FGO US Tour - Interview with Albert Kao

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Special thanks to /u/Graveweaver for being our special guest Press member, and /u/Cassadyamore for the wonderful Albert avatar!


Alrighty! So, first, very good job today up on the stage! You did a good keeping them entertained during the lulls and the downtimes.

Thank you! Thank you.

So we’ve just got some questions, and if you don’t want to answer the question, you can just say “Pass, can’t answer that”.

All right!


Gacha Luck

Do you have any tips for people wanting to work in game localization?

Okay.. First of all, learn a second language. *laughs*

Very useful, yes.

Another is that I started out in QA. So [there's] a lot of people, I think, that thought of QA as like, “It’s a low job, I don’t want to do it”, but the benefit of working on QA is that you get to see every aspect of the game development. And that kind of preps you with a basic understanding of the game development cycle.

Another one is that if you have any translation experience, like a freelance job or doing subtitling for somebody, all of that becomes good experience. And when it all added up together, it just happened that, uh, I ended up working in game localization.

So to prep for that, definitely have some game development experience, have some translation work experience, and you’ll be on your way.

How has working on such an active mobile game improved your own skills?

Well, I’m not sure if it’s .. mobile games, or.. First of all, working on mobile games means constant updates. It’s not like a console where you maybe have the main game, a few DLCs, you have a few quality of life changes here and there. Mobile games constantly update.

However, that doesn’t give you the freedom to say “I can just mess up my work today, and we can fix it tomorrow anyway.” It really isn’t like that. It’s kind of.. in a sense, you don’t want to have that many updates. I always try to put out the best I can, the first time around. If there’s stuff unfortunately we might have to fix, obviously we try to fix it.

It’s a really… How to say this. You have to be mindful of the schedule. It’s flexible, and then there’s multiple updates coming so you have to see far down.. You have to see far ahead when it comes to planning so you know that, “For this project I’m just gonna take a week or two more”, and that might actually lead to a couple weeks delay. It’s kind of like a butterfly effect, it ripples like that.

It kind of makes me want to make sure I can put out the best I can, so I don’t waste the resources and waste the time doing additional updates, and you know, I do learn to plan better. Working at Aniplex does make my Japanese better, so there’s also that.

Ok, yeah! That works.

FGO Materials

Will the FGO Materials books be translated and sold stateside, do you know?

That, I don’t have a definite answer for. I am not sure. It would be nice, but I can’t say anything right now.

Ok, no problem at all!

Favorite Characters

JP had a slideshow on the most popular Grailed Servants and the like on their Chaldean Broadcast livestreams. Will we be getting any of those statistics announced in NA?

We can definitely get those statistics, those aren’t like locked away from us. Maybe during one of the stops at the Tour, it can be an interesting piece of information to see. Or we can maybe do it at the Anniversary Event, like, "Hey, you know it’s been two years, here’s these kinds of stats." And then we can maybe even from that see different behavior patterns between JP and USA.

Yeah, that’d be really interesting! I’d like to see that stuff.

Is there a particular historical figure you’d love to see introduced into the series?

Historical figure, I’m not sure…

Or mythological, just anything.

I do want to see Manaka, from Fate/ Prototype end up in FGO. I don’t know however shape or form she’s gonna turn out, but you know, with Arthur giving us so much of a hint… You know, it’d be interesting to see.

Is Manaka a favorite of yours or you just wanna see?

No, I just want to see! I just want to see how crazy Manaka will get.

*laughing* That’s a noble reason.

For you personally, what Servant took the greatest toll on your Quartz and is it still Gilgamesh?

Still Gilgamesh.

Now if we’re talking US/JP combined… NA I have Gilgamesh at NP3, and then JP I have him at NP5, so… with those combined… sometimes I’ll think back like, “What have I done to myself!"

Wow, that’s a lot. Is there a second place at all or is that just so far back?

This might become a bit of a spoiler, but for JP, (Spoiler: Summer BB). I got her to NP3.

Wow. I tried to get them and gave up very quickly.

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