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Hello everyone,

Over the past 6 years maintaining the Fire Emblem Heroes GamePress site has been no simple task. With a constant stream of new units joining the game, new weapons, skills to account for, and everything else, the site has grown massively over the years. As of right now, the game has a whopping 916 playable characters, and it will only continue to grow. Maintenance of GamePress content involves writing analysis pages for the new units, updating pages for units that receive refines/resplendents/reduxes, tier list curation and discussion, and writing our monthly articles such as Soul Scouting and Legendary SYP, in addition to any backend maintenance and other necessary updates. 

Sadly, with the continued growth of the game, this model that FEH GamePress follows is no longer sustainable. As such, the decision has been made to downsize our existing content to only database maintenance. Curated content such as unit analysis and articles will not be continuing at this time. The Tier List will also no longer be maintained. All existing unit pages and articles will remain on-site until the current information is no longer relevant. The datamine team will continue to update our database, so new units will still get pages with info on their stats, skills, etc.

Community content on different platforms, such as the GamePress Discord server and the GP Community forums, will continue to operate as normal.

I also want to offer my thanks to all the content creators that have worked for us and with us. Our current content team is full of passionate and wonderful people and it has been my pleasure to lead this team since July 2019. Below you’ll find some short messages from members of the team, wishing to share their own farewells.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for continuing to view and support our content throughout these years. Until next time.

Redarrix, Fire Emblem Heroes Site Lead

From the Team

Cecil here. As one of the original two writers, it’s wild to look back and see how much Gamepress has done since Feb 2017. I haven’t been active since early 2019, but can’t stress how amazing our team is to this day. As a Game Designer by trade, I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing metas and discussing tier lists and team building, particularly as a F2P player!

It might sound strange, but I found an odd sense of purpose in writing guides. The whole idea of it was to help people without the time or funds to achieve success in a game they loved. So with that in mind, I hope we helped some of you out! Thanks to everyone who read our pages and tier lists, may your free summons be full of five stars.


Hey there! Thank you for sticking with us through all the ups and downs; I hope we've been able to help guide you through all your FEH needs over the years. I wouldn't have traded the past few years being on this team for the world. I've made a lot of friends (including some very close ones!), accumulated writing experience, and learned about balancing professionalism, public relations, transparency, and personality. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity for any of these things to happen, and even if I'm simply a writer speaking to their audience to you, I hope my appreciation is conveyed nonetheless.

Wishing you the very best, both in and out of FEH!

~ ChibiChu ^^

First and foremost, thank you to anyone who appreciated my build titles at some point in time or another, and who actually read my full-on essays on some of these characters (LOL). It’s been a fun five years here at Gamepress and there’s so much I could write but I think everyone else kinda covered my main sentiments — so I’ll just say, for the love of all that is holy, someone please spam bots so Ninian wins CYL :) 

tyty, lordhelpme <3

I was the first member to join the FEH GP team, only four days after the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, and over the course of these six years I’ve had the pleasure of working with all of the lovely people in the Gamepress team. The community will probably remember me for many of our unit analyses from 2017-2021 as well as being the lead on our Tier List until Maskilraid took over at the beginning of last year. While these responsibilities offered a unique set of challenges, it was always a joy to tackle them head-on. I’ll be the first to admit we didn’t always get things right, but each and every one of us would strive to create the most engaging content possible, and to this day that’s something I’ve been proud to be a part of from the very beginning. To all of my amazing colleagues, to the passionate community members who have supported us for all these years, and to everyone who challenged us to deliver the very best we could, thank you all! But while our formal work with Gamepress may be coming to an end, many of us will continue to participate in our beloved Gamepress communities, as well as our other corners of the internet (

Thank you for everything!


Hey all, MackerelPye here!

It’s been an absolute pleasure working for the site as FEH becomes more and more complex (and yet building units become simpler with every new event). Unfortunately, all nice things have an end, and I suppose this is the one. Honestly, it’s sort of been a while coming, especially given the updating model and rate at which Heroes continue to release new skills, Rearmed weapons, refines, Resplendent skins, and units overall. Past this, I will continue to monitor whatever the game throws at us and help out in other places wherever I can – might even catch me doin’ a little World Flipper here and there!

(and remember to put Reposition / Draw Back on 95% of non-healer/non-armor units you remotely use!)

See ya’ll soon!


5 years and then some; that is the amount of time that had gone past since I joined the GamePress team. Started simply as a writer, and ending as the tier list manager of the site; similar to the game, I had since came a long way. 

I am grateful that I get the opportunity to be writing on behalf of this organisation. I also gained plenty of peers throughout this journey as well, and I will forever cherish the friends I made along the way. I am also thankful for all readers, be it past and present, and hope that you all will be blessed with not just your summons, but with your life as well. 

I do stream FEH on Twitch occasionally ( , so do drop by if you miss me I guess.



Thanks frens : )


Thanks everyone for all the good times. It was a privilege to be able to write about this game that I've enjoyed for the past five years. I'll miss the heyday of churning out guides and slowly trying to take over the page of every flier unit on the site... but on the bright side, I never have to think about the tier list again!  :)

xo, Rae

Working with Gamepress writing about Fire Emblem Heroes has been a privilege and a pleasure. Of course we've had our share of struggles, and also a lot of fun with some memes and unit pages. The past two years here at Gamepress have been one of the rare times in my life that I got to work on something professionally that actually felt meaningful. Even if FEH is a silly game, it's something we can all come together around, celebrate, compete, and meme it up. So to everyone who made that possible, thank you. And always remember: the real Fire Emblem was the bonds we Fjormed along the way.

Stan the Woz

I felt like it was going to hit us eventually, but it is still surreal that we have to pack up our bags and move on from all the work we’ve been doing for the past while on FEH. While I mostly just worked on unit pages, I had a great time with any of the chances I did get and the team has been an overall wonderful group of people to be with, and we sure had a great leader to keep us all in check! My only regret was that I never got Summer Thorr and Loki on my account to go alongside my +10 Loki and Spring Loki RIP! All in all though, thanks for supporting us along the way, and if you people are sticking with this game despite all the rampant power creep, lord knows you have more willpower than I do!

Umbra Corvus

Wecondo here. It feels like just yesterday i started writing with this team, but with the current state of Fire Emblem Heroes’s new units and arcanes releasing at a pace too fast for gp to keep up, this was somewhat inevitable. Still, I had a lovely time writing while I could, and i’d like to give shoutouts to all the friends I made here, including but not limited to Rae, Mask, Stan, Mack, Chibichu, and Red, our boss. Honestly, everyone on the team(and even the former team members that still hang around) is great, and I wish them all the best. As for me…. Well time to free myself from Fire Emblem Heroes and play some real games like Fire Emblem Engage, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, And the upcoming Limbus Company. One last thing to note…. L!sigurd will always be tier 0.

Have a good one, folks! If i’m anywhere in the gp chat it will most likely be in Ak_Gen(A chat of yet another 100% superior game).


While I wasn’t on the team for as long as everyone else, my time at GamePress was still fruitful. For almost two years, I helped curate content for the site as well as help out with a few other miscellaneous back-end tasks that further benefitted the site as a whole. It was a fair amount of work, especially when balancing school-related matters as well as running a YouTube channel in-tandem with GamePress. Nevertheless, it was quite enjoyable. That, alongside meeting and chatting with plenty of wonderful people within the GamePress sphere itself is also something that I valued a lot, and for all its ups and downs, it’s something that I wouldn’t trade away for anything. I’ll more than likely still be around, especially on the YouTube side of things but for everyone else, I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

Thanks for everything!


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GP Fire Emblem Heroes Site Lead. Also aids the Girls Frontline team with Doll analysis and guides. Has been with GamePress since November 2017 and became FEH Site Lead in July 2019. From the UK.

Hey there! I'm Chibi, a Fire Emblem Heroes Gamepress writer. Along with Fire Emblem, I'm also pretty into Dragalia Lost, Omori, Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, and Kingdom Hearts among some other stuff. That aside, hopefully whatever I end up writing proves to be helpful; to anyone reading this, hope you have a good day/night. :)
Lordhelpme (a.k.a Carlos Rivera) is a content contributor for the GP Fire Emblem Heroes site. Has been part of the team since March 2018 and is actively involved in the community. Avid fan of all things cute, eccentric, and related to the Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda series.

Maskilraid is a writer specialising in Fire Emblem Heroes. He situates in the tiny island of Singapore, and is a fanatic in crafting Aether Raids Defence teams. He also has academic background in Statistics, providing statistical analysis of the pull rates in Fire Emblem Heroes.

A Flier Emblem enthusiast, Rae has been a content creator for the FEH Gamepress site since 2017 with a special interest in fliers and competitive scoring, as well as new unit analysis.
the real Fire Emblem was the bonds we Fjorged along the way
Hello hello! I'm UmbraCorvus, though you can just call me Umbra. I play Fire Emblem Heroes and Fate/Grand Order quite a bit, and am pretty much a semi-retired whale. I'm often known for being that nerd who has way too much inherited onto his Sword Lyn, by all means feel free to ask about what wacky shenanigans I'm up to with her. My discord tag is Umbra Corvus 💜#2003 if you need to reach out to me there, as I'm quite often more active on the GamePress discord in comparison to the site itself. Thanks for dropping by and reading this, hope to please you all!

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