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BGM-71 is the first HOC any player should get, due to an Achievement granting 5 BGM-71 Central Data upon first performing a Data Analysis with Original Samples.

BGM-71 is an ATW, whose Pierce stat is far higher than other types of HOCs, and like other ATWs, she prioritizes whoever has the highest Force Shield Value (as opposed to highest Force Shield % value).

BGM-71 has the highest Pierce stat of all the ATWs, and combined with her Skill 1, can absolutely obliterate Force Shields in just one or two hits. This makes her extremely valuable for newer Commanders who just need to be able to deal with Force Shields swiftly.

As an added bonus, due to her very high Pierce stat she also excels at taking out enemy structures as Pierce = Structure Damage.

For more information, check out the Full Analysis section.


Initial Stats → Level 100 → Theoretical Max*

*Includes maximum Iteration and Chip bonuses

Note that BGM-71 cannot max out the Board and not all stats can reach max at the same time.

Range 2
Lethality 52 → 155 → 547 Pierce 135 → 402 → 891
Precision 118 → 349 → 647 Reload 28 → 83 → 153


Normal Attack
Launch a missile to deal 1.5x Lethality and 1x Pierce to the main target and deal 0.5x avoidable Lethality and 1x unavoidable Pierce to enemies within a radius of 1.5.
(Both instances can hit the main target, only second instance can hit others.)
Charged Missile
Level 10 Effect Fires an enhanced missile after every 2 normal attacks to deal an extra 1.8x Lethality to the center and increase this unit's Pierce by 60% for 8 seconds.
The first attack is always an enhanced missile.

(1st, 4th, 7th... shots are enhanced missiles.)
Reload Procedure
Level 10 Effect Increase Reload Speed by 8% after every reload. Max 5 stacks.
Thrill of the Hunt
Level 10 Effect Increase Lethality by 10% per hit on the same target. Max 5 stacks.

Circuit Board

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
Stat Cap
Res. Bonus
Same Color Bonus
Tiles Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
4 +16 +6
10 +8 +3
16 +36 +8
22 +14 +10
28 +46 +6
32 +18 +14
36 +60 +26
Total +158 +66 +38 +9


Level Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
+4 +6
+10 +9
★☆ +5 +6
★★ +12 +10
★★☆ +7 +15
★★★ +8 +12
★★★☆ +16 +14
★★★★ +9 +10
★★★★☆ +18 +18
★★★★★ +12 +24
Total +45 +95 +69 +16

How should I prioritize this HOC? 

Full Analysis

BGM-71 is the strongest HOC for hard countering enemy Force Shields, and should be raised to level 40 then 60 (as soon as the player finishes upgrading the Training Range to Level 10) so that BGM-71 can equip 5★ Chips to raise her most important stat, Pierce.

  • This requires x209 and x836 respectively. The Black Market sells x600 each month, so there should be plenty to let her reach Level 60 before Continuum Turbulence
  • While BGM-71 ought to be raised as a priority over 2B14 and AGS-30, the other two HOCs should still be leveled when the player has resources to spare. 

Her normal attack deals 1.5x Lethality and 1x Pierce to the main target, as well as 0.5x Lethality and 1x Pierce to enemies within a 1.5 radius AoE.

Since BGM-71's first shot is always a Charged Missile that deals up to 1.8x Lethality and she prioritizes the most shielded target, this can instantly neutralize force shields on the most threatening enemies and makes BGM-71 invaluable for fights against enemy factions that frequently deploy shielded enemies. 

As a new player, simply put the most Pierce possible on BGM-71. Same Color Bonus doesn't matter for this as you simply need more Pierce.

When BGM-71 reaches 5☆, you can use ChipCalc to max out her board as much as possible. (Or use the in game Auto-Arrange if you do not care about optimizing.)


The BGM-71 TOW ("Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided") is an American-made anti-tank missile first produced in the 70s. It's seen use in numerous wars across the world and is widely fielded even today. 

  • BGM-71 is the only HOC unit with four operators, but only three of them (excluding the operator with blonde hair) have a dorm idle animation.
  • Each operator's costume has motifs corresponds to playing card suits. 
    • From left to right: Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs.
  • In BGM-71's defeat animation, Clubs is seen chasing after Hearts, who panics and runs the wrong way towards the enemy. 
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