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AT4 is a 2-range ATW, similar to BGM-71, whose focus is less on breaking Force Shields and more on dealing extra damage to enemies with Force Shields and leaving fire everywhere. As with all ATWs, she prioritizes targets with the highest Force Shield Value, not percentage.

As AT4 is a 2-range ATW, it makes the most sense to compare her to BGM-71 as opposed to Mk 153 (whose 3 range makes her superior in most situations). BGM-71 has a heavy focus on her very high Pierce stat, while AT4 has slightly lower Pierce, but also deals additional damage to enemies through her Skill 1 and Skill 3.

For more information, check out the Full Analysis section.


Initial Stats → Level 100 → Theoretical Max*

*Includes maximum Iteration and Chip bonuses

Range 2
Lethality 38 → 113 → 436 Pierce 88 → 261 → 631
Precision 96 → 284 → 566 Reload 45 → 134 → 266


Normal Attack
Launch a missile to deal 1.5x Lethality and 1x Pierce to the main target and deal 0.5x avoidable Lethality and 1x unavoidable Pierce to enemies within a radius of 1.5.
(Both instances can hit the main target, only second instance can hit others.)
Impact Sputter
Level 10 Effect Attacks on targets with active Force Shields have a 100% chance to deal an extra 2x Lethality to enemies within a radius of 2.5.
Blinding Flash
Level 10 Effect Attacks have a blinding effect that decrease the accuracy of enemies within the normal attack range by 20% for 6 seconds. Does not stack.
Violent Burn
Level 10 Effect Attacks have a burning effect that deal 0.2x Lethality every 0.5 second to enemies within the normal attack range for 5 seconds.

Circuit Board

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
Stat Cap
Res. Bonus
Same Color Bonus
Tiles Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
4 +12 +5
10 +5 +5
16 +27 +7
22 +10 +9
28 +35 +10
32 +12 +12
36 +46 +18
Total +120 +45 +33 +15


Level Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
+3 +5
+7 +8
★☆ +4 +10
★★ +8 +9
★★☆ +5 +10
★★★ +6 +10
★★★☆ +11 +12
★★★★ +7 +17
★★★★☆ +12 +15
★★★★★ +9 +16
Total +34 +64 +59 +27

How should I prioritize this HOC? 

Full Analysis

AT4 and BGM-71 both have skills that increase their damage output, but they are most effective in very different areas. BGM-71 prefers a single target she can repeatedly strike to get stacks, while AT4 doubles her Lethality while striking Force Shields and leaves fire that helps clear out groups of enemies. As such AT4 is generally better against groups of enemies while BGM-71 is better against single targets, such as Bosses or lone Patrollers.

In the older events, just after HOCs were introduced, Force Shield values were rather low, and BGM-71's very high Pierce was often overkill. In newer events in Ranking specifically, enemies start having so high Force Shield values that AT4's lack of a focus on breaking Force Shields leaves her behind both BGM-71 and Mk 153 when it comes to this aspect.

Skill 2 isn't especially useful, but can occasionally have interactions with dolls that like extra debuffs on enemies, such as RO635.

Example of AT4's fire burning Strelets after hitting an Uhlan. Thanks to Ceia for providing the footage.


The AT4 (also AT-4) is a Swedish unguided anti-tank missile produced by Saab Bofors Dynamics - the same manufacturer of C-MS. It's a huge commercial success and is one of the most widely used anti-tank weapons today. 

  • AT4's operators are differentiated by their hair accessory as well as differently-colored ribbons. 
  • Their uniform is themed after the Flag of Sweden.
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