Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 3: The Best Use of Super Powered 3

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Legendary Gauntlet #3 is over, and it gave us some Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 3 among its other rewards. This one is a bit interesting, as it’s the first of the Guaranteed Lucky Cookies to give a purely offensive Lucky Skill in the form of Super Powered 3. So what does this one do? It gives a very respectable 30% to Super Effective attacks, and unlike the thoroughly ignored Superduper Effective 1, this skill also has the advantage of effecting Sync Moves alongside normal moves while being a stronger multiplier in itself with its 30% boost.

Right off the bat, this looks like a great skill. It has higher potential damage output than Critical Strike 2, so if you have a Sync Pair that you strictly use for their on-type performance and/or a Sync Pair that can effectively attack with multiple types then this is a natural choice, right? Well, yes and no. While it’s true that this is a Lucky Skill that can boost the maximum damage potential of many Sync Pairs to new levels, it also has a number of downsides that really need to be addressed. The first issue is the fact that many of Pokemon Masters’ stages feature sets of opponents that may not all share the same weakness, and this issue is especially true for Legendary Arena bosses that change their weakness mid-battle, meaning this skill will be ultimately useless for solid portions of many battles. The second issue stems from the limitations that are inferred by the skill itself: “Powers up the user’s moves and sync moves that are Super Effective”.

One of the most natural ways that many will think to go with this skill would be a Dynamax Sync Pair like Sygna Suit Giovanni & Nidoking for their ability to hit effectively from multiple types. However, Max Moves are not boosted by Super Powered 3, but they are boosted by Critical Strike 2! And while it’s still useful for moves and Sync Moves on these pairs, keep in mind that the type of a unit’s Sync Move is set in stone (with only a few exceptions), meaning this skill will be entirely wasted if you want to Sync with your off-type attacker that has on-type coverage. Compare this to the ever-popular Critical Strike 2, and it becomes pretty obvious why this Lucky Skill isn’t as hyped by the community as it may seem like it should be.

And just to add the icing on this cake, the damage difference between Critical Strike 2 and Super Powered 3 is only 10%. That small of a margin will very rarely make the difference between success and failure on a stage, but the outright loss of a boost when Super Powered 3 becomes useless on a stage might make a tangible difference. New Year Volkner & Electivire is a great example of this as they already get so much synergies with on-type effects that it becomes totally overkill to use Super Powered 3 when using them against Electric-weak stages, while the 20% boost from Critical Strike 2 comes in handy when playing off-type. Of course it doesn't mean that this option should be totally disregarded for them - if you strictly use them for on-typer performance, then it will always be the best Lucky Skill to use - all-in-all it really depends on the usage you make of your Sync Pairs.

So is it a bad skill at then end of the day? Absolutely not. As stated, it can definitely have benefits on many Sync Pairs as it can maximize damage output in various situations. However, know the advantages and disadvantages before making this commitment. In particular, newer players that don’t yet have a huge pool of damage-dealers to draw from might be best just holding onto those cookies for the time being, as adding this skill to an attacker sort of pigeon-holes them when compared to the nearly universally useful Critical Strike 2.

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