FGO US Tour | Part 8: Conclusion

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Oh no! Graveweaver! Stay with us!

Oh phew, she's just sleeping...

But there you have it! A recap of the entire FGO US Tour Launch!

Striking the set

And not a moment too soon! Looks like everything is getting put away for their next stop, at Anime Central in May! Be sure to check it out, as I'm sure they'll have more juicy information on all things Fate, cool stuff at their shop, and the opportunity to meet some of their Cast and Crew!

A Final Goodbye

Ah, and I totally forgot! Looks like Grave had this sitting in her hand. It'd be a shame not to share it with the rest of you! Looks like they had a booth that would print out any of the cool photo ops that were submitted to them! Neato!

Next Stop: Anime Central 5/17~19

Anime Central Tour Date

Click above to reserve your tickets now!

Extended Maintenance

Again, a HUGE thanks to both Graveweaver and Ru for taking their time to attend and document the event. None of this would have been possible without them! Graveweaver has recently focused on her new webcomic, IM THE GRIMREAPER. Be sure to check it out and support her efforts!

The GamePress team - myself in particular - would like to apologize for the extended maintenance required for the release of this feature - but we're glad we were finally able to publish everything we could! It's been a long process and so much more than we've ever done before, but it's been worth every bit. Thank you all for being so patient! If you have any feedback to provide, please feel free to do so in our Community Chat Thread! Did you enjoy what we did? If so, be sure to tell us so we can try and do it again!

Below are a couple little bonuses as a thank you for following our journey all the way through!

A little behind-the-scene moments that made my day:


While coordinating everything with the team, Ru went a bit above and beyond in her communications - for a bit, she replied to everything I asked via doodles!

Full Comic of Graveweaver's Adventures!

Here's the full comic to the event! Grave did an awesome job with it - hopefully her work and busy schedule will permit her to assist us again in the future! It was so fun and I only hope we can do it again.

As a final note, if you didn't catch the Easter Egg we left in our article, check back on Part 3 and see if you can find it! It's a little special we crafted just for her!

Thanks again and take care!

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