Through the Looking Glass - Stolen Dreams (e5)

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Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Defeat both Bosses

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • RFHG with Taunt Fairy

Clear Steps

This map is surprisingly difficult if you don't bring the right tools.
On normal mode, the bosses have low enough health that can you nuke them down before they become an issue, and a level 10 Taunt fairy has just barely enough HP to tank the normal nodes.

Specifically for Suzuka, being ready to retreat your HG as she fires her RPG is highly recommended (tap your HG to slow down time, stare at Suzuka with the retreat button ready to be tapped, and the moment her RPG fires tap the retreat button). 
Make sure to pay attention to who she targets with her first RPG, then restart combat and be ready to retreat kite them next attempt.

The second boss is a pushover if you kill him quickly, but if you don't he will deal constant damage to all your units, causing link losses almost instantly.

As DPS is everything, and the backline absolutely must die first, we're using a RFHG here:
- M14 is a perfectly fine starting RF (she gains almost no benefit from mod1, so this is basically just a premod M14).
- SCAR-H is a good generalist RF (though she is far stronger when combined with SCAR-L).
- Stechkin is a good RoF buffing HG, fairly easy to craft.
- P22 is permanently farmable and is one of the best just general HGs.
- PPK is great if your RFs don't have maxed scopes yet, like in this example.
- Taunt Fairy is critical for this, as the enemy KSVK and A545 hit just way too hard, and tanking them with Taunt makes this actually possible.

The Hidden Achievement is for not using Camouflage detection at all.

Video Guides:

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