Aether Raids Tier List Article - May 2021

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List of Changes - May


Pent: Mage General - Tier 1 (Defense)
Erk: Studious Mage - Tier 3
Farina: The Great Wing - Tier 3
Louise: Lady of Violets - Tier 3
Sonia: Inhuman Beauty - Tier 4

Tana: Frelian Starlight - Tier 2
L'arachel: Seeker of Justice - Tier 2 (Defense)
Lyon: Grado's Gaze - Tier 2
Eirika: Twin Refulgence - Tier 1
Innes: Frelian Moonlight - Tier 2

Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight - Tier 1

Edelgard: Hegemon Husk - Tier 1
Dimitri: Savage Boar - Tier 2 (Defense)
Morgan (M): Fated Darkness - Tier 2
Morgan (F): Devoted Darkness - Tier 2
Orson: Passion's Folly - Tier 4


Ryoma: Peerless Samurai  - Tier 1
Ryoma: Supreme Samurai  - Tier 1
Hector: General of Ostia - Tier 2
Hector: Just Here to Fight - Tier 2
Arden: Strong and Tough - Tier 2
Morgan (M): Lad from Afar - Tier 2
Marisa: Crimson Flash - Tier 3
Sumia: Maid of Flowers - Tier 3
Delthea: Free Spirit - Tier 3
Summer Ylgr: Breaking the Ice - Tier 3
Sue: Doe of the Plains - Tier 3
Takumi: Wild Card - Tier 3
Summer Lorenz - Highborn Heat - Tier 4
Quan: Luminous Lancer - Tier 4
Robin (M): High Deliverer - Tier 4


Halloween Hector: Dressed-up Duo - Tier 2
Legendary Edelgard: Flame Emperor - Tier 2
Legendary Alm: Saint-King - Tier 2 (Defense)
Gray: Wry Comrade - Tier 3
Mia: Lady of Blades - Tier 3
Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade - Tier 3
Roy: Blazing Lion - Tier 3
Duo Palla: Sisterly Trio - Tier 3
Julia: Naga's Blood - Tier 3
Deirdre: Lady of the Forest - Tier 3
Celica: Caring Princess - Tier 4
Summer Ingrid: Solstice Knight - Tier 4
Tsubasa: Madcap Idol - Tier 4
Tobin: The Clueless One - Tier 5
Ogma: Loyal Blade - Tier 5
Catria: Middle Whitewing - Tier 5
Est: Junior Whitewing - Tier 5
Tailtiu: Thunder Noble - Tier 5
Gharnef: Dark Pontifex - Tier 5
Henry: Twisted Mind - Tier 5


New Year Alfonse: Askran Duo - Tier 1 (add defense icon)

General Adjustments

Close Save

  • Valentine's Gustav - Majestic Love <TIER 1>
  • Arden - Strong and Tough <TIER 2>

The rise in prominence of space control set-ups was brought up in the previous article. What needs further consideration however are the builds that these set-ups usually run, with Staves, Firesweep Bow, or anything that denies counter-attacks such as Windsweep being a relatively common sight. Usually, a counter to such teams would be to bring a unit with Null C-Disrupt. However, that can result in certain issues as outside of a few units, Null C-Disrupt and Null Follow-Up are mutually exclusive. This is especially true as Seiros represents a significant melee threat..

Hence, a possible solution would be to switch the Null C-Disrupt unit into a ranged specialist while running a melee specialist with Close Save. Most melee units do rely on follow-ups to deal the bulk of their damage, such as Sigurd, Duessel, Pirate Veronica, and the aforementioned Seiros. The above in combination of being able to run other stat boosting skills such as Solo and Stance creates a powerful battery that is difficult to take down.

While the most powerful ranged specialists are recognised on the tier list, the same could not be said for melee ones. Valentine's Gustav being the poster boy of this play style is promoted to Tier 1, while Arden is a very competitive option that is deserving of Tier 2. Players are recommended to bring a Naga along when using Arden to potentially tackle against Seiros. 

General Tomes Adjustments

  • Julia - Naga's Blood <TIER 3>
  • Deirdre - Lady of the Forest <TIER 3>
  • Henry - Twisted Mind <TIER 5>
  • Celica - Caring Princess <TIER 4>
  • Tailtiu - Thunder Noble <TIER 5>
  • Robin (M) - High Deliverer (Resplendent) <TIER 4>
  • Summer Lorenz - Highborn Heat <TIER 4>
  • Delthea - Free Spirit (Resplendent) <TIER 3>
  • Halloween Henry - Happy Vampire <TIER 3>
  • Gharnef - Dark Pontifex <TIER 4>

In the previous update, we discussed the potency of some of the generic tome effects. What we hope to address in this month’s update is the knock-on effect to personal tomes in general. This knock-on effect can be seen in the form of Spendthrift Bow, where most archers resort to using Spendthrift in the first place as it is simply more potent than their personal option.

Hence, we decided that we should do the same for many of the tome units as well. While some of the personal tomes adjusted might still be stronger than the generic options, usually it is not worth the opportunity cost of running a unit with a subpar distribution. Furthermore, we further fixed some of the potential inconsistencies by comparing the numbers between all the generic tome units. We will continue to examine and make changes accordingly should there be more inconsistencies.

Other Adjustments

This update, while not as big as the previous one, seeks to address some of the criticisms that were brought up. Due to the sheer quantity of units in the game and the size of the previous update, there were some inconsistencies within the tier list. As such, we are making the following adjustments:

  • Summer Ylgr - Breaking the Ice <TIER 3>

While having lesser stats than the other promoted axe generics, Summer Ylgr’s stats are fairly well distributed in the offensive context. We do not feel that Summer Ylgr is a tier apart compared to Echidna and Ninja Hana. 

  • Sue - Doe of the Plains <TIER 3>

Fixed a graphical error. 

  • Duo/Young Palla - Sisterly Trio <TIER 3>
  • Summer Ingrid - Solstice Knight <TIER 4>
  • Tsubasa - Madcap Idol <TIER 4>
  • Catria - Middle Whitewing <TIER 5>
  • Est - Junior Whitewing <TIER 5>

Duo Palla is slightly better than the other lance fliers due to Whitedown Spear’s relatively easy to meet follow-up condition. The weapon effect is pretty good even if we ignored the Whitewing double attack effect. However, the lack of any meaningful cooldown mechanics on Duo Palla has led to a demotion to Tier 3. Summer Ingrid and Tsubasa follow the same logic as Erinys in Tier 4, while Est and Catria are further adjusted down. 

  • Gray - Wry Comrade <TIER 3>
  • Mia - Lady of Blades <TIER 3>

After adjustments to the top of the tier list, we felt that these sword units were no longer comparable to the other units in the same tier. 

  • Halloween Hector - Dressed-Up Duo <TIER 2>
  • New Year Alfonse - Askran Duo <TIER 1 (Defense)>

The prominence of Duo Hindrance in the current meta makes both of these units significantly weaker in general. This is especially so for Halloween Hector as his maximum combat potential had always been dependent on his duo skill. While New Year Alfonse can continue to remain competitive by using cooldown support provided by Infantry Pulse, Rafiel or Velouria, the stiffer competition in general made us reconsider his placement as Tier 1 on the merit of offense. His phenomenal physical bulk, the ability to negate follow-up and enabling Duo Hindrance on the defense team continues to make him competitive in the defensive context, hence he is spared from the demotion, for now. 

  • Tobin - The Clueless One <TIER 5>
  • Ogma - Loyal Blade <TIER 5>

We felt that these 2 sword units in particular are not doing well due to their sub-par distribution. Tobin is a jack of all trades with sub-par RES and SPD, whereas Ogma’s RES is a literal death sentence in Aether Raids.

  • Takumi - Wild Card (Resplendent) <TIER 3> 
  • Tana - Winged Princess (Resplendent) <TIER 4>

We adjusted the tiering of these resplendent heroes as their newfound strength was overlooked in the previous updates. 

  • Legendary Roy - Blazing Lion <TIER 3>
  • Say'ri - Chon'sin's Blade <TIER 3>

We re-adjusted some of the sword units with an in-built distant counter to align their tiers with the distant counter weapon refines.

  • Legendary Alm - Saint-King <TIER 2>
  • Legendary Edelgard - Flame Emperor <TIER 2>

Lastly, we adjusted the following Legendary Units as well. As the standards for offensive units increase, Alm's placement in Tier 1 has become more contentious. As for Edelgard, due to space control set-up, it is increasingly more unlikely for Edelgard to be able to get into her win-condition; getting right in front of her foes for multiple rounds of combat in a single turn. 

We also fixed many inconsistencies within the tier list itself in terms of placements and defensive icons. We pushed back the iconography changes to the next update.

Weapon Refinery

Hector - General of Ostia (Resplendent) <TIER 2>

Hector (LA) - Just Here to Fight <TIER 2>

Berserk Armads now shares the same healing effect along with Halloween Fallen Robin and Brave Claude, which synergises with the base effect relatively well; so long as Hector takes damage that is more than 25% of his HP, he will also get a 10 damage boost on top of the healing based on maximum HP. This can be further combined with cooldown acceleration such as Special Fighter or Brave Lucina’s Geirskogul. 

However, he faces the same issues that plague Fallen Robin, as 30% healing might actually not be sufficient to sustain over extended periods of time. This is also compounded by the lack of resistance, which is generally unfavorable due to the presence of hard hitting mages. 

Sumia - Maid of Flowers <TIER 3>

The second unit with a Canto skill with flat movement similar to Reginn. What is worth noting about Sumia is her weapon providing what is essentially a Wings of Mercy with a higher HP threshold. This does mean that when constructing a Galeforce team, the recoil required to activate the said skill is much lower. 

While the weapon is definitely unique, it does not help Sumia in obtaining the relevant Galeforce charges due to lack of cooldown acceleration, cooldown reduction or any form of guaranteed follow-up. Coupled with her below pair stat distribution, she might not get the Galeforce charge. In some ways, Sumia is a middle ground between a typical Galeforce unit and Lilith, as Sumia has enhanced mobility similar to Lilith, but sacrifices some mobility for the ability to Galeforce. As such she is considered for Tier 3.

Quan - Luminous Lancer <TIER 4>

Quan’s weapon could not be more vanilla with simply a flat boost of +10 ATK and +10 DEF, and a drive buff from 3 spaces. Combat wise it is much weaker than the competition due to the lack of other mechanics outside of stats, and the stat swing pales in comparison to dedicated support. As he is still a support unit, he is slated for Tier 4.

Morgan (M) - Lad from Afar <TIER 2>

What is essentially Plegian Torch but for all stats, Morgan can be extremely competitive. The main difference is the ability to boost speed, which is something that the Plegian weapons could not do. While there is also a weapon with almost identical effect in the form of Plegian Katarina’s weapon, being Infantry is a great advantage due to having access to actually competent combat skills such as Null Follow-Up and Special Spiral.

With consideration of Plegian Katarina’s placement at Tier 3, we believe that Morgan deserves a tier higher due to his superior movement class as of the time of writing.

Marisa - Crimson Flash <TIER 3>

Marisa’s weapon is rather versatile with both cooldown reduction and an effect akin to Time’s Pulse. The two main considerations of her weapon are Galeforce and the typical dodge tank. As a dodge tank, Marisa obtained a much needed boost offensively due to the boosts in special damage and the attack boost in her refinement. However, the lack of other defensive mechanics does mean that competition is extremely stiff in this department. 

As for Galeforce consideration, Shamshir effectively has the same amount of extra charges (-2) as It’s Curtains…. While this is definitely useful as Curtains is frequently used by many generic lance units for Galeforce, it is still inferior to the other Galeforce weapons, most notably Navarre’s with three extra charges, which does allow some more wiggle room in terms of team construction. 

Ryoma - Supreme Samurai <TIER 1>

Ryoma - Peerless Samurai <TIER 1>

Ryoma waited 25 turns before finally commencing his assault. As Raijinto got a huge boost in terms of Null Follow-Up. The main comparison for both lobster lords would be Mareeta, as Mareeta trades cooldown reduction with A slot access. As Mareeta is also a newer unit compared to the two, there is also a tangible difference between Mareeta and Ryoma in terms of stat distribution. For Legendary Ryoma specifically, Bushido nullifies the weaknesses of fliers by providing dodge damage reduction and effective damage nullification, along with a bonus 7 true damage per hit.

While it is pretty obvious that Legendary Ryoma is the top lobster in this comparison, we also could not deny that the base version of Ryoma competes relatively well with Mareeta as well. By virtue of that we decide that Tier 1 is probably appropriate for both versions of Ryoma.

Hardin - Dark Emperor <TIER 2>

Hardin might be no Brave Hector, but his refinement is relatively solid for his supposed role as a full tank. The additional healing per hit granted by Gradivus could be used to great effect if he can land two hits. This is similar to Fallen Celica’s Beloved Zofia, except Hardin’s speed could potentially complicate his efforts to maximise healing. One possible solution would be to run Odd Follow Up and stack some speed from his support partner, which can be further augmented with his passives and seals. We felt that Tier 2 is a fair assessment. For most people, building Brave Hector is probably more consistent, but for people who just like to use Hardin, they won’t be punished that badly.

Black Knight - Sinister General <TIER 2>

Zelgius - Jet-Black General <TIER 2>

Before the introduction of the Alondite refine, Zelgius and Black Knight often opted for Slaying Edge to leverage on their competitive advantage; access to Black Luna. However, as this sacrifices Alondite’s Distant Counter, this either forces them to run Distant Counter themselves (which is relatively unfortunate) or relegates them to being a specific melee counter in melee range with Near Save. While Alondite solves the issue with the weapon, their stat distribution continues to be a sticking point with inadequate resistance. This meant that even if Black Knight and Zelgius can counterattack from range, a lot of work needs to be done to stack enough resistance to take multiple hits.

The Alondite refinement essentially provides them an alternative build path of success; being a typical tank that takes the foe out in a single Black Luna. However, it could be argued that the Near Save build could probably live without the Alondite boosts. As such we kept them in Tier 2.

Ike - Young Mercenary <TIER 3>

Legendary Ike - Vanguard Legend <TIER 3>

What could be said about Zelgius / Black Knight can also apply to both versions of Ike. Low resistance means that they are similarly susceptible to magic damage. As Infantry units, they are less capable in leveraging strong Infantry options such as dodge damage reductions, and their competitive option is likely to be patching up their lacklustre speed with the free Passive A slot they got, and run Null Follow-Up. We personally do not feel that that is adequate to be considered for a promotion to a higher tier.

An alternative for Legendary Ike would be using Special Spiral and looping Radiant Aether II that he received from the first legendary remix, and either using Flayn for damage reduction or Brave Lucina for increased reliability against Guard against Eliwood. However, as the amount of healing is capped at 50% maximum HP of the opponent, we believe that even in this regard, heals based on the unit’s HP such as the likes of Wind Parthia and last month’s Berserk Armads are likely to see more success. In other words; too much work for too little reward. 

Camus - Sable Knight <TIER 4>

Xander - Paragon Knight <TIER 4>

While these two units have different refines, they both have the exact same problems. Not only do Camus and Xander have low resistance similar to the previously discussed sword units, but they also lack a competitive passive B option to be used for their role as Lulls pales in comparison to the competition from Infantry and Armors (let’s not mention fliers…). While they are definitely much more usable than before, having 3 movement just to press end-turn is not exactly the most optimal. 

Skill Considerations

Near and Far Trace

Canto is finally an inheritable ability, albeit with the main caveat of being reliant on the remaining movement of the said unit. While this skill is inheritable to both fliers and cavalry, it is again unfortunately the case that fliers are getting the short end of the stick in this skill, as warping abilities such as those from Wings of Mercy and Aerobatics will be very likely to use up the remaining movement. 

Near Trace is also likely to be the better ability of the pair of Trace skills. The main reason is due to Galeforce considerations; as Galeforce activates before Canto, a melee cavalry could have a large amount of movement remaining as the unit is already right in front of the foes and would not need to use up their movement to close in. This makes a whole lot of difference in terms of flexibility.

As such, the big winners are largely melee cavalry, with flying beasts being an honorable mention due to the extra movement from transformation. Ranged Fliers also finally got a B skill that is remotely competitive, even if it is unfortunate that the Canto is being based on remaining movement. 


Generics are defined as units that do not have access to a unique weapon. As such, they will be tiered based on similar units from the current tier list placements. An explanation will be provided if required.

  • Erk - Studious Mage <TIER 3>
  • Sonia - Inhuman Beauty <TIER 4>

Tiered based on the relative placement of other generic mages.

  • Louise - Lady of Violets <TIER 3>

While not as fatal as not having SPD or RES, there is a point where having such a low DEF could cause issues. Unlike Ronan, which has the color advantage against the common melee cavalries such as Eliwood, Kempf and now Duo Sigurd, Louise is likely to take a huge chunk of damage should the foe be physical. 

Bond of Trust

Pent - Mage General <TIER 1 (Defense)>

Pent defining feature is his ability to accelerate the Special charge of himself and nearby allies. As the pre-charge also applies to himself, it can be combined with Time’s Pulse for potential immunity to Pulse Ties or player-phase Pulse Smokes. What sets Pent apart is that Tome of Reglay also works on mages of other movement types, most notably cavalries such as Duo Lif, Reinhardt and Legendary Lilina. Pent’s colour coverage also means that he could partially cover for Brave Hector. 

Farina - The Great Wing <TIER 3>

Farina’s primary merit lies in her stats. While not necessarily a bad thing, it pales in comparison to other intangible effects such as follow-up manipulation or enemy phase follow-up attacks. Her movement type also further complicates things due to the lack of any competitive B passives. 

This is especially unfortunate as Flight skills are based on visible stats. As her weapon will not be considered, her rounded stat distribution becomes a disadvantage. Regardless, cooldown reduction means that she can still be either used in Galeforce or Tank strategies, even if there are other heroes who perform the role better. 

Childhood Encounters

Tana - Frelian Starlight <TIER 2>

Young Tana is a flier unit done right; unparalleled mobility with a cooldown reduction weapon to enable Galeforce strategies. Due to her weapon, her mobility could rival or even supersede other three movement options such as Pirate Tibarn. However, Tana solely relies on her high speed to double, which could be a problem if the foe has follow-up negation. 

Defensively, Young Tana’s potential is also rather nice. While this mobility skill is not unprecedented with the introduction of Halloween Nowi, her being a melee unit is actually not a bad thing as she can sneak past the main tank and snipe a support if there is a melee unit right in front of the tank. However, that assumes that Young Tana can get in position to perform the teleportation trick, as it can be difficult to position Tana in an advantageous spot.

We decided to put Tana in Tier 2 for her potential in a Galeforce strategy.

L'arachel - Seeker of Justice <TIER 2 Defense>

L’arachel’s weapon is essentially a side-grade Flash+ with a boost in ATK and SPD. As the debuff inflicts Flash on the closest foe within 4 spaces, the weapon does discourage aggressive positioning, which could lock the attacker out of certain positions, such as the defense tile in the Lost Castle map. However, that can also be a double edged sword, as it is very likely that Staff of Rausten only hits one foe on the enemy team, which is especially troublesome against attackers who run multiple tanks, or teams that exploit the Save skills. While L’arachel hits hard for a healer, she is still a healer with no access to damage specials, hence her damage potential is slightly diminished in that aspect. 

Lyon - Grado's Gaze <TIER 2>

Stat distribution wise, Lyon shares many similarities with New Year Alfonse as he sacrifices SPD for above average bulk and ATK. Other parallels could be drawn to Sophia and Lyon’s other forms. We based Young Lyon’s placement on the precedence of the unit archetype. 

Eirika - Twin Refulgence <TIER 1>

Similar statements can be made for Young Eirika as her archetype is rather common: the typical sword infantry unit with fast speed and below average bulk. Young Eirika’s weapon does not only provide healing, it also provides additional damage based on the foe's DEF. The main parallel that could be drawn is probably Ayra, with the offensive output derived from Regnal Astra and having a 20% damage reduction in her weapon. Hence, we placed Young Eirika in Tier 1 in consideration of Ayra’s placements.

Innes - Frelian Moonlight <TIER 2>

Simply by virtue of Innes’s stat distribution, he is already in consideration of Tier 2 due to competitive options such as Plegian Bow and Spendthrift Bow, which does take priority in the tier list. However, we do feel that his defensive capabilities are worth discussing. The ability to pierce through damage reduction skills is a huge boon due to some characters' reliance on these effects, including Brave Ike, Fallen Lyon, Micaiah, and many sword units that are running dodge skills like Spurn. Coupled with the fact that Bow of Frelia also has cooldown reduction on top of offensive boosts in attack and speed, Innes is a contender for Tier 2 on the merit of both offense and defense. 

Forces of Will 

Dimitri - Savage Boar <TIER 2 Defense>

Fallen Dimitri’s kit automatically prepares him well in the player phase, be it through Murderous Lion with the SPD/DEF Near Trace and Solo-based Firesweep, or his weapon that provides true damage if Dimitri can’t follow-up. The combination of those effects prepare him well in the defensive context should Fallen Dimitri be able to set up. Murderous Lion requiring solo condition is a small issue, but it is still possible to set up with the help of Odd Tempest and Turn 1 defensive strategies.

In terms of offensive context however, his best ability is still Murderous Lion. His weapon is an unfortunate mess with his stat distribution as he has high SPD. This means that more than half of the time the weapon’s true damage boost is not going to activate, and makes Vengeful Lance less attractive than some inheritable weapons. There is some potential use for Murderous Lion when combined with weapons such as Curtains, but blocking a foe's counter-attack is not the most useful in the context of offense.

We felt that Fallen Dimitri is not exactly the most suitable in the offensive context, as Aether Raids Defense is likely to be where he would shine, as that is where most of his strengths would be appreciated; hitting hard and being a giant nuisance as the foe can’t counter. There are simply too many problems with his stat distribution and weapon for a firm recommendation in offense. 

Morgan (M) - Fated Darkness <TIER 2>

The obvious comparison that many players would make would be Fallen Julia, as both mages are high ATK mages with an automatic follow-up mechanic. The main difference would be the stat distribution of both units; Morgan sacrificed every single stat to gain a huge amount of physical defence. Unfortunately, that is not a worthwhile trade simply due to the prevalence of magic damage.

Furthermore, one would also consider their weapon condition. Julia requires no specific support, and sometimes it is the simplest conditions that allows for more consistent plays. Morgan on the other hand would likely require some additional support (buffs and debuffs), and even then things can get shaky due to the likes of Odd Recovery and Kia Staff. 

We decided that Fallen Morgan would share the same tier with his original self in Tier 2. Functionally, these two units are actually rather similar. Due to his absolute abysmal speed, Fallen Morgan will probably get doubled by virtually anyone with a forced double, such as the likes of Bramimond and Duo Lif. As such, Fallen Morgan should probably opt for Null Follow-Up, and the difference in bulk between the forms become less of an issue when factoring in the huge stat swing from Grima’s Truth. 

Morgan (F) - Devoted Darkness <TIER 2>

Axe of Despair bears many similarities to Maltet: the only difference between the two weapon effects is trading a guard effect to debuff negation. However, Fallen Morgan has the unfortunate fate of being an Axe Flier, which leaves her lacking in terms of skill options. Fallen Morgan technically could be a Galeforce unit with her cooldown reduction, however she might suffer if she frequently defeats foes in a single hit.

Fallen Morgan’s role in Aether Raids is probably as a tank. However, even that role falls into question due to her extremely low visible speed similar to her brother, which means that Flight skills are pretty much out of the question. There are just too many things for Morgan to fix with her limited options. We are only placing Fallen Morgan in Tier 2 primarily on the merit of Axe of Despair.

Edelgard - Hegemon Husk <TIER 1>

Fallen Edelgard possesses a bewildering number of advantageous effects and combat skills. The only challenge Fallen Edelgard faces is managing her transformation, as half of her effects are locked behind her ability to transform. Coupled with the abundance of turn 1 compositions, players should consider fielding at least two other beasts / dragons to allow Fallen Edelgard to transform at any column.

Orson - Passion’s Folly <TIER 4>

Orson’s stat distribution shares many problems with most launch units; his speed is too middling, while his resistance is insufficient. The lack of speed means that Galeforce is not a viable option, and the low resistance along with his cavalry classification means that tanking is also not ideal.

In the context of Aether Raids Defense, he is slightly better as he could make use of his high DEF due to physical units being more common than magical ones. While the buff nullification is not bad to ward off some attackers, this means that using skills such as Lull ATK/DEF would be an absolute waste. As of the time of writing, there is no competitive option outside of lunge, and that simply does not bode well for Orson. He is slated for Tier 4 due to his defensive considerations. (Note: Units only get a defense icon from tier 3 onwards). 

Legendary Heroes & Remixes

Sigurd - Fated Holy Knight <TIER 1>

While statistically a clone of Legendary Seliph, Legendary Sigurd outclasses his son thanks to his exclusive skills. The most notable feature of his kit is Sigurd’s ability to move four spaces instead of three, which means that he is capable of setting up Rally traps that were previously not possible before. Furthermore, his special gives everyone extra movement. Just imagine Legendary Azura literally spamming Gray Waves on everyone, and that is Legendary Sigurd’s special. 

For defense this essentially means that even if Sigurd himself doesn’t punish a brainless end turn, his teammates will likely come in and finish the job. In many ways this is very similar to Kempf as the extra movement activates even if he is taken out. However, unlike Kempf, Sigurd is incredibly competent in combat with his high attack, automatic follow-ups and damage reduction. 

Legendary Sigurd is also a potent threat on offense thanks to his strong exclusive skills, and with the addition of Trace skills he becomes one of, if not the best hit and run units in the game, as Canto lets Sigurd get even more mileage out of his boosted movement. However, Sigurd’s application in AR Offense is more limited due to his status as a legendary hero which limits his use to wind season. While he also suffers difficult matchups against bulky blues and Null Follow-Up, these downsides aren’t severe enough to evaluate him any less than Tier 1 for both offense and defense.

Gunnthrá - Voice of Dreams <TIER 3>

The only notable change to Gunnthra’s kit is her capabilities of inflicting debuffs. While it is more likely that the debuff will improve her damage output, her problem was never with her damage output as it is possible to provide debuff support using her allies.