Halloween 2017 Rerun - Surprise Quests

Surprise Quests

  • Surprise Quests are one-time completion quests. They appear at various times in the event, which are indicated on the event map by signs with numbers on them (the numbers represent the hour at which a Surprise Quest will appear in military time).
  • Surprise Quests will remain available until the end of the event, and can be completed at any time.
  • Surprise Quests drop a variety of Event Currencies, detailed in the tables below.
  • You will be awarded two Pumpkin Lantern Pumpkin Lantern for each Surprise Quest completed (with the exception of the last Surprise Quest, which awards a Crystallized Lore Crystallized Lore), for a total of 132 [10/12 Update: Total 70 instead for the rerun] possible Pumpkin Lanterns.
    • Visitor in the Dark Night (x7)
    • Visitor in the Rain (x7)
    • Visitor of the Long Night (x7)
    • Visitor of the Perpetual Night (x7)
    • Visitor on a Misty Moonlit Night (x7)
    • Visitors Through the Night (Final Surprise Quest, x1)
Visitors Through the Night AP - 30