Upcoming Content Report 8/26/2020: New Grids, Crazy Gachas, And More!

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Available Sync Pairs

Data has been released for two excellent new Gacha units, as well as reruns of the mighty Charizard and Mew (banner and event, respectively)! Additionally, images have been found that all but confirm Scouting banners for the Johto trio (who recently received powerful Sync Grids), Torterra, and Gallade!
* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

Five New Sync Grids!

In addition to the very recent expansion of the Johto protagonist's Grids, both of the newly added Sygna Suit pairs will arrive on the scene with grids of their own as well as Six Star EX Forms (which grant their Sync Moves additional effects like Aoe or increased damage)! Additionally, F2P teambuilding touchstone Serperior will gain one of these forms and its own Event providing the resources necessary to raise the pair's potential. Feel free to theorycraft builds on our Sync Grid planning tool, linked right up here.

Champion Arena Debuts!

The long awaited Champion Arena game mode will be arriving on Pasio just in time for the game's first anniversary! Most of the currently available information on it can be found in this video message from the producers of PoMas.

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