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Article by Hakurai
Learning with GamePress: Prisma Codes Q&A!


Listen up you wimps, let’s get some order in the court! Today we have Da Vinci on trial for illegal Saint Quartz purchases! As combined Prosecutor and Grand Judge for life, I sentence her to jail and unspeakable lewd things that I will now list--

It wasn’t me! Saying that’s a valid defense right?

But you’re a repeat offender now. Surely that means you’re guilty!

Hear me out. This money-loving, jackal-eared Caster asked if I wanted to make a contract with her. That’s how you become a magical girl right? I didn’t expect to sign on for saint quartz arbitrage!

Aren’t you too old to be a magical girl? Maybe if you had a younger backup body or something… Anyways! Let’s review the case.

Event Overview

So Da Vinci, this Prisma Codes… event. What did they have you do after signing a contract?

Well, I needed to complete a whole bunch of different missions, like farming a certain number of drops or enemies--

Methodical mercenary murder? Dear gacha, this is worse than I thought! I'm going to need more apples! What else do you have to say for yourself, scum?

Each section had a raid quest, kind of like Onigashima. These were called, "World End Matches". However, it's an individual fight where you keep repeating the raid quest until you deplete a total raid health bar. Once certain total health thresholds are passed, bosses might take on additional buffs or behaviors! To top it off, each boss will have a 50% weakness to either Arts or Buster cards, so try to exploit that.

Are there any Event CE Special effects or Bonus Servants?

Yes. Equipping the event CE Kaleid Ruby or Sapphire will give an additional 50% (100% MLB) bonus damage to all female servants, plus Astolfo and d'Eon. During the World End Matches (Raid Quests), they will also provide a respective 50% Buster or Arts buff. I recommend limit breaking them as soon as possible.

For bonus servants, Illya, Kuro, and Mash have a 100% bonus damage throughout the event, while Medb, Helena, Medea Lily, and Nursery Rhyme receive a 50% bonus damage.

Excellent. Let's call up two of these witnesses.

New Servants

I’d like to summon the paid informant Illyasviel Von Einzbern to the stand.

What? Where is this? I thought this was supposed to be the Prisma Codes event!

Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

I’m just your average elementary school student, until--

SLAM! No, no, no. Your abilities. What can you do?

I-I’m not too strong, but I have a Single Target Buster NP with Buster Performance up on overcharge, and a Buster up skill. There’s a three-turn attack and defense demerit, and my NP gain is really poor… I do have an invincibility skill too, and I gain NP charge per turn. Does that help?

Aw. Don’t worry Illya, I’m sure there are people who will roll for you. With wholesome intentions. Or at least for gameplay, because Single Target Casters are so rare. Next, let’s have Chloe “Kuro” von Einzbern come up!

Hi~ it’s the better older sister here. So you really want to see what I can do? I can spam my Single Target Arts NP, charging it up with my battery and strong arts cards. I also have a strong stargen buff that can create a bunch of stars for more crits and more NP spam! What? You want to see my Final Ascension art? Isn't that bannable?

Wait, aren’t they supposed to testify? That means I'm innocent, right?

Event Craft Essences

You probably didn't realize we have some evidence here! Let’s bring out the photos and see what our witnesses think.

Wouldn’t that make them jurors?

Look at me. I’m the judge AND prosecutor. My word is law! All right, Kuro, Illya, what do you think? If any of these pictures would make you think Da Vinci is guilty, I'll let you keep them!

Craft Essence Thoughts

Magical Girl of Sapphire
M-miyu? What? She works like my
other CE
! Miyu gives less starting NP but stronger NP generation. This makes her better for more sustained fights, right? She also gives +1 to Mr. Lion-Go Toys ! I can really keep this?

Kill on Sight
This is really similar to the Kaleid Sapphire CE, but with the values changed a bit. If limit broken, it could be stronger than Kaleid Sapphire, but with a lower Arts performance buff. It does give +1 to Illya's favorite Magical☆Bushido Musashi drops though!

Zunga Zunga!
How does Tanaka not feel cold? The damage cut and healing increase effects are pretty low, but it does give +1 to Expensive Puddings . Sweet!

Kaleid Sapphire
Ohoho, Luvia? She gives a sizable buff to both Arts and NP performance, resulting in higher NP damage bonuses than Projection at the cost of pure Arts performance. Be sure to equip it on me, kay~?

Kaleid Ruby
Rin has the same effects as Luvia's CE, but swaps out Buster buffs instead of Arts, even for the World End Match bonuses. I guess this will be good on me!

Helpful Hints

Given the evidence presented here, I'd say you're guil--

Objection! There's more I have to say about the event! Finishing the main story unlocks the EX Nodes. These nodes have generous material drop rates for coveted items like Hearts, Feathers, Twin Octuplet Crystals, and more!

Why didn't you tell me this earlier! I might've overturned my decision! Actually, maybe not. OK, now for the final verdict and punishment--

Haha! I bet you didn't count on me finishing the Prisma Codes event! Completing the Epilogue recruits Chloe to your team! Additionally, I wrote down the missions I completed to max ascend and NP5 her! Now that you don't have majority vote, how will you prosecute me?

Da Vinci Witness Persuasion Checklist

Copies of Kuro

-Complete the Epilogue

-Defeat Testament (#13)

-Defeat 20 Fake Caster Servants (#66)

-Clear all EX rank Quests (#80)

-Clear 90 Missions (#99)

Ascension items for Kuro

-Defeat 70 Skeletons (#37)

-Defeat 15 Neutral Fake Servants (#56)

-Clear all A and A+ Rank Quests (#79)

-Complete 60 missions (#98)

You're also probably wondering why there's only one copy of each Kaleid CE in the store! The answer is that the rest are mission rewards! This was my hit list:

Da Vinci CE Mission Hitlist

Kaleid Ruby Copies

-1 from shop

-Clear Threshold 1 of Nursery Rhyme, defeat 20 Biscuit Golems (#24)

-Defeat 70 Ghost-type enemies (#40)

-Defeat 15 Fake Dragon trait Servants (#47)

-Complete any 10 Missions (#96)

Kaleid Sapphire Copies

-1 from shop

-Clear Threshold 1 of Medea, defeat 30 Skeletons (#35)

-Defeat 120 Reindeer Men (#43)

-Defeat 10 Evil servants, Clear Threshold III of Medb (#52)

-Defeat 15 Lawful Fake Servants (#59)

Impressive. You've managed to not only win over a witness, but also disarm additional framing opportunities like Shop Embezzlement. However, life's not fair Da Vinci. To achieve my goals, I need unlimited access to the shop tickets instead of just five a month. For that, I need you out of the picture. This is goodbye. Don't think too poorly of me, it's just that there was never justice in this gacha damned--

Senpai, Da Vinci's broken out of her handcuffs and has abandoned the courtroom!

Oh that sly dog, she got me monologuing! Where do you think she went?

Probably off to hide in one of the Prisma Codes worlds! Here, you can check out the in-depth guides the team made below!

In-depth Guides and Resources

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