Anastasia & Viy (Archer)

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Max HP 11,288
HP Rank
Max ATK 9,542
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,590Base HP1,806
Max Atk 9,542 Max HP 11,288
Lvl 100 Atk 11,553 Lvl 100 HP 13,686
Lvl 120 Atk 13,565 Lvl 120 HP 16,085
NP per Hit (%) 0.57%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 148
Star Generation per Hit 8.0%

Table of Contents

Servant Skills

Shwipsig (Summer) B+

Increase own Arts Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Increase own NP Gauge.

Show Info
Arts + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
NP + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
CD 9 9 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 7

Available from the start

Freezing Summer Time A

Apply Invincible to self (1 turn).
Apply Buff Removal Resist to self (1 turn).
Gain Critical Stars.

Show Info
Buff Removal Res + 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 100%
Stars + 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Accelerated Viy Viy Viy B

Apply Sure Hit to self (3 turns).
Increase own Arts Critical Star Gather Rate (3 turns).
Increase own Critical Strength (3 turns).
Increase own NP Strength (3 turns).

Show Info
Arts Star Gather + 300% 320% 340% 360% 380% 400% 420% 440% 460% 500%
Crit Damage + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
NP Damage + 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%
CD 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Append Skills

Anti-Caster (ATK Up)

Deal extra Special ATK damage to [Caster] class enemies.

Show Info
Special ATK +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%

Class Skills

Independent Action (With Viy) EX

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.
Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%.

Fairy Contract B+

Increase own Debuff Resistance by 9.5%.
Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 9.5%.

Noble Phantasm

Snegleto Snegurochka B

Deal damage to a single enemy.
Inflict Skill Seal on a single enemy (1 turn).


Decrease Arts Resist for a single enemy (1 turn) [Activates first].

Show Info/Video

Snegleto Snegurochka

Summer Snow, The Beauty of a Drop of Hoarfrost

Rank Classification Hit-Count
B Anti-Personnel 3

Deal damage to a single enemy.
Inflict Skill Seal on a single enemy (1 turn).

Level 1 2 3 4 5
900% 1200% 1350% 1425% 1500%
Overcharge Effect

Decrease Arts Resist for a single enemy (1 turn) [Activates first].

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
20% 25% 30% 35% 40%

Assorted Info

ID 318
Cost 12
Gender Female
Growth Reverse S
Inst. Death Chance 36.00%
Damage Distribution Quick 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Arts 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Buster 33,67
Damage Distribution Extra 6,13,20,26,35
Damage Distribution NP 16,33,51

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 100,000
2 → 3 200,000
3 → 4 600,000
4 → 5 800,000
5 → 6 2,000,000
6 → 7 2,500,000
7 → 8 5,000,000
8 → 9 6,000,000
9 → 10 10,000,000

Append Skill Materials

1 → 2 100000
2 → 3 200000
3 → 4 600000
4 → 5 800000
5 → 6 2000000
6 → 7 2500000
7 → 8 5000000
8 → 9 6000000
9 → 10 10000000

Total Materials Required

Append Skill
Asc + Skill

Costume Dress Materials

Costume Cost Materials
April Fool's 0

Bond CE

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Pts Req.
Summer, Ice Cream, and Viy

When equipped on Anastasia and Viy (Archer),
Increase all allies' Arts cards effectiveness by 10% and Critical Damage by 15% while she is on the field.

Table of Contents



Tired of the summer always being so GODDAMN HOT, Anastasia decided that she herself would instead become GODDAMN HOT. With one of the prettiest fourth ascension artworks in the game, Anastasia and Viy serve as a powerful Single Target Arts Damage Dealer capable of bringing down powerful bosses.

Anastasia and Viy are incredibly powerful in the damage department. When combining the Arts bonus of Shwipsig (Summer), the Arts resist down on her Noble Phantasm Snegleto Snegurochka, and her Noble Phantasm damage up of Accelerated Viy Viy Viy, she can easily hit the upper damage tiers for her class. In addition, she has great refund with her cards, already boosted by her skills, along with her 50% charge on Shwipsig (Summer). To make matters better, she has strong critical potential, capable of not only gathering and boosting damage of Stars with Accelerated Viy Viy Viy, but she can also create her own stars with a starbomb skill, Freezing Summer Time A.

Despite these powers, Anastasia and Viy have some crippling weaknesses. For one, the cooldown of her first skill is incredibly long, which can pose a problem for a Challenge Quest or Boss fight. In addition, outside of the starbomb turn, she will struggle to generate stars she can actually use with her third skill. Her invincible skill is also unfortunately tied to her starbomb, so in extended fights it can cause linking issues.

Typically Masters want Anastasia and Viy as a 50% Charge Arts Servant to kill bosses, especially if they missed out on earlier free Servants who do similar. Those with older free welfares may only benefit if Anastasia and Viy are at higher NP levels. However, all Masters should still roll for her because her fourth ascension art is just too GODDAMN HOT!



Anastasia benefits from having both Arts up and NP Damage up skills in her kit, stacking easily with each other. As most Masters will use Caster Altria to support her, this NP Damage up is crucial for multiplicative stacking with Caster Altria’s Arts and Attack bonuses. What sets her apart from earlier welfares is how her skills last for three turns, giving her excellent sustain for traditional 3-turn fights. As for burst, due to her NP Damage bonus, she benefits especially well from Oberon for the final turn of a fight, hitting higher damage caps than she’d otherwise have. 

Good Refund

While Anastasia and Viy’s card hit counts are not too great, they are sufficient for generating gauge off of bosses after a Noble Phantasm. Boosting this is also her ability to absorb critical stars on her Arts card on her third skill, which will offer a larger refund every time with successful crits. Of course, the 50% charge on her first skill has to be talked about too as an excellent way for her to get Noble Phantasm gauge!

Critical Potential

With her third skill and passive, Anastasia can effectively boost her Critical damage by 40% over 3-turns. While not the god-tier Criticals of other Servants, these can help with a sustained fight. As her third skill has a low cooldown, this skill can almost always be up at all times.  



As a single target damage dealer, Anastasia and Viy often are used in boss fights which last more than 3 turns. However, her first skill’s cooldown is a whopping 7 turns at max level. Which the charge itself could be worked around, this also is tied into her Arts up skill, making it hard to ignore. 

Star Generation

Anastasia typically will struggle to get any stars in her typical setups, having low hit-count Quick cards, a low star generation rate, and only one skill capable of dropping stars for her. This will make it hard for her to gather stars for her third skill.

Tied Skills

As mentioned before, since Anastasia’s Arts and charge skills are tied together, they are typically only used on the first turn of a battle, making it harder to choose what support charges to use where. Further, she tends to be used against Saber bosses who will use a Noble Phantasm every five turns. Her invincibility thankfully has a five-turn cooldown, so she can pop it every time if they don’t have a charge, but in doing so she will lose access to her star bomb on demand.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Skill Priority
Shwipsig (Summer) B+

Increase own Arts Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Increase own NP Gauge.

Show Info
Arts + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
NP + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
CD 9 9 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 7
Freezing Summer Time A

Apply Invincible to self (1 turn).
Apply Buff Removal Resist to self (1 turn).
Gain Critical Stars.

Show Info
Buff Removal Res + 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 100%
Stars + 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5
Accelerated Viy Viy Viy B

Apply Sure Hit to self (3 turns).
Increase own Arts Critical Star Gather Rate (3 turns).
Increase own Critical Strength (3 turns).
Increase own NP Strength (3 turns).

Show Info
Arts Star Gather + 300% 320% 340% 360% 380% 400% 420% 440% 460% 500%
Crit Damage + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
NP Damage + 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%
CD 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4

Anastasia and Viy’s kit is primarily designed to get a large burst of damage over the first couple of turns. Most Masters will pop her first and third skill immediately to take advantage of their damage boosts to her Noble Phantasm. Her second skill is situational as described below. All skills benefit from max level for various reasons, but Masters should definitively prioritize her first skill above all.

  • Shwipsig (Summer) B is Anastasia and Viy’s primary damage boost, giving a massive 50% NP charge while also boosting her Arts card effectiveness for three turns. This is a relatively simple skill that Masters want to take advantage of as soon as possible for the fight. This should always be leveled first and to max to take advantage of the full 50% charge. 
  • Freezing Summer Time A gives buff removal resistance, which is rarely relevant, along with invincibility for a turn and a large 20-star drop at max. This skill’s usage depends on the fight strategy. If a Master is looking to cast Anastasia and Viy’s invincibility any time an enemy uses a Noble Phantasm, this skill is one which should be saved only for that turn. However, if a Master is looking to finish a boss fight quickly, they should pop this on the turn Anastasia and Viy’s Arts card(s) appears to generate better refund after the Noble Phantasm. In a typical Castoria - Castoria - Oberon support setup, she will just barely miss being able to cast three Noble Phantasms in three turns, so will need just a bit more refund from her cards to make it work. This can be left to last, but it should be leveled to max if planning to time her invincibilities with the enemy’s Noble Phantasms due to cooldown. 
  • Accelerated Viy Viy Viy B is a skill with an incredibly descriptive name. It also is a skill with a spectrum of effects including Sure Hit, NP damage up, as well as boosting Critical Star Gather (Arts) and Critical Damage effects, all for three turns. Most notably, this skill has a short 4-turn cooldown at max, so can almost always be up during a fight. Masters cast this skill first to make Anastasia and Viy just generally perform better throughout the fight. Level this second, and to max to take advantage of the 4-turn cooldown. 

Craft Essence Recommendation

Anastasia and Viy is a typical damage dealer, so she benefits primarily from damage dealing Craft Essences. If a Master is looking for the biggest damage numbers at risking bad luck, a NP Damage Up craft essence is the way to go. A Master who is all right with smaller damage numbers for more guarantee does much better with a Mixed Starting NP Gauge / Damage CE. If lacking supports, Masters will likely want to go with a Starting NP Gauge CE alone to get at least two Noble Phantasms out of her.

  • The Black Grail: Anastasia and Viy are just a tiny bit short of being able to truly loop 3 Noble Phantasms in with this. In a double Castoria + Oberon setup, a Master will want to have her Append 2 unlocked and use her self-charge and both Castoria 20%s on Anastasia and Viy turn 1 (to 110%). This will generate 30% refund. As the Castorias can provide 60% and Oberon 70% (50% of which should be left for W3), she will be missing about 10% charge. So Masters are risking not having an Arts card available W1 or W2 (or 2 Quick cards in one wave) and failing to loop by running this. However, it is by far the best damage. 
  • Holy Night Supper / Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament / Ocean Flyer: However, the demerits of The Black Grail go away by simply giving Anastasia a starting charge. She benefits the most from mixed CEs with NP damage, especially if Oberon is in the mix, and the least from Arts bonuses. 
  • Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element / Dragon’s Meridian: If a Master does not have the proper supports, they will not likely be able to get Anastasia to cast three straight turns of Noble Phantasms. So instead they should aim for two, using her abilities and support to generate the NP gauge required for it.

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release Date 08/31/2023

Anastasia Summer

Country/Place of Origin Russia
Illustrator sime
Seiyuu (CV) Yumi Hara
Series Fate/Grand Order




Character Info

The Grand Duchess of Ice has changed her class into that of a swimsuit Spirit Origin.
"Summer? I'm from Russia, so a little rise in temperature won't bother―WHY IS IT SO HOT!?"
She grows sluggish if she's not careful, so she always carries shaved ice with her. Sometimes she eats too much of it and gets brain freeze, though.
Viy has also changed into a cute swimsuit to match Anastasia, but its eyes remain as frightening as ever.

Profile 1

Height/Weight: 158cm, 40kg (Anastasia)
Origin: History/Legend (Viy)
Region: Russia
Alignment: Chaotic-Summer
Gender: Female
Viy's height has been recorded as anything between 30 and 50cm (oddly enough, it changes every time he's measured). His weight is unknown, but apparently, his eyelids are exceptionally heavy.

Profile 2

Now that it's summer, and she's in a Swimsuit Spirit Origin, her impish, prank-loving side is far, far more pronounced. As a result, she tends to not think twice about doing the sort of reckless things she would never otherwise have attempted, so you can't take your eyes off her for too long. Left to her own devices, she might end up doing something crazy, like diving headfirst into a pool of lava. Despite her Independent Action, she prefers staying with her friends, allies, and Master.

On that note, it seems she wants to treat her Master much the way a cat treats its owner (i.e. equal parts friendly, mischievously, carelessly, and cuddly, depending on her mood).

Profile 3

Independent Action with Viy: EX
As long as Viy is around, she can do just about anything on her own, including use her Noble Phantasm. However, in spite of her ability to act alone, she prefers not to leave Master's side if she has any choice in the matter.

Fairy Contract: B+
Her swimsuit contract is treated separately from her other contract.

Schwipsig (Summer): B+
It is what it says.

Enables Anastasia to control, manifest, and generate anything she thinks of as being connected to summer. Though powerful, it doesn't lend itself to attacking other things which might be connected to summer.

"I suppose I mainly use it to barbecue at the beach house."

Freezing Summer Time: A
Anastasia enjoys herself so much that she has to stop herself from wishing time would simply freeze. Uses Viy's Mystic Eyes to force things to a stop. By using it on herself rather than on others, she can halt any attack in place before it reaches her.

Accelerated Viy Viy Viy: B
A version that constantly keeps Viy's Mystic Eyes active. Provides an advantageous environment for Anastasia by inundating her surroundings in magical energy. In first-person shooter terms, it's like she has permanent high ground for sniping enemies.

Profile 4

[Snegleto Snegurochka]

Rank: B
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 - 10
Maximum Targets: 1

Snowy Summer, How Beautiful the Drops of Rime.
Although Snegurochka is a snow maiden of Russian folklore, she is in no way connected to this Noble Phantasm. It uses Viy's Mystic Eyes to temporarily invert the season, then catapults the incredible energy generated by that very inversion at the target. It's beautiful to see, but you really wouldn't want to be on the business end of this attack.

[Underhand Freeze Sinker]
Rank: C
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 - 10
Maximum Targets: 1

Icy Pitch, Killer Baseball.
The Grand Duchess uses her killer underhand throw to seemingly lob a nice, soft snowball at her target. It is, however, a lump of tightly compressed ice disguised by powdery snow. By putting a little spin on the throw, she's able to give it far more destructive force than would seem possible. That alone would make it hard to deal with, but Viy's Mystic Eyes enable it to curve in flight while retaining the full force of a fastball.

This Noble Phantasm is, as a rule, not used in FGO. Probably.

Profile 5

Just as summer once enticed a die-hard shut-in to become a master of outdoor survival games, so too has it enticed Anastasia to become an impish outdoor prankster. At this point, Master may be the only one who can stop her from getting out of hand.

While the Caster version of Anastasia shows off her Grand Duchess side, this one has brought out her more free-spirited side. As a result, she cares much less for personal space (even putting aside her tendency to get very physically close to those with whom she is emotionally close) and her impish side also enjoys seeing people flustered around her.

However, presumably due to her Grand Duchess side receding into the background, it seems she also misses her siblings more in this form. If, as her Master, you would like to get to know her better, then you should try to do whatever you can to help stave off her loneliness.

Profile 6

Clear FGO Summer 2023: Chaldea Summer Adventure and reach Bond Lv5.

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1 I prefer winter, but...fine! Let's do this!
Battle Start 2 Fufu. Fufufu. I'm sorry. I'm at an age where I just find everything funny at the drop of a hat. Though this is the first time I've ever worn a hat...
Battle Start 3 Come on, play ball. I'm going to bat them all to death. Isn't that what baseball's all about? I'm wrong?
Skill 1 I'm going to enjoy myself.
Skill 2 Viy, let's be dazzlingly fit for summer.
Skill 3 Summer outfit!
Skill 4 I'm going to make this special.
Command Card 1 Fine.
Command Card 2 I'm leaving it to you.
Command Card 3 Of course.
Noble Phantasm Card 1 I'll pull out my trump card. Viy, prepare the Noble Phantasm.
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Understood. Come on, it's time for winter to come.
Noble Phantasm Card 3 Are you sure? Then I won't hold back.
Noble Phantasm Card 4 Master, are you prepared for the cold?
Attack 1 Chooop!
Attack 2 Seiya!
Attack 3 Throw!
Attack 4 Heave-ho!
Attack 5 Tei tei teeei!
Attack 6 Okay, boom!
Extra Attack 1 Ball it up and roll it, and ka-boom!
Extra Attack 2 Accept my snowball!
Extra Attack 3 Here comes the hundred-ton snowman! Take that!
Extra Attack 4 Fusion! Ball it up! Hiyah!
Noble Phantasm 1 Summer turns to winter, while sunshine turns to snow.
My destiny is the bitter chill.
Now, freeze like a flower.
Snegleto Snegurochka!
Noble Phantasm 2 I'm going to show you Viy's miracle.
Sitting in a kotatsu even in summer, eating ice cream even during winter...everything is reversed and then we make shaved ice!
Snegleto Snegurochka!
Noble Phantasm 3 This Noble Phantasm changes summer into winter so the temperature difference may be a bit severe. Try not to catch a cold!
Snegleto Snegurochka!
Though the damage I inflict is more critical...
Damage 1 Kyaaah! Oh, no no!
Damage 2 Ouch!
Damage 3 That hurt!
Damage 4 Sheesh!
Incapacitated 1 Wake me up...when it's winter... (Zzz)
Incapacitated 2 I'm so tired, I'm going to collapse... (Zzz)
Victory 1 It looks like we won. Now it's time for ice cream.
Victory 2 Big victory for Anastasia. Now it's time for a parade.
Victory 3 Master, we won. Praise me. With applause and confetti.
Victory 4 Looks like this year's summer is going to be a hot one. Come, let's cool off, Master.
Level up 1 I've gone through some growth. But it's not like I got taller or anything.
Level up 2 Thank you for that. Come on, keep on bringing me more.
Ascension 1 Master, do you like braids? Viy and I both have our hair in braids.
If you think they're cute, go ahead and press that "Like" button over there.
...Oh wait, there isn't one.
Ascension 2 Maintaining status quo, I guess.
Okay, carry on.
Ascension 3 Wh-what do you...think? Is it too racy for me? But I can't help it, since cuteness reigns supreme. If you say I look good in it, wearing this swimsuit was worth it.
Ascension 4 To be honest, I was apprehensive about wearing a swimsuit, since everyone else is so beautiful.
But in the end, it seems like I'm the same as any low-cost Servant; the only thing that matters is that the person I trust most and I think it's cute.
Fufufu. You think I'm cute, right? In that case, I have no issue.
Bond Level 1 Oh. What's wrong, Master?
Bond Level 2 Fufufu. You're spaced out.
Looks like you're going gaga over my swimsuit. No worries, no worries. I understand, Master.
Bond Level 3 Master, are you okay under the sun? If you start to feel the heat, let me know. Viy will always be happy to sprinkle shaved ice over your head.
Bond Level 4 I chose my swimsuit from a catalog. Swimsuits these days can be cute, cool, and even enticing... They're all over the place. I had a hard time deciding on one.
Are you captivated? Fufufu...
Bond Level 5 I'd like to spend moments with you that are calm like winter mornings, boisterous like summer nights, tranquil like spring afternoons yet lonesome like dusk in the fall.
In short, I just want you to stay by my side forever.
Fufufu. I hope you're ready to take responsibility.
Conversation 1 Master, it's summer. Let's head out. Follow me.
Conversation 2 Master and Servant relationship. That is a wonderful phrase.
I am a lord but I serve, and Master serves but is my lord.
...Wait, that sounds the same to me.
Conversation 3 My relationship with Master?
We share magical energy with each other.
...That has a nice secretive ring to it. I like it, fufu.
Conversation 4 (Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova) The normal me is gloomy, mischievous, dependent, yet lazy, and capricious. Saying it out loud like that makes it sound like I'm the worst.
Yet, that's still me. Since she's been summoned, am I correct in thinking that you have made up your mind to deepen your bond with her?
Conversation 5 (Charlotte Corday (Caster)) Oh it's you, Charlotte.
Fufufu. You and I really get along very well. In fact, because we get along too well, we are going to try to kill each other one day.
I'm sure of it. Fufufu....
Likes What I like... Definitely shaved ice. I also like ice cream. Chilled pasta and cold noodles are nice too.
Dislikes I dislike stomachaches.
I wonder why your stomach hurts when you eat too many cold things?
About the Holy Grail If I have a Holy Grail, do you think I can willfully switch summer and winter seasons? Making it always summer or winter. That sounds wonderful.
During an Event Master, an event is happening. Come on, let's do our best and fill our pockets!
Birthday Happy birthday, Master! No matter when your birthday actually is, I believe the moment you were born was as dazzling and radiant as a summer's day! Fufufu.
Summon Aloha!
I have come in answer to your summons. It's me, Anastasia.
I changed my outfit because it's summer. Viy also changed, so we're both ready for summer.
Come now, let's enjoy ourselves!


Limited - Can only be summoned during certain events

Future Banners

Banner (Add 2 years for NA Date) JP Period

[JP] Revival: Summer 2023 Pickup Summon (Daily)
[JP] Revival: Summer 2023 Pickup Summon (Daily)

Banner Type:

[JP] Hunting Quest Part 13 Pickup Summon (Daily)
[JP] Hunting Quest Part 13 Pickup Summon (Daily)

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