GUDAGUDA 2023 - Tier List Change Log

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  • With the release of the GUDAGUDA 2023 Event comes several new Servants:
    • Mysterious Ranmaru X
    • Izumo no Okuni
    • Sakamoto Ryouma (Lancer)
  • Additionally, several Servants received upgrades since the last change log:
    • GUDAGUDA 2023
      • Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)
    • Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe
      • Elisabeth Bathory
      • Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween)
      • Elisabeth Bathory (Brave)
      • Mecha Eli-chan
      • Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II
  • All Servants that were discussed for tier placement or movement are detailed below.
Scoring Method Details

New Tier List Placements

5 Star Servants

Tier B

Izumo no Okuni is the roster's first Quick ST Caster, and her kit is decidedly offensively focused. Her NP debuffs Quick Resist followed by dealing Demonic supereffective damage to a single enemy. To help with activating her NP, she has a handy 50% NP Charge skill. Offensively, she has Buster, Quick, and Crit Gather / Strength / Star bomb buffs at decent values. She additionally can inflict stacks of DEF down on enemies when landing a crit. For allies (or herself), she has a targetable skill cooldown reduction skill. Defensivly, she has a passable 2-time, 3-turn evade for herself. Overall, due to the relative scarcity of single-target Casters, especially of the Quick variety, she carves a unique niche for herself, especially against any Assassins or Berserkers who might also have the Demonic trait.

Izumo no Okuni: x -> B (Avg Score: 7.67) - [NorseFTX - B][WhiteRabbit - C][Meliran - C+][Rathilal - B][Ceui - B]

Tier A

Sakamoto Ryouma's higher rarity Lancer version is an Arts AoE Lancer, complete with NP looping capabilities. Despite the niche already having some impressive competition, Ryouma carves out a solid niche for himself due to his utility effects. His party Overcharge buff in particular makes him especially effective in teams with Altria Caster, while he also has both Debuff Immunity and Buff Removal Resist that last for a whole 3 turns, making Ryouma impervious to various debuffs and removal effects that enemies may throw at him. His NP has a somewhat niche self DEF buff, and also gives him a 3-turn NP damage buff which allows looped NPs to do progressively more damage. To further support his looping ability, he has a self 50% NP charge, and two sources of Arts buffs in his skill kit. He also provides critical support to allies in the form of stars per turn and critical damage buffs. Altogether, Ryouma's Lancer form is an extremely solid AoE Arts Lancer that works well alone, but is particularly enhanced in the presence of premiere Arts Support.

Sakamoto Ryouma (Lancer): x -> A (Avg Score: 8.87) - [NorseFTX - A][WhiteRabbit - A][Meliran - A-][Rathilal - A][Ceui - A-]

4 Star Servants

Tier B+

GUDAGUDA 2023's latest welfare, Mysterious Ranmaru X is an AoE Arts Avenger that is capable of Arts looping with double Castoria setups. Her kit also comes with a variety of utility effects, including debuff clear for an ally, a chance-based AoE Charm, and the ability to ignore DEF with her NP. She also can support allies with a small star bomb, targetable star gather buff, and an AoE DEF debuff. To support her own offensive power, she has a self Arts buff and a modest 20% NP charge skill. Her NP, as mentioned, ignores DEF, and also has a minor star drop rate buff. As an Avenger, although she rarely has clear Class Advantage, she also rarely has disadvantage as well, so she makes for a decent welfare general farmer, especially if the Master has premiere Arts Supports available. Her performance isn't quite as powerful as other omni-farmers, but as a welfare with the benefit of easier NP5 access, she does the job.

Mysterious Ranmaru X: x -> B+ (Avg Score: 8.27) - [NorseFTX - A-][WhiteRabbit - B][Meliran - B][Rathilal - B+][Ceui - B+]

Tier List Movements

5 Star Servants

Tier C+ -> A+

Demon King Nobunaga finally gets her NP charge upgrade, just reaching the threshold that allows her to loop effectively with double Koyanskaya and Oberon setups. With the latest upgrade, she sits among one of the best multi-class farmers available, with a high damage ceiling and particularly impressive damage against enemies with her target traits of choice, Divine or Heaven-attribute (which are quite common). She arguably is the best Avenger looper available currently, although she in particular benefits greatly from having her supports of choice. For those that do have Koyanskaya and Oberon, users of the demon king rejoice, her time to cleanly decimate all three waves on the battlefield has come!

Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga): C+ -> A+ (Avg Score: 9.47) - [NorseFTX - A+][WhiteRabbit - EX-][Meliran - A+][Rathilal - EX-][Ceui - A+]

4 Star Servants

Tier C+ -> C+

Elisabeth Bathory's debuff skill gets an upgrade with the latest Halloween Trilogy event, now targeting all enemies and additionally removing 1 buff and applying a Skill Seal effect for a turn. This makes the defensive debuff more sensibly apply to all enemies in a wave, since her NP itself also hits AoE. The buff removal can also come in handy, although it will only remove the latest buff applied. Finally, the Skill Seal effect can be somewhat niche but is handy if applicable. Overall, this is a solid upgrade for her, although since the value of the DEF debuff is the same, her damage ceiling remains unchanged.

Elisabeth Bathory: C+ -> C+ (Avg Score: 7.55) - [NorseFTX - C+][Meliran - B][Rathilal - C+]

Tier D+ -> C

Halloween Elly's Guts skill gets an upgrade, now providing her with a much welcome 20-30% NP Gauge charge effect, along with a Burn Damage Up effect that lasts 5 turns that is minor in practice. The NP charge helps her a great deal in reaching max NP Gauge more quickly, and also allows her to work well in Koyanskaya / Oberon Buster looping setups, even if she might not be the easiest to set up (requiring Kaleidoscope).

Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween): D+ -> C (Avg Score: 6.78) - [NorseFTX - C][Meliran - D+][Rathilal - C]

Tier C -> C

Brave Elly's highly RNG third skill is upgraded, now requiring only 50% NP Gauge instead of 100% NP Gauge, increasing the likelihood that the skill is usable with less opportunity cost. However, in the end the effects are untouched and still entirely RNG. For users of Brave Elly, this upgrade gives Masters more opportunities to roll her third skill, which is welcome, although can still be difficult to build around.

Elisabeth Bathory (Brave): C -> C (Avg Score: 7.11) - [NorseFTX - C][Meliran - C+][Rathilal - C]

Tier B+ -> B+

Both Mecha Eli versions have an upgrade to her second NP charge skill, simply adding the effect of granting a flat 15-25 stars on demand. The upgrade is simple and straightforward, synergizing well with her third skill's Crit Damage buff, giving her and her team better capability to land critical hits. The upgrade is a small one but is still welcome.

Mecha Eli-chan: B+ -> B+ (Avg Score: 8.33) - [NorseFTX - B+][Meliran - B+][Rathilal - B+]
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