi is a Steel and Psychic Type Mythical Pokemon, and it's obtainable in Pokemon Go via the A Thousand-Year Slumber Special Research line. Originating in the Hoenn region, this is a Pokemon frequently associated with the Stars, and is among the more popular Mythical Pokemon in the series as a whole.

This research line unlocks after reaching Step 6 in the A Ripple in Time Research Line.

Honestly, the requirements for the individual steps aren't extremely hard, with the primary exceptions of the standard Gold Hoenn Medal at step 2, and possibly the requirement to evolve a Feebas at the same step. Those aside, the requirement of catching 3 Whismer at step 2, winning 7 times in the Go Battle League at step 5 and needing to spin Pokestops or Gyms for 7 days at step 6 can be annoying depending on your situation.

Regardless, this isn't a terribly research line comparatively speaking.

Event Research

A Thousand-Year Slumber

Step 1

Task Reward
Catch 25 Pokemon
Spin 10 Pokestops or Gyms
Max CP: 310
Make 3 New Friends
Max CP: 117

Step 2

Task Reward
Catch 3 Whismur
Evolve a Feebas
Earn the Gold Hoenn Medal

Step 3

Task Reward
Take a Snapshot of Loudred
Max CP: 1,382
Make 3 Great Throws in a Row
Earn 3 Candies Walking your Buddy

Step 4

Task Reward
Catch 50 Psychic or Steel Type Pokemon
Power Up Pokemon 10 Times
Send 10 Gifts to Friends

Step 5

Task Reward
Battle a Team Rocket Leader 3 Times
Max CP: 708
Win against Another Trainer 7 Times
Win 5 Raids

Step 6

Task Reward
Take 5 Snapshots of Steel or Psychic Type Pokemon
Max CP: 968
Make 3 Excellent Curveball Throws
Max CP: 959
Spin Pokestops 7 Days in a Row

Step 7

Task Reward
Claim Reward
Claim Reward
Claim Reward