MMM - Feudal Flunkies Flop Final Fight, Fraternal Failure Finishes Self Fruitlessly (GudaGuda 2020)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Gudaguda 5
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“Looks like GudaGuda Honnouji ended last year…”

“What happens when GudaGuda Honnouji ends?”

“You don’t know?”

Rath laughs, smoking a cigarette but actually not because smoking’s bad for you.

“That’s when GudaGuda Honnouji begins.”

NA Release Date: 10/2022



All joking aside, they really got me with that. I was seriously convinced GudaGuda had ended with the previous event. I guess throwing Okita and Nobu at FGO is going to be eternal.

But keeping on track, this new event is set in the Yamatai Kingdom, a somewhat-Apocryphal kingdom within the Japanese Archipelago around the 2nd to 3rd century AD. Himiko is something of a mythological queen of that era, and so it’s natural she’s a Servant for the event. Just consider her kind of like the Gilgamesh of Japan’s equivalent to Uruk and you have a decent idea.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Territory Creation A

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.

Pure Body A

Apply Poison and Curse Immune to self.


So far as Rulers go, Himiko reaches firmly in the middle of the pack of her SSR companions, reaching a good balance of HP and Attack, or at least relative for the Ruler class. With both 3rd best Attack and 3rd worst HP, she’s hardly breaking any conventions, but for where she’s placed, her stats are still higher than average, trading 313 attack for 893 hp compared to Amakusa, or 828 hp for 682 atk compared to Qin Shi Huang. So no matter how you look at it, she’s gotten a good deal out of her stats.

Moving on to her passives, Himiko is actually a rarity in the Ruler class, possessing more than just one passive. While she possesses the standard high Magic Resistance, letting her shrug off debuffs fairly frequently, she also packs A-rank Territory Creation, giving a notable boost to her Arts cards, and a unique passive - Pure Body. Well, it’s actually a subtle Japanese pun using most of the characters for the skill we know as “Natural Body”, but if that isn’t hard to translate, I don’t know what is. Anyway, this passive makes Himiko immune to both Poison and Curse, something that could be useful, but likely won’t come in handy until we suddenly get thrown a hellish Challenge Quest using it.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how splendiferous is the timely charms of Queen Himiko? On one hand, she’s a treasure to behold:

With both her powerful stargen off her Charisma and her NP’s benefits, Himiko makes for a decent support. Both the direct Buster-centric buffs from her NP and the more nuanced Overcharge boost can give benefits to a composition, and even if Himiko can’t really be called a fully-fledged support, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a lady who can both give your main offensive Servant a one-up and demolish herself by tapping her second and third skills.

Himiko herself, however, is probably more potent as an offensive option. With the ability to potentially feed herself critical buffs from her NP, as well as the crazy offensive Burst she has in a NPBB chain, Himiko is nothing to scoff at when she’s getting the aid of a Merlin or two. Adding in that her own NP’s Overcharge boost gives Merlin extra stars off of his NP, you can really make a perpetual motion machine of crits between the two of them.

Himiko is a bulky gal. With her large HP score and Ruler class advantage, Himiko will have an absurd effective HP pool versus most targets, not even factoring in her Invincible skill option should she need to block a NP. I suppose her Poison and Curse immunity also gets a passing mention, as it makes her immune to two of the three forms of DoTs in the game, for when it becomes relevant.

However, she’s also something of an outdated relic:

I don’t like to throw the words “Arts meta” around willy-nilly, but with how practically every fight in FGO nowadays tends to have relatively low HP thresholds with multiple break bars, fights requiring boss-killing damage is less about doing a big bang of damage in one moment, but being able to do a sufficient sum frequently. While Himiko’s damage output isn’t limited by how frequently she can NP, it is limited by the card hand mechanics, meaning she won’t get more than her 2 Buster cards every 3 turns outside of exceptions like Summer BB or hand shuffles. So while her offense is great, it may not in practice be particularly useful for upcoming difficult content.

The Ruler class has a lot of perks, but its drawback is having no common exclusive class advantage. For practically every class there’s at least one very strong critical Servant who can likely surpass Himiko’s damage output by virtue of class advantage. Even in her own class, Qin Shi Huang is generally a stronger option for a last resort anti-Mooncancer option due to his powerful solo potential. Versatility has its advantages, but the drawbacks also sting.

All-in-all, Himiko is far from a bad Servant. She takes and uses the benefits of her class fairly well, acting as a versatile mixture of Buster support and selfish crit Servant, and she doesn’t necessarily have to commit to either even within a single battle. Whether with the support or others or left to her own devices, Himiko is capable, being able to dish out damage and endure NP’s in pinch moments, while enduring a fair sum of damage. She may not reap the benefits of an exceptionally focused kit, but she’s not going to be a bad option for the majority of single-target quests. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Saito Hajime


Man, there’s something about the dude’s expression that I just like. Maybe I just like the “casual hitman” kind of characters anime throws out sometimes. Or I’m expecting him to scream “I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING” whenever he NP’s. It’s a mixed bag.

Servant Data
Max HP 11,873
HP Rank
Max ATK 9,425
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,570Base HP1,899
Max Atk 9,425 Max HP 11,873
Grail Atk 11,412 Grail HP 14,396
Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Independent Action C

Increase your Critical Strength by 6%.


As almost seems typical now for Japanese 4* Sabers, Saito doesn’t have a bad stat spread, but he’s certainly a little weak in the stat total area. When you’re only slightly better off than Nero and Hokusai Saber, that certainly shows. Being very middle-of-the-pack in both HP and Attack, neither is really a weakness for Saito, but hey, still kind of weak on the stat department in general.

So far as Passives go, Saito is slightly deviant from what’s typical for Sabers. No surprise on the low-ranking Magic Resistance considering his time period, but he also has a neat bonus of Independent Action, giving him a minor boost to his crit damage. For an Arts-focused Saber, it’s better than Riding, at least. Not bad.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how keen is Saito’s blade? On one hand, he has a form without equal:

With simply one skill, Saito has a very formidable crit damage presence, getting more or less the flexible equivalent of a 1-turn +30% attack and 100% critical damage buff. With his Independent Action and card boost effects added on, he can really bring the pain when his cards pop up, provided he has the stars to match. With his first skill’s star bomb, even that isn’t much of an issue.

Saito’s NP spam is just crazy. While lacking a gauge charger can sometimes be a handicap for that kind of specialty, he makes up for it in just the sheer sum of refund he can muster. As a frame of reference, I’ve used Summer Hokusai for farming on ST-focused nodes before, and Saito’s NP refund is roughly 50% better than Hokusai’s. Being able to get to full gauge off a ST NP without having to set up a full chain is silly enough as it is.

On top of just being able to spam NP, Saito doesn’t lack in the actual damage inflicted. His one-off NP damage is hitting above the average for Servants of his rarity, and it doesn’t exactly fall off after multiple NP’s due to how his Arts Resist Down stacks up. Combined with his high critical damage output, and it gets pretty scary.

If that all weren’t enough, he also has a defensive option in his Evasion skill, making him not too difficult to cover for with supports. With an option to avoid being wiped by NP turns, you can comfortably build teams around enhancing his offense instead when tackling challenge quests, something which other Servants may lack. Though he isn’t overwhelmingly durable outside of that, it’s typically the most important factor.

However, he also has an ugly side to his swordplay:

As much as Saito thrives off of crits, and the various benefits from getting them, he can’t really supply them himself. His first skill’s star bomb is useful in that regard, but his Arts-focused kit and poor stargen isn’t going to feed his own desire for stars, especially with the lack of a star focus skill. So he really wants his supports to be packing 2030’s. That can limit team build options in many scenarios, though you might think it’s a no-brainer to run double 2030’s for a crit-focused Servant anyway. Still, star supply is needed.

Saito, despite being probably the least complex in the series of Arts crit ST 4* Sabers (ranging from Saberlot, to Yagyu, to Summer Medb, to Hokusai Saber), manages to keep efficiency in his simplicity. He hits hard. He’s focused on just ensuring his damage is high, he has a defensive tool down without having other parts of his kit tied into it, and most importantly his NP spam is one of the most absurd in the game, allowing him to keep his NP rolling on itself even with poor card luck or low star supply. When he has those things, Saito is just downright vicious. He might face stiff competition from Hokusai Saber due to the sizable gap in NP damage, but frankly Hokusai Saber is also absurdly good in the present Arts-focused meta, so it’s no real drawback to be playing second fiddle to her. Saito is just superb. Rath™ Seal of Approval with a recommendation.

Oda Nobukatsu


Hah, I have to say it’s a pleasant surprise he’s in the game. His status as a 1* Archer is fitting considering in lore he can only manifest by leeching off Nobu’s Saint Graph, and on top of that his kit is, well, I’ll get into that.

Also with his ascension forms he’s technically the first swimsuit male that isn’t a costume, so go him. Pako just knows how to draw the hot boys.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Independent Action C

Increase your Critical Strength by 6%.


While it’s hard to assess for a 1*’s needless to say Nobukatsu’s base stats are awful. For his rarity, he has absolutely abysmal attack after the Archer 0.95x attack modifier is accounted for, being roughly second-worst in the game, after Mozart, and roughly even with Mata Hari. His HP is “high” to compensate, but remains still barely above average for a bronze Servant, which again, is still poor in general.

Grails might be able compensate for that, but his low stats to begin with means the scaling from them is pretty terrible. So yeah, Bronze life in a nutshell. At least he has cheap levelling/ascension and free NP5.

For Passives, Nobukatsu has the standard you’d want from the Archer class. As in, both Magic Resistance and Independent Action, but at pretty low ranks. Neither will ever be of much use to him, but they’re there, at least.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how useful is Nobukatsu in actuality? On one hand, he performs a noble duty for the sake of his team:

I could make a bunch of bullet points covering all the benefits of his suicide lead move, but I pretty much covered that in the NP section. The long and short of it is, Nobukatsu can provide a plethora of powerful buffs to 2 teammates while effectively only costing a turn, Servant slot, and the 15 cost to deploy him an a LB Kaleidoscope. Whether that’ll be worthwhile varies, but it is both fun and opens up interesting team compositions.

However, he also performs that sacrifice for a damn good reason:

Nobukatsu is awful at anything else. He provides himself with some decent damage buffs, but his offensive stats are awful, and even grailing him doesn’t really improve that. He’s frail, and his only real team utility he has alive rather than dead is the stars he provides on his second skill, and his ability to use his taunt to absorb a turn’s attacks, likely killing him anyway. Just use his NP and yeet him out for someone better. Dying is all he’s good for. It’s literally his lore.

As with almost all bronze Servants, Nobukatsu is hard to measure. Usually bronzes can struggle to perform and compete with higher-rarity equivalents unless they particularly have useful niches to balance out (such as George’s taunt and durability, or Chen Gong’s farming capability). Thankfully, Nobukatsu is only competing with a fellow bronze for the position of dying on the job, and he does that exceptionally well. By applying all the benefits of his kit then doing a ghetto “Battle Suit Swap”, Nobukatsu can give all the advantages of his existence while not actually existing. Simply scattered, reduced to atoms.

But in all seriousness, outside of the suicide lead with Arash and setting up a super-buffed Nobu, he’s not too spectacular. It’s good those two niches are fairly versatile, especially when 2 of the 3 Nobus are in a “Universal” class. With the kind of buffs Nobukatsu throws out, even the mess that is Maou Nobu can put in some hurt. He’s practically free, costs little to raise and deploy, and he is both fun to use and kind of hot, so I see no issues there. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


GudaGuda Honnouji is eternal. That’s all I’ve been taught in the past week. We’ll eventually have Nobunaga’s entire family line in the game, as well as enough Shinsengumi members to participate in a game of Among Us.

Frankly, I’m losing hype for events and just anticipating for the next chapter in the main story. Casturia as well as Beryl’s lines about his Lostbelt were too much of a tease, and I’m expecting some crazy shit whenever it lands. Judging by DW’s habits with delaying and lengthening each Lostbelt, I’m gonna say at the end of 2021?

Please don’t actually be that.

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