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The Realm of Gods category has two proper leaders: AGL Zamasu and UR Transdimensional Instinct - Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) (S. INT). Both Buff their Teams to an extremely powerful level. Their Leader Skills only differ in the percentage Boost they give the Team, with Ultra Instinct Goku providing Ki +3 and 150% to HP, ATK & DEF. 

The next best Leader option is UR A Lesson in Good and Evil - Gowasu & Zamasu (S. PHY), who gives Realm of Gods Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +120%, and perform well on the Team.


This Realm of Gods Team has one Super Type rotation and one Extreme Type rotation, both of which are full of godly power. Here are the recommended rotations:

The Super rotation of TEQ Vegito Blue and AGL Super Saiyan Gogeta makes for an incredibly strong turn. Vegito Blue’s can stack ATK & DEF on Super ATK, letting him grow to insane power levels, and he Links very nicely with AGL Gogeta, sharing 5 Ki and 35% from ATK Link Skills after Gogeta transforms. The cohesion and power of these two Cards together cannot be overstated.

The Extreme rotation is composed of STR Rose and AGL Zamasu. AGL Zamasu excels at dealing Damage with a nice ATK Buff from Passive Skill that grows each time he transforms. STR Rose plays an amazing supporting role for Zamasu, and is a staple for Extreme Type rotations. He Buffs Extreme allies’ Ki and DEF, as well as ATK when he uses Super ATK--Not to mention he’s also a hefty Damage dealer. His DEF Buff mitigates Zamasu’s main weakness--ie, his own lack of DEF. However, the two share more than enough Link Skills, Ki, and stat Buffs to make up for this some.

LR Goku Black & Zamasu is an excellent Card for the Team, providing HP Recovery each time they appear and increase ATK and DEF as the battle goes on. They also have a flexible set of Link Skills that allow them to share Ki with both Super and Extreme Cards. They are fantastic and whether or not they are on the main Extreme rotation is purely at the discretion of the player. 

AGL West Kai is a very good support for the category, providing not only a 40% Buff to ATK & DEF, but also a 7% chance to land a Critical Hit. Her main downfall is a lack of tanking Skills, causing her to fall to the wayside on only the most challenging Events.

Recommended Alternates

Realm of Gods is an excellent Team, which can be flexibly built to include either Super or Extreme types, or a mix of both. The amount of suitable alternates on this Team is incredible, but here are some of the best.

Recommended Events

Ever since its release, the Realm of Gods category has been a top-notch category, having an abundance of powerful Cards on the Team. It beats the vast majority of Events with little trouble, and when built properly, it can best the Realm of Gods Super Battle Road stage, and even the Fighting Legend: Goku event. 

This Team also performs exceptionally well against two of the Extreme Z-Battle events, which allow players to awaken certain Cards to their maximum potential. One of these is for TEQ Devastating Punishment - Beerus, who can also fit on the Realm of Gods Team. The other Z-Battle is for the Father-Son Galick Gun duo: UR Bonds Beyond Time - Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (S. TEQ), and UR A Will Beyond Time - Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) (S. PHY), both of whom become fantastic Cards.

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