Priest's Supper
Respecting Snow Where Flowers Bloom
Tiger-Hunting Ascetics
Nothing To Do
Warmaidens' Provisions
The Last Weapon
The Pure White I Saw That Summer
Cruising Date
Projection Loading
Pleasure Hunt
Thank You For Your Hard Work!
Holy Lance Longinus
Ocean Flyer
Summer, Ice Cream, and Viy
Incident at a Certain Sea
Like A Lady
Ichiyo Returns
Holy Heart
Burning Disappointment
Treasure of Caribbean
Goredolf Special
The Lone Bearer is Here
Recommended Books for Chaldean Summer
Chaldea VR (Controllers Included)
Chainsaw of the Dead
Playing the Spring Strings
Twinkling Stars
Greatest Ocean
Hell's Kitchen
Tournament Star
Dancing Tops
At the End of the Dream
Touhachi Bishamonten
God of War
The Eulogized Shot
Scale of the Stars
El-Melloi Tea-Time
Old and Strong
My Mask, My Cup of Poisoned Alcohol​
Unforgettable One
Sea Angel
An Incident on a Certain Mountain
The Sky on that Day
Glorious Cherry Blossoms
Inferno Sword
Light of Wisdom
Emerald Float
Royal Icing
Fang-Sharp Shadow Blade
Sakamoto Detective Agency
The Beginning of Ambition
Double-Tiered Kasa
Planet Rock
A Gift From Ra
Witches' Kitchen
New Beginnings
Solo Stage
Welcome Bunny
Dive to Blue
Dream From The Cradle
Meeting of the Heirs
Mark on a Smiling Face
Painting Summer
Last Encore
Witch Under the Moonlight
Kaleid Sapphire
Kill on Sight
Shiny Goddess
Faithful Companions
Mugashiki - Shinkuu Myōu
Ring of Bay Laurel
Bratan of Wisdom
Tamamo's Fan Club
Hecate's Staff
Glitter of the Goddess (Euryale)
Faceless King
Gift from the Queen
Art of the Poisonous Snake
Reaching the Zenith of My Skill
Another Ending
Thunderous Applause
The Azure Black Keys
Formal Craft