The Great Fool of Owari



ID 42
Rarity 5★
Illustrator Namie


Increase Critical Strength against [Divine] trait enemies by 30% when attacking with the engraved card.

Acquisition Method

Available for a limited time from the GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021 Event.


"A human life spans but fifty years; set against life in the heavens, it is but a illusion.

There you have it. This encompasses everything that is destined to perish, and even though I perished within the roaring flame, some twist of fate, or maybe even karma, has led to me getting drawn into an event like this.

Don't fret. I can't help it if the times cry out for me. Time to destroy all three realms of existence.

For I am Oda Nobunaga, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven!"

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