Go Battle League Season 7 Moveset Updates Announced

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Article by Brian Tien

It's now tradition for us to get mid-season moveset updates, and this season is no exception to that established rule. This time around, we can look forward to a bit more power for Dark and Grass Type Pokemon as we move forward.

These updates will go into effect on April 12 at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

New Move: Leaf Storm


A powerful new Grass Type attack (allegedly) that drops the user's Attack after use in a manner similar to Overheat and Draco Meteor. We don't have the actual stats for this move yet, but we can definitely speculate.

On the PvE side, we can see a new Grass Type move for Roserade. If this move can out-perform Grass Knot, then we could have a great new buff for Grass Types as a whole. That aside, it's largely "skip!".

For PvP: these Pokemon are poorly positioned for the most part, with the main exception of Ludicolo, which has niche utility. Leaf Storm would need to be very strong for this to make much of a dent on the open GBL meta.

Improved Distribution: Payback


Payback was introduced for Machamp's Community Day, and now it's being given out to more Pokemon. So what does this mean exactly?

For PvE: nothing. The only Pokemon here with any real impact on the PvE meta is (Mega) Absol, and it prefers to stick with Dark Pulse.

For PvP: it's an interesting move on Bronzong, but its cost is very high. It'll likely be a viable choice over Bulldoze depending on team coverage. That said, the rest are unlikely to see any real utility.

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