GitS SAC_2045 Collab: "Through the Looking Glass"

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GFL's collab event with Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045. This Collab features 3 New Extra Rarity Dolls.

The Welfare drop system first introduced with the first White Day event continues, without much change this time around. 

While farming enemies and S-ranking stages can drop limited T-Dolls as usual, each battle or S-rank clear in the event will award either a Nova Medal or Platinum Medal.

5★ T-Dolls will cost x500, while 4★ T-Dolls will cost x400.

Excess Medals can also be used to purchase Strawberry Custard Cakes, costing x5 or x5 each. (Limit 200 cakes)

The Collab Dolls are sadly not very impressive, as described on their individual pages found here:

Event Stages & Clear Guides

This event can be easily completed by all Commanders within its duration. This event is more dialogue than Combat, making for an extra easy clear for players of all skill levels.  A new Commander who takes advantage of the New Player Career Quest Rewards will have no trouble clearing the entire event before it ends. 

Clear Rewards for stages include one of our Collab Dolls. 

Event Shop

The event shop contains all the usual Collab things including 1 Dolls an assortment of special equipment, icons and so on. Other useful grabs include the unique Combat Reports and Affection Items. 

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