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2B14 is one of the three starter Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units available to the Commander. Her most important stat is Lethality.

Unlike the two other starter HOCs, 2B14's niche lies with direct unit damage and debuffing, with a skillset that effectively leverages her extremely high Lethality stat to rain down death from above. Enemies that survive her attacks will be further debuffed, further weakening them for easy pickings by the Commander's T-Doll echelon. 

When 2B14 reaches her full potential, her Battlefield Bombardment can hit enemies in a radius of 4 for far more damage than an Airstrike Fairy, repeatedly over the course of a battle. 

While 2B14 has a range of 3 just like AGS-30, 2B14's low Pierce stat makes her unsuited for breaking Force Shields or damaging enemy structures

For more information, check out the Full Analysis section.


Initial Stats → Level 100 → Theoretical Max*

*Includes maximum Iteration and Chip bonuses

Range 3
Lethality 51 → 152 → 621 Pierce 20 → 58 → 146
Precision 46 → 135 → 276 Reload 54 → 160 → 323

Minimum Enhancement Capsules to max: x197

  • Lethality: 152 - 51 = x101
  • Pierce: (58 - 20) / 3 = x13
  • Precision: (135 - 46) / 3 = x30
  • Reload: (160 - 54) / 2 = x53


Battlefield Bombardment
Initial CD: 0s (~3s until it hits)
Level 10 Effect Launch an attack that deals 1.8x Lethality to enemies within a radius of 4 every 10 seconds.
Lesson in Pain
Level 10 Effect Deal an extra 0.25x Lethality against targets without a force shield.
Obstruction Veil
Level 10 Effect Every attack has a 40% chance to decrease enemy Damage and Accuracy by 12% for 5 seconds.

Circuit Board

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
Stat Cap
Res. Bonus
Same Color Bonus
Tiles Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
4 +16 +6
10 +3 +5
16 +36
20 +4 +8
24 +58 +7
28 +8 +10
32 +82 +8
Total +192 +15 +22 +22


Level Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
+2 +4
+2 +3 +4
★☆ +3 +6
★★ +4 +4 +4
★★☆ +5 +5
★★★ +6 +9
★★★☆ +7 +3 +6
★★★★ +7 +10
★★★★☆ +4 +5 +9
★★★★★ +10 +6
Total +50 +15 +29 +34

Should I use Data Patches to iterate this HOC? 

See the Iteration Priority Recommendations section. 

Full Analysis

2B14 is a Heavy Ordnance Corps unit unlike either of the two other release HOCs; while her low Pierce stat means she's no good at destroying Force Shields or enemy structures, 2B14 brings to the table an incredibly high Lethality stat that cements her role as a carpet-bombing AoE damage dealer.

At maximum Lethality, 2B14 can deal well over 1,000 AoE damage in a massive radius of 4, even faster than an Airstrike Fairy.

When the player is done raising BGM-71 to Level 60 and wants to try out 2B14, she can be raised to level 40 then 60 so that she can equip 5★ Chips to raise her most important stat, Lethality.

  • The vast majority of 2B14's Lethality stat comes from her Circuit stat cap and Same Color Bonus. While leveling her beyond 60 will raise her Lethality somewhat, her damage output is highly dependent on rarity and high Lethality Chips of the same color. 
    • Unlike the other two HOCs, same color bonus is much more proportionally important for 2B14's performance; high Lethality orange Chips should be given to her as a priority. 
  • Reload and Precision can help augment 2B14's damage output, while Pierce can be safely ignored. 

    Each of 2B14's regular shots is a single mortar hit dealing 1x Lethality and Pierce in a 2 radius AoE. This is a larger radius than both BGM-71 and AGS-30

    True to her niche, 2B14 prioritizes the most densely-packed area, increasing the odds that she'll hit as many enemies as possible every shot. 

    2B14 will mostly see use when the player needs AoE support to reduce enemy attrition; when properly raised, 2B14 can downright cripple densely-packed enemy formations as soon as the battle starts, making the encounter much easier to survive.

    • This niche isn't strictly necessary in Continuum Turbulence, but it eventually becomes a massive boon; commanders should not neglect 2B14 just because she isn't good at countering Force Shields, because her peerless damage can save their bacon in future events. 
    Skill Training Priority
    Battlefield Bombardment
    Initial CD: 0s (~3s until it hits)
    Lv. 4 > 7 > 10
    Battlefield Bombardment is 2B14's primary AoE nuke, but since it doesn't exponentially scale at higher levels like BGM-71 and AGS-30's skills, maxing it isn't as high of a priority.

    While the cooldown between shots decrease significantly (24s → 10s), the initial salvo is always immediate, so there's no need to rush leveling the skill to let 2B14 do her job.
    Obstruction Veil
    Lv. 1 > 4 > 7 > 10
    Obstruction Veil is a very nice debuff, but downright killing the enemy is always preferred and it doesn't scale very well at later levels.

    Max Battlefield Bombardment before raising Obstruction Veil past Lv. 7.
    Lesson in Pain
    Lv. 1 > 4 > 6 > 10
    Lesson in Pain doesn't multiply your damage dealt, but rather adds an extra hit that deals the shown multiplier. It isn't as strong as it looks, so it can be left for last.
    2B14 vs. Airstrike Demonstration

    A simple 2B14/Airstrike Fairy test, showing her Battlefield Bombardment landing before Airstrike Fairy and dealing more damage.

    2B14 in the video shown is at less than half of her maximum damage potential. 

    2B14 Damage Showcase

    Damage test run with 2B14 at 3 red stars. 


    The 2B14 Podnos is a mortar manufactured by the Soviet Union since 1983 and has seen use in armed conflicts around the world even after dissolution of the USSR. It is capable of firing at up to 30 rounds per minute. 

    • Over two-thirds of 2B14's theoretical maximum Lethality stat of 621 comes from the Circuit Board (+227) and Same Color Bonus (+192).
    • Each 2B14 operator has a different eye color. 
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