Aether Raids Tier List

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The GamePress Aether Raids Tier List is brought to you by the writers of the GamePress team and the following external contributors:

  • KindofLethal
  • A-ko
  • Skullkid2424
  • PK Gaming

Tier List Graphic

  • Generic units in the tier list are color-coded, where green and yellow denote speed-based and defensive-based generics.
  • Greyed-out units are units that will be removed as the units are at or below the generic tier.
  • Weapon types without generic counterparts are exempted.
  • Units with unique abilities outside of the weapon are exempted.
  • Refreshers are exempted. 

Order within tiers is alphabetical and does not reflect hero quality. All heroes are rated equally within each tier. Generic units (units without any unique abilities) are excluded from the tier list.





Tier 1

Tier 1 units consist of overpowered heroes who excel in the current metagame: they are among the strongest in the game and bring overwhelming strength to their respective roles, whether it be offense, defense, or support. Many Tier 1 heroes are incredibly powerful and will often wield powerful unique weapons and skills. Many of these heroes have phenomenal matchups against the majority of units that are frequently seen in the meta.

Tier 2

Tier 2 units are heroes that perform well in the meta. These units will have fantastic matchups against many common threats, making them excellent choices for their role.

Tier 3

Tier 3 units can be decently strong units, however, they are weaker than units in higher tiers for two reasons: either they are simply less effective in their roles than the higher-tiered competition or they lack the focus in their kit and stats to truly excel in the mode. Nevertheless, they can be strong under the right circumstances.

Tier 5

Tier 5 units are units that are unfortunately dysfunctional in the game mode due to a mixture of reasons. Lack of adequate skill access, inferior stat distribution, or a general lack of power in the unit's weapon and exclusive skills. While they can definitely work in some circumstances, most of the time they are likely to be unable to compete. The usage of these units is reserved only for die-hard fans.