Top Tier Future Saga Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

The best Guest option for this Team would be another TEQ Trunks, as he’s an amazing Card, and possesses the proper Future Saga Leader Skill. Another great option is PHY Future Gohan, who can be a leader because this is a pure Future Saga Team, and he also provides a top-notch Leader Skill for the category.


The Future Saga Team possesses a mix of Cards that are fantastic on many other categories, with a mix of Super and Extreme Cards. 

The Super rotation includes the TEQ Trunks Leader, as well as PHY Future Gohan. TEQ Trunks is an extremely good Card, with both Offensive and Defensive capabilities. He has an extremely good Passive Skill and can transform into a ridiculously strong nuker upon using his Active Skill. Future Gohan is a very well-rounded Card, with an unconditional 100% ATK Buffing Passive Skill, and Defensive Skills that get better as the fight goes on and when the Team loses HP. Together, they share 25% in ATK Link Skills, and enough Ki to almost guarantee a Super ATK from both Cards.

On the other rotation, the pair of STR Rosé and AGL Zamasu are a force to be reckoned with. AGL Zamasu dishes out loads of Damage, getting stronger each time he transforms. He also Heals every time HP falls below a certain threshold, which can be very useful. STR Rose does an excellent job supporting Zamasu’s Ki, ATK, and DEF while also dealing tons of  Damage. This, as well as strong Link Skills like “Big Bad Bosses”, the give these two tons of viability.

LR TEQ Goku Black & Zamasu are an outstanding addition to any Team they fall on, and Future Saga is no exception. They are also Offensively and Defensively powerful with HP Recovery to boot. They share Link Skills with both Super and Extreme rotations, making them flexible floaters for any Team. PHY Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) is a great support, providing Team Ki, ATK & DEF Buffs. Since the leader, TEQ Trunks, is a Vegeta’s Family Card as well, the second half of PHY Trunks’ Passive Skill activates, giving him a large ATK and DEF Boost in addition to his supporting role.

Recommended Alternates

Recommended Events

The Future Saga Team is an extremely strong Team that is capable of wiping low to moderately difficult events with ease. They can also take down the most formidable Enemies in the most furious battles the game has to offer when it is built properly for those events. The Fighting Legend: Goku event and Future Saga Super Battle Road stages crumble against this Team.

This team performs particularly well against the Extreme Z-Battle for UR Surpassing All - Perfect Cell (E. TEQ), where Future Saga Cards are extra effective.

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