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Super Saiyan Gogeta is the only proper leader to run this category. The Supreme Warrior - Super Gogeta is the only other Card that can support a Leader Skill for the whole Team, while receiving Super Saiyan Gogeta’s Leader Skill as well.


This Movie Heroes Team build will be able to crush most of the game’s content, and can be used in a few different ways to achieve victory. 

On one rotation, any combination of the three Gogeta Cards will do extremely well together. AGL Super Saiyan Gogeta and STR Super Gogeta Link the best with each other and can guarantee two Super ATKs between them, but PHY Super Gogeta is among the best LR Cards, and his value can’t be overstated. 

The best duo for the other main rotation is TEQ Gohan & Goten and PHY Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen). TEQ Gohan & Goten is among the best Cards in the game, and their best Linking buddy in the category is PHY Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen). Gohan provides a whopping Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +40% in their Passive Skill alone, and even more Ki and ATK from Link Skills. The combination of these two Cards together will generate insane amounts of Damage, although PHY Gohan can’t defend as well as other Cards when hit by a strong. 

AGL Super Saiyan 3 Goku falls into a floater position, but both of the main rotations will be able to supply him with Ki to ensure that he can land a Super ATK when he shows up.

Recommended Alternates

Movie Heroes is a category with several fantastic stand-ins, who can perform roles that benefit themselves and the Team.

Recommended Events

This Team excels in every Dokkan Event and Quest available in the game right now, but will meet some challenges when attempting the Fighting Legend: Goku event. By making a Team with all five Super types, this category is able to defeat the Super Class Super Battle Road, making it one of the best Teams in the game right now.

Movie Heroes category also performs exceptionally well against the event Extreme Z-Battle: Saiyan Outcast Broly, where the enemy is particularly weak to Movie Heroes category allies.

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