FGO US Tour Panel Part 1

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It's so early in the morning! There's some of you who have been here since like, what, 6?

Narrator: **Albert looks around and points**

There's that one! Okay!

Welcome, welcome, welcome… to the Anime Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Bablyonia Special Panel!

I was in the back when everyone was watching that trailer and we were rolling to Chapter 7 and everyone was like, "Ahhh!"

**Albert wildly waves both hands**

So welcome! Before anything else, some rules - I have to!

Please, no photography or recording during the panel! No video! So yesterday, I saw some guys like… don't. Be courteous! Also today, I received a special message from Ms. Kana Ueda.

"Everyone, thank you for coming to FGO USA Tour 2019. I'm Kana Ueda, the voice of Ishtar. Due to my health, I'm unable to meet and greet everyone there. I will continue to focus on my recovery, but once I'm ready, I'll fly over and see you all soon."

**crowd applause**

We'll try to bring her here.


Special Guest Summon: Satoshi Tsuruoka

Narrator: **Summoning music**

Gilles caster summoning dialogue in JP

Mr. Tsuruoka. First, introduce yourself!

Ohayou Gozaimasu! Good morning!

I'm Tsuruoka Satoshi, let's have fun!

That was live by the way - we didn't play that from the game! A live dubbing of that line! Now please, have a seat! So we have a guest here! We've got to dig deeper right? I have here…

**waves sheet**

…a list of questions! I hope our guests are ready to answer them! So first of all:

Tsuruoka-san, welcome! You've been here since last night, a couple days already. How was your stay in LA so far?

Last night, I don't remember how big… but I had a big piece of meat! I don't know how many ounces, but it was enough to make me satisfied and I just completely enjoyed everything. *smiles*

*Applause from audience*

Tsurouka-san - you were here last night for the pre-show night… who else was here pre-show night?!

**looks to crowd**

**cheering and waving from crowd**

So what did you think of the pre-show night?

So even though it was a pre-show night, I heard somewhere that over a thousand people attended and that's amazing. It made me more nervous actually, but as I'm spending more time at this panel, I got more relaxed. So at the end, when I saw everybody in smiles and happy, so that made me very happy.


Now, before we get into the anime talk, let's talk more about FGO! Tsuruoka-san, you play FGO yourself too, as a master! Is there any special way you're enjoying FGO?

As many of you know, I play the JP version of FGO. It's a little more ahead story wise than North America. But for myself, I'm not really up to date on all the latest events.

So my other voice actor and actress friends also play the game and they are more up to date or playing the very latest. For me though, the way to enjoy the game is to do it at a leisurely pace and at my own pace. So that's how I do it.

I do have a personal question that's off-script - is that okay?

Please go ahead.

Who's the first Servant you grailed to 100?

**Audience gasping, oohing and aahing**

**Laughs** Saber no Gilles.

If everybody's okay with it, start calling me Gilles Lily.

Miss Ayako Kawasumi actually gave me that name! So please call me it!

On that note, with the help of a level 100 Gilles de Rais Saber, we've saved humanity. So congratulations!

**Audience applause**

So when it comes to Part 1, is there any story you'd like to share with us regarding Part 1 of FGO?

So my relationship with Fate started with Zero and I play, obviously, the voice of Gilles de Rais. In Part 1 in Orleans, I had so many thoughts going into it because it was Gilles de Rais and Jeanne d'Arc.

Because I play it, there might be a special spot in my heart because I play Gilles, but I wanted to know how other people were affected by this relationship or the story between Gilles and Jeanne.

I hope everybody enjoyed it, and enjoyed that storyline as much as I have.

Thank you. Now, other than Gilles, we also know that in FGO's Chapter 6, there’s one character that Tsuruoka-san plays a big part in. Arash. Now, when it comes to Arash in Chapter 6, what do you remember from that? Is there any story you’d like to share with us?

I’m sure everybody here is more knowledgeable than I am.

Obviously it was the part where when he stopped that one decisive blow, that was the part that really got to me. That was the best for me of what Arash did.

That one defense was a decisive part on his end, but I’m sure everyone in their normal gameplay uses that move all the time.

Arash, rest in peace. Rest in pieces.

*Laughter from everyone*

Now, after Chapter 6 obviously we have Chapter 7, and many consider Chapter 7 to be one of the climax chapters for Part 1. Now when you played through Chapter 7, can you share any stories with us about what you thought of Chapter 7 when you played through?

I really like Jaguar Warrior.

Well, the fact that she’s all over the place, you know she’s just jumping around. It's just endearing. She’s just playing around and is like, you’re not sure if she’s really serious, or if she’s really more menacing, we’re not quite sure about it. But in the end you can’t quite hate her for what she is, and my favorite is her…

“Nyan nyan”

That’s part of the reason why I love her.

*Crowd Applause*

Now that we talked about Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, I’m pretty sure that’s why some of you are here. You already know, we have announced Chapter 6 and 7, an anime project for Chapter 6 and 7. So, we would like to talk more about the anime!

Before that, this is a panel at the USA tour. We gotta get you something special. So, I have two special message videos from two guests from Japan. Now, let’s roll the clip!

[This video was not able to be displayed outside of the event, unfortunately, but it was a message from Kawasumi-san (Voice actor for Altria Pendragon) and Rie Takahashi (Voice actor for Mash Kyrielight). They thank everyone for attending and for being a part of the success of the Fate franchise! Hopefully, they will have the opportunity to say their thanks in person in the future.]


One day, one day. Also, there were a couple things I was paying attention to in the video. Did you guys see that thing right there? And then Kawasumi-san’s—that pin right here?

*points to the screen*

Proof Of Hero

Anybody notice what that is? Yeah that brings back nightmares, doesn’t it?


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