Sponsored Disclosure

NextNinja, the developers behind LostWord, have graciously reached out to us at GamePress and offered to assist in ensuring the community gets the best experience possible. We're really grateful for the opportunity and hope to see even more developers and publishers working with GamePress and their communities in other projects in the future!

Now, what does this mean? Well, for starters, this won't compromise any of our content. We have been and always will be in control of what we write! We'll be as transparent as possible when it comes to updates and events, and our contributing team that consists of community members will be reviewing and analyzing new content with the same quality of criticism it deserves, for better or worse.

Lastly, GamePress is all about its community. We want your feedback, good and bad. If there are new features you want or issues you're encountering on the site, don't hesitate to let us know. A GamePress' site's success relies on its community, and it helps contributors and their communities out.

If you see any sponsored banners or ads for LostWord on our site and *want* to try the game out, keep in mind that using them will help encourage with our continued collaborations.

Please be sure to give us any feedback on everything too - from what we've seen thus far, NextNinja has gone above and beyond most other developers or publishers in fostering a positive community and involving influencers *that care about the Touhou community* - whether it's with art, videos, streams, or more. That really says a lot to us, as we hope more companies out there strive to provide the exceptional experience their fans deserve! 

Be sure to check out the Official LostWord Discord, and if you have something to say to us, check out #gamepress-feedback to reach out to us directly!

- GamePress LostWord Team