Top Tier Vegeta's Family Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

The best guest leader choice would be the LR SSJ Vegeta, who is a top-tier Card and the best leader for this category Team. However, since this Team includes only Super  Cards, any Super Vegeta’s Family leader will work, just not as well. 

Two great Cards that fit these conditions are Resilient Will to Protect the Future - Trunks (Teen) (Future) and Limitless Combat Power - SSJ Vegeta.


This Team is extremely strong, and the category is full of great Cards. There are only a few duos that Link perfectly, but there are plenty of excellent support Cards to make up for that and the Team doesn’t suffer for this at all.

One rotation for the Team is the excellent duo, LR SSJ Trunks, and UR SSJ Trunks. UR SSJ Trunks provides a nice support Buff for the whole rotation and shares +5 Ki in Link Skills with the LR. Furthermore, UR Trunks’ entire Passive Skill activates on this Team, so he’ll be dealing Damage and supporting.

The second recommended rotation is SSJ4 Vegeta and UR Trunks (Teen) (Future). The two only share +2 Ki in Link Skills and 25% in ATK Links once Trunks transforms, but they don’t need a perfectly cohesive rotation to be superstars on the Team. Since both are self-sufficient in Ki, ATK, and DEF, this is a strong pair for long and short events.

The floaters are SSJ God SS Vegeta and Bulla. The former is great, but it’s up to the player to decide if he should be a floater or main rotation with either SSJ4 Vegeta or Trunks (Teen) (Future). Bulla, however, is strictly support and does very well as a floater. She Team Buffs +3 Ki and +40% ATK, making her a valuable asset, but she doesn’t take Damage well. Luckily she has a built-in dodge mechanic, so she’s not completely defenseless. 

Recommended Alternates

This Team has several great alternates, many of which bring great utility and Damage.

Recommended Events

This Team can perform extremely well in every Event and can defeat all but only the most difficult ones in the game with relative ease.

This Team performs particularly well against Extreme Z-Battle: Courage Awakened Super Saiyan Goku Jr., where Vegeta’s Family has an advantage over any other category.

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