Brief Overview Summer 2018 (Part 2)

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Brief Overview Summer 2018 (Part 2)


All was well on Piglet Island when we left. Not only did we have a nice backdrop to look at, the event was fun and joyous! Hopefully, Masters will have completed the majority of their farming as Part 2 of the event carries a different set of class-based Servant Bonus drops and your Support list may not be as ideal anymore. However, there's still plenty of time left to farm, and otherwise Masters can chew some apples that the event itself awarded. 

Part 2 is quite different, as Masters will soon find out, and not to the better in terms of quality. Not only is the story a bit less interesting, the enemies in Part 2 are much more annoying. After all, this part of the event contains the dreaded Tesla Free Quest node. A fiercesome opponent, who, if you thought the Gazer was bad, will really laugh at your feeble attempts to contain his damage and/or Noble Phantasm. 

Fortunately, they made some changes, but other aspects are less ideal!

  • They reduced the amount of enemy classes in a single Free Quest! Masters can now select a class counter more easily.

  • Part 2 mainly contains enemy Servants to defeat. These are more dangerous, and most annoyingly to any farmer, don't drop Secret Gems. 

  • Naturally class-based bonuses return, yet they still don't quite match up properly.

  • Summertime Mistress grants no bonus in Part 2. Masters need to buy a new CE called Chaldea Lifesavers.

  • In addition there is a new Challenge Quest which is....literally a stampede of high HP AoE enemies with no special abilities whatsoever. It's generally more difficult than the Crab battle as the Part 1 Challenge Quest had some clear solutions. At least a certain Saber will get his chance to shine!


In this part Masters can finally permanently acquire Scathach (Assassin) by completing Part 2's Main Quest! In addition, the Event Shop will have multiple copies available that can be purchased with a specific item acquired by completing certain post-Main Quest...Quests (and 1 Brilliant Summer Quest). Make sure to gather her ascension materials back in Part 1 as well, as this is the last chance to acquire her.

Otherwise, Part 2 will work much like Part 1.

  • Progress through the main quests to unlock higher difficulty quests and new farming locations.

  • Daily quests return and give out additional event currency as well as drop large(r) amounts of QP than in Part 1. Bring those Mona Lisa Craft Essences to each and every one of them for extra QP.

  • The main quest is gated by developing a certain amount of buildings each time.

  • To develop something, a Master has to gather the required amount of building materials.

  • The building materials are the event currency for this event.

  • Gather building materials from free quests and daily quests.

  • Each development project has three options and is tied to the summer Servants.

  • Completing a building rewards a player with Mana Prisms and a unique voice line from the Summer Servants the building is associated with.

  • After completing the main quest, a Master can reset all buildings and start over (all free quests remain available) for more voice lines and Mana Prisms.

  • Note: The final Development Quests 12 grants a Crystalized Lore for each seperate completion. Masters are highly advised to demolish it and rebuild it twice for all 3 Crystalized Lore.

  • Tip: Do not purchase the Event CE Chaldea Lifesavers until after the Main Quest is completed - unless a Master has too many of one certain Event Currency (not likely).

  • Tip 2: The Statue built for Development Quest 15 in Part 1 is required to progress in Chapter 3 in Part 2 of the Event. Be careful when demolishing it, or make sure to rebuild it.

Rerun Farming

Initially, the best farming locations are still locked behind main quest progression. Therefore, prioritise the developments quests to unlock new free quests. Make sure to do the daily quest as well for extra event currency and QP.

  • Part 2 of Revival Summer 2018 has different Class Bonus combinations as Part 1. See the table below for which Event Currency is boosted by which class/CE. 

  • To maximize the total drops, try to only include bonus Servants for the currencies that drop in each node. Always try to prioritize the Event Currency with the highest total drop rate. 

  • The Kazemai datamine from last year still seems to be correct after we did a few random checks, for Part 2 we believe the Skill Gem Drop rate to still be reasonably accurate (so we kept it listed).

  • Cement and Oil drop from every quest except for the Contaminated Area. Therefore, try to farm them last unless they are required for Main Quest Progression.

  • Each quest location except for the Restored City has a chance to spawn random Hermit Crab enemies. These Crabs are no longer Saber class enemies and will instead adjust their class to the common enemy in that node. 

  • Don't forget the daily quests when calculating how many Event Currency one still needs! There are still some Daily Quests left to complete in Part 1 by the time Part 2 launches, so make sure not to forget to complete them.

  • To reiterate, only buy the Event CE Chaldea Lifesavers after the lvl 90 difficulty (Storm) has been unlocked as unlocking the best farming nodes earlier is more valuable than getting extra drops that need a number of runs to pay off.

  • 5 copies of Chaldea Lifesavers can be bought from the Event Shop.

  • The bonus from an MLB Chaldea Lifesavers (relevant to returning Masters, new Masters should only Limit-break Event CEs after the Event) is higher than non-MLB gacha CEs for each of their respective nodes.

ClassEvent CE Event Bonus (MLB)
Gold ShielderGold SaberGold Assassin Oil +1 (+2)
Gold LancerGold BerserkerGold Ruler Cement +1 (+2)
Gold ArcherGold Mooncancer Realta Alloy +1 (+2)
Gold CasterGold Alter Ego Eadrom Alloy +1 (+2)
Gold RiderGold Avenger Uisce Alloy +1 (+2)

A few lessons from last year

  • Completing the Main Quest can be fairly tricky for completely new Masters as the Main Quest has forced story supports. Make sure to reach the final fight early so that Command Seals are always available for a full revive if worst comes to worst. 
  • Many of the nodes have been made easier, but some of them still have some different classes and some of the class bonuses are out of sync with the boss of the best node.
  • The Tesla Free Quest for example does not entirely sync up with the Lancer class's bonus.
  • Of course, Masters may wish to give up a +1 bonus here and there for an easier time, especially as the bonus can stack quite high anyway. 
  • This is especially recommended for the Tesla node as he has both 2 skills that charge his NP, an AoE NP,  and an Invincibility Pierce.