ID 72
Rarity 3★
Illustrator ---


Increase Critical Strength by 5% when attacking with the engraved card. Gain 1 Critical Star when attacking with the engraved card.

Acquisition Method

Obtained from the GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku Event.


A certain Heroic Spirit's subconscious that was actualized into existence after the Holy Grail went berserk... At least that's the general understanding, but this thing can grow or turn into a robot and there don't seem to be any rules about when it can do so. This may be because they're really into updating their form every year. There was even one season when their voices changed too. The details are...fuzzy.

Contrary to their appearance, they are actually quite strong in battle, and their behavior in combat can be quite relentless. They're also totally not cute...

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